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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Sam's Club
702 Sw 8th St.
Bentonville, AR
Michael Duke
President and CEO
(479) 273-4000
(479) 277-1830
Twitter IDs
@Walmart, @WalmartAction
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Walmart associate - 17 h 23 m ago


waited on hold for 3 hours for W2 assistance. phone battery went dead or I would still be waiting. Can someone from Walmart please address this issue. phone number has way too many options and once you get to an option about w2's (#3#3) a recording states they cannot assist you and hangs up!

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fred - 17 h 50 m ago


The CEO does care he rather play gulf with Donald Trump

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Lisa Lamping - 1 d ago

I live in Warrenton Oregon where you are soon to open a new store. I am the owner of . The county;s free online Hyper Local publication. The main source of online news and information about the county. I would love to work with the marketing department and am asking for contact information . If you could direct me that would be amazing. I am also a lifetime resident...past city councilor of Warrenton for 8 years, and now paper owner.. If you could email me at (hidden) or call me at (hidden). Thank you...Lisa Lamping

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Mafeeko - 1 d 20 h ago


Hi Mr. Duke,

My name is Mattie L. Johnson, I am the CEO of Mafeeko Productions, LLC.

I absolutely love shopping your store, Walmart!

I, also, was wondering, How do I get a meeting with one of your Buyers to sell my New Line of Christmas Family Pajamas?!

Right now, we're in the process of working with a manufacturer. Once we get a desirable sample, we'd love to meet with one of your Buyers to present our unique line of Family Christmas PJs. Thanks, Mattie.

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Rabbani - 1 d 7 h ago


Dear Sir

This is Mr. Rabbani ( Merchandising Manager) from Bangladesh, we manufacture all kinds of Fashionable Garments as per buyer required style with cheapest cost with maintain delivery & quality.

if you agree to do business with us, please fell free to contract us.

Mahmud Rabbani

Merchandising Manager

Regent Fashion

Mail (hidden)

cell :+(hidden)2600

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Cat - 4 d ago


Walmart w2 phone does not work. I was on hold for almost an hour just to be disconnected. My w2s where sent to the wrong address and i changed the address. This is crazy. This company sucks for real.

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Matthew Jones - 1 d 11 h ago

I did not get my w2 yet and i want to know why if it got sent to my old address and sent back or what because I put in for a change of address at the post office

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NA - 1 d 19 h ago


ATTENTION: This website is not affiliated with the CEO of Walmart. Do not expect and update to your complaint if you submit a comment below.

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Marie - 2 d 18 h ago


One of your Belvodere pharmacy techs is being bullied by a coworker (who is best friends with the pharmacist) and nothing is being done about this. Very unprofessional and unethical. Customers are witnessing this abuse. This poor tech is cursed at on a regular basis and cries. The woman who is bullying coworkers (Davon) is also very rude to customers (especially the elderly). Why is this woman still there?! The victim is afraid to go to HR in fear of being fired because of the relationship between the other tech and the pharmacist. Im ready to contact the BBB because the pharmacy cannot provide safe environment for their employees. Unacceptable!!!

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Amalia Viola Nuttall - 3 d 17 s ago

I'm from Los Lunas New Mexico.I always see Wal-Mart stores are always hiring. I've put application on line since January of say no experience needed. I haven't gotten one call I go back online to update my resume. Send it in again nothing . I feel it's not what you know it's who you know.I'm gonna get a hold of the EEOC

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Brown - 3 d 16 h ago


I bought your GREAT VALUE Beef Shepherd's Pie. It is to be used by 12/15/2018. Well, let me tell you, I will NEVER purchase this product again unless I want to use it for dog food. It is discussing. It is full of grease and it is false advertising to put a great picture on the box and have the meal looking like someone threw up. The mashed potatoes and vegetables are not separate at all. All I can find is a few kernels of corn.

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Richard Martinez - 3 d 18 h ago


Having a serious problem with a situation that occurred on 1/28/18. I have spoken to store asst manager, co-manager Ann, manager, market manager asst. Denise, multiple customer care operators, multiple .Com operators, Josh at your corporate office no one can give me a definite common sense answer how or why my mobile app, to this very second, can advertise a particular item at one price for a "in store" availability item but when I take an extended lunch hour to go to advertised store only to be told that this item cannot be sold at this price??? I am so tired of getting numerous variations of reason why this is happening that all I can conclude is that Walmart has devolved to a company that has instituted the old Bait and Switch selling technique. For such a large company it seems as if this should never happen. Well between my family and friends the extra 7.6 miles to Target will be well worth the drive. My local paper and Television stations, or anyone willing to listen will love to hear this story. As you can tell I am fed up talking to people from your company who just give their own opinion on why this happened. If you cancelled your Price Matching Policy, as Josh @ corporate office stated, maybe you should let your customer care employees know this lil this bit so the general public can be informed.

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Robert sita. Store 2366 - 3 d 19 h ago

Good afternoon mr.Duke .I work at Wal-Mart for almost seven yrs .January first was my last day an with deep regrets i gave my nodes. I own my own business for forty yrs ur company was the first one i worked for. I love my job an the people i worked with i made a lot of friends with associated an customers. I one three awards an felt I did a great job not good but great. But this new manager came in an the place went to hell. She yelled at associates an mangers in front of customers .no one had respect for her or each other it was a really bad investment to work .I was hopping to work for as long as I could with Wal-Mart I felt bad to leave .I hope something will be done to help the employees that r left..I thank u for a great seven yrs an for giving jobs to so many people. Thank u

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Mr. Leigh Cote used to work at Wal-Mart, Dallas Tx. 1988 - 4 d ago


2 February 2018, "WE" feel that here on 4348 Okeechobee Road West Palm Beach location where Kmart used to be which is empty today in 2018 would be a beautiful location for "Wal-Mart" to establish a retail store or Super Center at this site at Cross Country Plaza where Winn Dixie is Ross retail, Dunkin Donuts, health club, rent a center, small food restaurants are located, hair salon. There is no Wal-Mart on Okeechobee road West Palm Beach, Florida and this road has over 60,000 people and Automobiles traveling east and west every day year around, Please send your representatives too check this location out at 4348 Okeechobee Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407. Thank you, Leigh Cote

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Marie A. - 4 d ago


I am so sick of walmart's app. The prices are always wrong and they never honor the prices. I had a terrible experience with trying to order a product for pickup at my store. The price on the app was different than the actual price of the product and the price was not honored! The customer service people can't seem to help either. The response is always, "I'm terribly sorry but there's nothing we can do. We will contact our IT team and have them change it."

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DONTE L WRIGHT - 4 d 15 h ago


Please give me a call asap I had a bad experience yesterday at Wal-Mart I brought a battery last yr February 10 my battery light came on yesterday. I tried to replace it today they told me they can't because it expired yesterday. Please give me a call (hidden)

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Sharon W. - 5 d ago


With all the competition of all the grocery stores, it seems to me that all Walmart could do a better job of keeping the shelves stocked . I shop at Daphne, Al. HWY 98 store, and for the couple of weeks several things have not been on the shelves . One thing I have had been looking for is, Great Valve dishwasher detergent liquid, and it hasn't been on the shelf . It seems that Walmart could do better . I don't want to go to Publix or Winn Dixie to buy groceries .

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Concerned Walmart Employee - 5 d ago


It is now February 1 and I still cannot access my W2. I have been with Walmart 9 years and 5 months. I have never had a problem getting my W2. I called for help and the lady told me if I didn't have it by Monday the 5th of February to call back and they would fax it to me. I know there are penalties for not having your W2 by Jan. 31st. I am going to try again today and if they don't log me into the system or fax me a copy I am going to contact the IRS and let them know what's going on. I know a lot of Walmart employees have had trouble getting there on line W2's. This is ridiculous.

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Dan E Poulter - 5 d ago

I am in the same boat. Where's our W2???

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Phillip James - 5 d 9 s ago


I worked night shift at the Walmart Neighborhood Market Fort Worth, Texas. I was terminated because I changed my time returning back form lunch. The reason that store had me working other departments when I was hired as Maintenance. When there a very heavy load come in I am used as stock clerk, then moved to Frozen and then guard closing out the cash registers, collecting all the empty boxes for the Bale and then have to do maintenance which is cleaning the entire store as well as buffing the store floor. Therefore on many nights I working all those areas and go to lunch and come back forgetting to sign in from lunch. So I have reported it to the night manager who I always wake up sleeping outside in his truck pass his lunch break that did not speak up for me on my behalf. That being said soon as return from lunch I quickly go to all the areas to work forgetting that I did not sign back in. I have as stated reported it to the night manager that did correct my time and showed me how to make the correction if ever happens again. So that exactly what I did when I kept forgetting to sign back in after lunch which were only the days the truck comes in with heavy load. To make a long story short the assistance store manager Heath terminated me saying it was Corporate that letting me go. Well I called Corporate and was informed that they do not terminate any employees as it is done at store level. This store management are liers. I will not go further to put out the dirt that goes on in that store as certain female that get promoted by sleeping with certain higher level management if you know what I mean. I admit it was wrong but I should have been given another chance because we all not perfect and make mistakes. What shock me is there is a current employee at that store now that came to work "DRUNK" and was fired but after 2 days allowed back to work? There were employees that I know as well as the store management knows smoke marijuana and came to work "HIGH" but did not fired them. Then there was employee that still working at that store stood in the from entrance of the store 45 minutes pass her time to clock in kissing and chatting with her boyfriend, while the assistance store manager Heath looking at her and again nothing done!! But hard working person as myself that did other department duties not hired for those duties was terminated.

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Eric Owens - 7 d 21 s ago


I am very upset to learn that Walmart has informed Merrill Lynch to deny employee's from investing money in their 401K in Walmart Stock. Why are we being denied the opportunity to invest in the company we work for? I have tried to invest my funds for some time only to be denied and the stock has almost doubled. Please advise WHY the employee's are being treated this way. Other companies allow their employees to invest all their fund in their company.

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Tammy - 7 d ago


I'm disappointed to know that walmart

does business with costway. I ordered a desk chair and it comes to me broken.

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Former Employee - 7 d 12 h ago

Former employee I would like to know how I can get my job back at Walmart. Right now I'm non rehireable it's been 5 years. I tried to reach out to my former manager, but she want knowledge me period. I have gotten right with the Lord all I'm asking is a another chance with the company. It was really hard losing my mother who helped me get my first job with Walmart. Erica Drullat

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Fed Up - 7 d 17 h ago


I have a major complaint about items purchased on The product didn't hold up as stated and when customer service was contacted, all I got was garb about 90 day return policy, which was not anywhere on the paperwork for the order. It was 90 days before I got to use the item, because I was waiting on a contractor-handyman to finally get to me after being put off for 4 months. I know I am not too thrilled with your on-line sales at all. If I cannot get some restitution on this matter, I will never order anything on-line from you again and I will tell everybody I know how well you stand behind the merchandise you sell.

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