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Maria - 17 h 17 m ago


I had 2 prescription's fillegal today, not only did my dentist office had to send it twice, once the scripts were filled 1 of the quantities were absolutely incorrect. As I am in pain and was resting, when I got up I could not remember whether or not I had taken the antibiotics. So I count, should be a simple thing, quantity prescribed was 15, Qty on bottle states 15 and when I go count there are 22 pills in the bottle. Called the pharmacy located at 655 Rossville Ave,SI first call someone picks up and hangs up, 2nd time they pick up, they quickly say pls hold, not even asking if it was okay. I asked to speak to a pharmacist, she claims she is and I need to explain the situation few times. How are we suppose to trust a pharmacy with our life when your techs or pharmacist can't count up to 15 correctly!!!!! And calling corporatewho was absolutely useless to my urgency.

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Robert Schwartz - 1 d 21 h ago

Have waited 5 days for return call from Walgreens Corporate. Called to report illegal activity at it's pharmacy. They are aware of their flagrant violation of Federal law and must be held accountable. Good luck with the Board Of Pharmacy reulators

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Mary - 1 d 23 h ago


Walgreens is becoming the fastest non caring company.

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counce - 7 d 13 h ago

How do I get my w2

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago

Looks like no one answered this. This is my question

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago

ANYBODY KNOW?????????????????

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago


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Mike - 1 d 19 h ago


I ment hateful person.... I have been their a handful of times and she is making alot of customers switch to other stores and pharmacies

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Mike - 1 d 19 h ago


April at the Lompoc Walgreens is a very RUDE and harmful person

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Amml - 2 d 5 m ago


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Paula Moat - 2 d 18 h ago

Walgreens in Rainbow City, Alabama! The female pharmacist didn't do what I needed her to do. I transferred my prescription from CVS to Walgreens. It plainly stated in the doctor's notes PLUS I TOLD THEM TO FILL ONLY ONE THING FIRST.IF THAT DIDN'T WORK I WOULD GET THE OTHER FILLED. SHE BASICALLY CALLED ME A LIAR AND OVERCHARGED. SHE DID NOT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT SHE DID WRONG. RAINBOW CITY ALABAMA PHARMACY IS A JOKE. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

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Robert Schwartz - 3 d 34 s ago


Walgreens in Miami is BREAKING THE LAW on an ongoing basis. Don't care enough to return my calls.

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Miami Resident - 3 d 10 h ago

The address for the Walgreens for the previous comment is


Hialeah, FL, 33012

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Miami Resident - 3 d 10 h ago

It hurts me to say that I am very unsatisfied and disappointed about the pharmacy at this store. My mother has been a long time loyal customer of this Walgreens with her prescriptions and myself with personal needs that I always buy there. I've had a few incidents at the pharmacy but never like tonight. I was in the line for almost an hour waiting to pick up a medicine of which I received a voice message stating it was ready. When it was finally my turn, they told me I had to wait because it was not ready. I was told to sit down and wait a moment, which it turned into almost 40 minutes and by then, the line of people was longer than before. Not to mention the line of cars in the drive through. I was called again to ask me the DOB, then wait again for 10 more minutes until it was finally ready. There were only 3 employees in the pharmacy, the pharmacist and the 2 assistants, one of them doing the orders ready, only one taking care of the counter and the car window, not enough for the amount of people waiting and prescriptions to be filled, its very inconsiderate for us and very unfair for the ones behind the counter, the pharmacy needs more employees especially now that is not open 24 hrs. I don't blame them, I blame the management of the store for not keeping sufficient staff and for not standing up to higher management to have more people working there for better service and more satisfied customers, I am sorry but after tonight, I don't intend to keep my mother's prescriptions there anymore, I'm going to another pharmacy, I'm not the only one with complaints, the rest of the people making that line were as upset as me, I'm sorry. I hope you at Corporate Office can fix this problem before more people leave. Remember that quality comes first.

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Concerned Citizen - 4 d ago

Reached out to Walgreens corporate office. Told them that I had proof that Walgreens pharmacy in Miami we're breaking the law on a continuous basis. They never even returned my call. Management is being complicate in this illegal operation. Hope Board Of Pharmacy inquiry will get their attention. SHAME ON YOU.

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Ken Kronen - 4 d 16 m ago


Dear Walgreens Corporate,

It would be ideal, and beneficial to Ticson Arizona retires to place a NEW Walgreens Store near SaddleBrooke, North Tucson. Current residents have to drive a distance for Walgreens and prescription meds from surrounding area of Saddlebrooke, Saddlebrooke Ranch and surrounding area.

A future NEW future shopping center will be built on SaddleBrooke Road, North Tucson Arizona. They are seeking future tenants. Walgreens will be well and happily accepted there by all. My recommendation to Corporate is to go for it. See link below:

Ken Kronen

SaddleBrooke Ranch

Oracle, AZ

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Minneapolis, MN customers - 4 d 10 h ago


Pharmacy employees consistently incompetent, rude and abusive .

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Ruby - 4 d 17 h ago


I can't understand why it takes hour to hour and half and still no answer. After saying two or three persons ahead of my call. I hang up an still pharmacy don't answer after telling me two or three ahead of me . Even after one ahead of my call. This has been going on for years, I just could not hold my complaint any longer. I use Walgreens because it is less than a mile from me. Not worth it.

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Sam - 5 d 7 s ago


Disappointed with the whole pharmacy Rx filling operations. From calling it in, waiting for over 15 mins on the phone before someone being able to help. To the person on the phone rushing you through the process as they are probably busy > to lack of education, to lack of customer attention to failure of processing my insurance. I was told my medication was not covered however the person did not even take my insurance information. This place is so busy, they are jeopardizing patient care, quality and safety. Waits for pharmacy services are over 30+ mins, that is UNACCEPTABLE. You compare that to CVS and it is night and day. From their automated phone process, to handling Rx refills to customer service and customer needs being addressed in a timely manner.

Come to find out the clerk did not take the time to input my insurance information thus charging me FULL price, i followed up with my insurance company the next day, come to find out it is covered. Followed up with a call to the pharmacist at the store, who acknowledged someone dropped the ball and re-billed the insurance and will issue me a refund. This was a minor issue however i can imagine how many other things can go wrong due to inadequate staffing and safeguard policies inplace. Very disappointed in the operations and practices established by Walgreens pharmacy!

Please contact me @ (hidden)

I tried using your contact form, however it kept displaying an error. Failure on that part as well. Unbelievable

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Providence Freedom - 5 d ago


Unser and Southern Rio Rancho NM 10:40 am 1-31-18

I have been visiting this store daily for two years straight, I have had a good cashier/customer relationship with everyone here until they fired the girl who waited on me with courtesy every morning. They hired a man who looks like Hitler to run the alcohol department a few weeks ago, During our first interaction he caused a scene because I left my purse in the car, having never been carded at this location before and I do not drink. I only buy cigarettes and supplies for our tattoo shop across the street, We have spent thousands of dollars here. I am 50 years old. I do not look 17 by any reach of the imagination. I have a grandchild who is 14! Yesterday morning the man not only wanted to see my ID he wanted to scan it? Completely unnecessary! I am not a criminal? I am OF AGE to purchase tobacco. He treated me like a criminal. He caused a scene intentionally singling me out to embarrass me? The kid manager came and before finding out why I was upset or what had happened? He asked me to leave, Like I had done something wrong? I have been a loyal customer at this location, As long as this man is going to be there? I will go two miles out of my way to the other Walgreens location from NOW ON!! I have never been treated this way by a cashier in my entire life!!

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Christine - 5 d 10 h ago


The Walgreen in Charlotte North Carolina on Freedom Drive is terrible, you can call the pharmacy no one answer the phone if they do you on hold for 15 minutes I needed a refill they kept telling me that they had call the doctor for a refill and they never called the doctor, I called the doctor and the doctor could never get in touch with them no one answer the phone so I had to send my prescription to another Pharmacy I will never ever go there again

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Robert - 5 d 15 h ago


The walgreens in plymouth wisconsin is so horrible we have been sitting in line to pick up a perscription for a hour and have not even moved this is unexceptable you guys need to address their horrific service it is so far beyond bad!

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Anonymous - 9 d ago

I am having trouble with a pharmacist of yours who refuses to provide me with a much needed eye drops called Dorzolamide for my uveitis and prevention of progression of glaucoma. It is almost over a month for the request. I walk over to Walgreens knowing that I will suffer weakness and pain. I have been hacked into my previous phones and choose to keep this number private. I suffer from tremor stress related atypical multiple sclerosis diagnosed secondary from being struck by a car in November 4, 2014. I am having legal issues with the family of my friend who I was in a 20 year friendship. They may know some of those who harassed me and causing trouble because I am seeking justice. You pharmacy needs to stay out of my personal life. Your pharmacist needs to get his business in line. It is unfortunate but this pharmacy has its own crisis. Please handle this situation. I am not that type to back down for wrong doings. God bless you. I just want him to do his job. He also said no other pharmacy's in the area have the medicine in stock. Surely I don't believe that. Thank you. Pharmacist Chris is the one who said that

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J - 5 d 17 h ago

This drug is on a national backorder and there is no time table for its release. Meaning no one in the country has your medication. That is not your pharmacist's fault. You need to call your eye doctor so he can prescribe something else.

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Irritated ex employee - 15 d 13 s ago


I would like to complain about the mistreatment of employees in Salem Ma derby st store. I have a friend who was recently fired for doing a return for a customer who happened to walk away during the return. When my friend went to find the customer it was claimed that she broke policy. Funny when I used to work for this company if you broke a policy you received some kind of written warning before you were terminated. My friend was there 15 years and had just celebrated their 15 year anniversary with the company, was looking forward to a long career with Walgreens and it was cut short in 5 minutes. There was no verbal or written warning just suspended for a week then terminated. That is a horrible way to end someone's career with a company. I think the manager at that store had some kind of vendetta and was just trying to get rid of people. I think that is a very foul thing for a company that supposedly was all about family and loyalty to do and to allow to happen

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


i live in Forrest City ar and the service there is pitiful turn in rx it took 3 days to fill beside the 30 minutes waiting each time I went to pick up my son rx and he had the flu

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