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Windstream Corp

4001 N Rodney Parham Rd
Little Rock, AR
Jeff Gardner
(501) 748-7000
Annual Sales Est
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Georgia Unity - 8 m 27 s ago


My elderly mother switched from Windstream (due to ongoing issues) and the company refused to transfer her phone number for 3 entire weeks. (Windstream was NOT providing service any of that time.)

When she received her bill she was charged FULL PRICE for service for the entire time.

She called and complained and spoke to 3 different supervisors, none of whom were concerned nor willing to assist.

I was present when my mother ordered the service change: There was NO mention of the cost of keeping her number costing any money. There is no reasonable explanation for the amount of time this took. This is bad business and fraud.

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Carol - 1 d 16 h ago


Still paying for circuits that were requested to be disconnected in October 2017 at this time Windstream owes my company $60K

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Dan - 11 d 10 h ago


WOW, what a SCAM company and their support is on board with the SCAM. No Internet for 4 days and their customer service can only say sorry for the inconvenience we will send someone out. Yep in 2 weeks. Bye WindStream one of the worst performing stock of 2017 for a reason.

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linda - 15 d 8 h ago


I have been waiting since august of 2017 for someone to come and fix my fence that wind stream service department caused. they came out and cut the wire off a limb and have yet to fix its so what do I do about that. poor poor customer service

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Patti T - 21 d 12 h ago


Dear Mr. Gardner,

I am writing to you regarding a situation involving my Mother who is almost 80 and currently lives alone. My Mother has "Lifeline" and depends on a landline for emergency situations that would require this type of service and cell service is not an option for her location. I noticed she had no phone service on 1/1/2018 and called to report the problem. A ticket was generated, but I was told that no one was available until the next day to determine when the service would be restored. After much discussion regarding her medical necessity for the phone line, the message was still the same. I called today, 1/2/2018 @ 0900 to discuss the issue and explain, once again, the medical necessity. I spoke with the supervisor, Manwella, and again after much discussion, was told, she could only escalate the ticket but could not assure me, anything would done today either, but she would call me within 2 hours to give me an update after she spoke with someone from dispatch. That phone call did not happen, which meant, once again having to call, speak with a service rep and ask to speak with a supervisor, to give the same explanation AGAIN. I spoke with Lia (supervisor) this time and she seemed more willing to help and indeed did call me back to report she was still working on the problem (after 1 hr), but it had not been resolved as of that moment. So, my question to you is, why do you not have a plan in place for service technicians to be available for situations for people who rely solely on a landline. To be told, after giving the explanation of the medical necessity, that it could take up to 4 days before service could be restored, in my opinion is absolutely unacceptable. I will hold Windstream responsible for any untoward event that occurs with my Mother, related to no phone service.

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Betty B. - 24 d 17 h ago


Terrible undependable company. My internet has been out for 10 days. Three technicians have come out, says everything checks out and as soon as they leave the internet goes out again. Then I have to call customer no service and start all over again to schedule a technician. Have to jump thru hoops to get the ticket escalated and then the technician doesn't show up when they're supposed to. Would never recommend this company, only way they can stay in business is a monopoly on areas where there are no choices.

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Betty Beam - 24 d 13 h ago


The supervisor named Michelle said they didn't have the Windstream corps number, that's a lie. I have a mother here with alltimeres and the phone hhas just come back on 3 days ago.the Internet has been out since the 24th of Dec. They did not check the DSL because there's no access without knocking. Please review their records and help me. Thank you.

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Bob Bridges - 25 d 18 h ago

I am a very disappointed (and long-standing) Windstream customer. For the second time in one week, I've lost dial tone (and hence internet service). When I reported the recurring problem last night (12/28/17) at 8:20 p.m., I was informed (via voicemail - never did talk to a real person) that I should be back on line by JANUARY 4th, 2018 . . . GIVE ME A BREAK! I was given a Confirmation # of 35537194. Since this was totally unacceptable, I called the Corporate Office this morning (had to go to a remote computer to get the contact information) and was directed to "Jill" (Employee I.D. No. 0170353). SHE WAS EXTREMELY COURTEOUS AND HELPFUL ensuring me that she will do all she can to get a technician back out before COB today . . . Here's hoping!

Bob Bridges

1516 Plum St.

(P. O. Box 1275)

Crossett, AR 71635


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CB - 26 d 26 m ago


I lived in a small town out in the country and we had just been able to get highspeed internet. I call windstream and got their services. The internet was decen payed for 100mbps averaged around 25mbps. Then a windstream salesman said I could bundle my dish with my internet and save money. So I agreed the dish guy came out and reran some lines. Next thing I know I'm being charged for my dish through windstream and fish I pay windstream thinking it'll pay for the dish. WRONG!! My dish gets disconnected and I call and tell them I pay for it through windstream I was told they'll contact windstream and see what's going on. Dish calls me back and says that they can't get an answer out of anyone so they are opening an investigation. A week or two go by dish calls me back and says they're still working on it. This was in may 2017 it's now December and haven't heard anything other than final bill notices from both companies. I see inside deals going on and I smell money embezzlement.

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Kenneth Wells - 39 d ago


I am so disappointed with Windstream and their inability to upgrades internet services where I live. I have had the same plan now for over nine years and a mile away they are getting 100Mbps worth of speed. 10Mbps second is a down right shame. I always get the same programmed answer of it cost too much to upgrade, or we will let you know when there is a change; well that was like nine years ago. We are no longer in the dark ages and I feel like I'm living in a cave, while the rest of the world is advancing. I recently received a pilot modem that allows my family to have 10Mbps, but even then its up and down with speed. I pay 66.00 a month for service through my phone line (provided by Windstream). I demand an upgrade to a much higher speed, so Windstream can remain competitive in this area. Of course I live a mile in the country from the suburbs where this is the only service provided as stated earlier, but its so unfair with a family of five to not have options. We are an advanced civilization and the world is hyper connected, lets get this right. I challenge Windstream to contact me at my email list in this post and provide me an answer on my service, and how they are going to provide me more then 10Mbps of internet data. My father lives in an area where he has four options to select for internet providers and pays the same amount I do and gets 60 Mpbs, its truly a shame. So here is my email address: (hidden). I will provide the my account information once I receive a correspondance from someone with the ability to make change. I do not want to hear we are upgrading our systems but just in your area. I want credits on my bill for the lan of effort for upgrading your system. I know the power of money has a major play in this and you can make more money in housing areas then a single home. So whats it going to be Windstream?

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From Cornelia ga 30531 - 40 d 18 h ago


12/14/17 still trying to get Windstream to remove line in my yard since sept.11 called several times says they will their trucks go by here daily it looks like something that would only take a few minutes to do. Just talked to tech support at corporate office in little rock ark. Transferred to a number I had already called and then called her back and no answer just some horrible music!! This Jeff Gardner needs to be be fired calls himself the CEO ! ( I can see why so many people hate Windstream ) you don't have to worry about me becoming a customer!! Read Your Ratings!!

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Verna from Georgia - 40 d 20 h ago


I had disconnected my service with Windstream, paid my final bill and am still waiting for them to send a return box and shipping address label. this was November 28, 2017, and to this day have not received the return box or address to return the equipment.Every time I call they hang up on me before I say a word. I have called 8 times now.

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Dale from Iowa - 43 d 8 h ago


I have been with Iowatelecom for 12years and then Windstream took over. Big mistake to stay with Windstream. Poor service, pay for high speed internet and get dial up speed. I had a tech at the house and he said "there is your problem". He was pointing at the name -windstream. He told me it wouldn't be better until I got rid of that. Pretty interesting coming from a tech person.

Anyone that would sign up for Windstream should have their sanity checked.

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Donna Lynn Bolton Pittman - 42 d 5 h ago


I live in Commerce ga all we have here is windstream can't get anything else in this area

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Jennifer B - 42 d 14 h ago


Called a week ago to get Internet service, was told someone would be out in 2 days. On day 2, I received a call that an engineer would have to "pair lines" before service could be connected. Engineers came out and paired the WRONG lines although they have the blue print of where the wires go. Technician came out today and told me my service order had to be referred back to the engineers who couldn't do the job right the first time. It will be another week before service is connected. How does someone who has every detail on front of them, not know what they're doing??? EVERYBODY warned me not to get service thru wind stream but since they're the only provider in this area I had no choice. I can't believe that the people who warned me were so right about this company. Ridiculous!!!!

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Donna Lynn Bolton Pittman - 42 d 5 h ago


I can believe it

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Anonymous - 43 d 13 h ago


I would like to start by saying, my grandparents are elderly, hard of hearing and cant see very well, that being said, this internet provider sees fit to take advantage of their short comings. How do they do this, 1. they tell them their bill will be reduced, because of some long time customer reward, my grandparents were informed that this change would be permanent, they lied, when the bill gradually started going back up to what they were originally paying. This is all recorded in the phone conversations that windstream posses. 2. they told my grandparents they would be able to upgrade to 10 mbps, and that the tech would be out to install it after two weeks, this was the earliest opening Windstream had at the time. The afternoon of the "upgrade" I had taken time off work to wait on these people to come put in the new bandwidth, I called them and asked why the tech was delayed in getting to me, they informed me that there was no way to get 10mb to the house because there was not a free access point in the area, and that a engineer would have to add one and then the tech would come out and upgrade the speed. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, so no call no email no text, I HAD TO CALL TO GET INFORMED OF A PROBLEM I COULD NOT HELP OR FORSEE AND THEY TREATED IT LIKE I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.

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Richard N. - 46 d 20 h ago


I have never been subjected to such slow pathetic service as I have been subjected to by Windstream Comm. I have had a line out (we have 2 lines) for over a week and all I get is BS - At&t will be there. I explained that this is the Christmas season and I need both lines. Pathetic service. They got too big.

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Tim Herron - 49 d 10 h ago


I have been trying to get rid of a bill that was never mine to begin with for 10 years, I am not sure how where or why I was billed 171.18 in 2008......I have not had a land line in this hose since 2008..........................

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Sharon - 49 d 16 h ago


Customer Service is useless. Supposed to have high speed internet. Even did the free upgrade which now they say they have no record of. Wondering who sent the 2 technicians this summer. Paying for high speed. Was informed that 3mbps was fast. You have got to be kidding. Want my service fixed/provide as promised or I want a refund on paying for a service that I am not receiving. My service drops/disconnects more that it works. Asked for a report showing when I was without internet. Said no report existed even though they said they could see that my service has been disrupted a lot. It is obvious you don't care about the individual customer, just the almost $500 million in sales.

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Angie - 64 d 16 h ago

Called to place an order for internet on Nov 9 and was told install date would be the 17th. After waiting all day for them to show, which was a Friday, was told they had to come back Monday the 20th to finish the install. I've been hung up on, disrespected and lied to about them finishing a simple internet install. Just called and was told it could be up to 2 more weeks before they finish! I am beyond upset right now. Terrible way to do business and treat a customer! Definitely letting family and friends know!

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JC - 49 d 18 h ago


Ha! 2 weeks? I have been waiting 4 months!!!

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Carmen - 54 d 8 h ago


About 6 weeks ago we reported our phone out. Every time it rains the phone goes out. We are in an isolated area, no cell phone coverage. We are elderly. I have an elderly brother 65 miles away. In emergency, we can't call out, no one can call in! The techs have been out here and installed a couple new phone lines in the yard, said a problem was found at the substation. Next rain, no phone again. Another service call the tech found the problem. We need a new cable on the poles. It has had 2 splices ever since a big ice storm in 2009 that have finally gotten faulty. Nothing else can fix it. I understand this type of repair is contracted out now. They make an appointment which comes and goes, no show and no phone call. Of course when the lines dry out after 2 or 3 days the phone comes back on itself! so if the automated call comes checking, they think the phone is working. The last time I called, yesterday, the operator tried to say they had the address wrong. Yeah, right. We have been customers for FORTY-ONE years at this address! They will say anything. She said she put a medical needs tag on it and someone would be here yesterday or today. No show, of course no call because the phones are DEAD. They say the next scheduled date is DECEMBER 12TH!! And then what if they don't show?? They know what the problem is, but they refuse to fix it. You wouldn't believe that one of the operators tried to talk me into buying internet! Hello!!! Then I wouldn't even have THIS contact. I don't know if there is a government agency that could get involved, but someone should! I know I'm not the only one. I read other comments. If there was any option, I would take it! Unfortunately Windstream has a monopoly on those of us that have it.

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Sandy - 54 d 18 h ago


My Internet service went out on Saturday the 25th was told someone would be here Tuesday the 28th. No show called at noon and at 4pm was assured someone would be here. Called and spoke to someone at 5:40 pm and was told the earliest he could get someone here would be Friday the 1st of Dec. Spoke to a manager and she told me that someone in planning called the number we gave and it was not a working number, which was the phone I was speaking to her on. Not a working number that was a lie. They canceled the tech coming out because of it. The manager told me she would put in an escalated ticket to get someone out here. Yup another lie still nothing. This is the only provider out here so you all don't care about your customers. Lie after lie. This is by far the worst company. I have been stuck with terrible service and even worse customers service for over 12 yrs, you would think since you all are the only provider available you would be responsible and take care of your customers.

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Anonymous - 55 d ago

I set up a payment to be drafted out of my account on a Thursday and Wednesday when i came home the account was turned off no internet for two days now but they got there money


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