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Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

Victoria Secret
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
(614) 577-7000
(614) 577-7844
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Heather - 14 h 25 m ago


I recently had visited your pink store in Santa Rosa California with my daughter and my granddaughter who both happened to be biracial. Young lady greeted us when we came in very nicely, we proceeded to walk around your store then as we were leaving three employees from the back came running up one stop my daughter and one had stopped me. They proceeded to ask us how we were doing what we were looking for as they what talking to us they proceeded to kind of bend over and glance into my granddaughter stroller and look my daughter over the girl that had stopped me looked in my purse and made no bones about that she was looking for something I have never in my life have been treated like this in a store I will never shop again and your pink store. All 3 of my daughters shop at pink and believe me they won't be shopping there you have lost some customers and believe me I am posting on Facebook to let it be known that your store racial profiles people that if you're black you're there to steal

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nice - 19 h 31 m ago


i like one of the girls i think she is so sexy

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bye - 19 h 32 m ago

i know i really like this store but it is dumb

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Teresa - 1 d 19 h ago


Can someone explain to me why it takes about weeks for someone from Victoria Secret or coorporate to contact you regarding a claim??? It's been 4 weeks and someone has yet to contact me!!! Very disappointing of VS that lately has been selling very cheap products! They are more interested in quantity than quality and retaining customers! Please...if someone knows how to get in contact with coorporate it would be greatly appreciated.

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Ingrid - 5 d 4 m ago


I received a gift card for Christmas and I went to your Las Vegas store located in downtown Sumerlin and I was treated horribly! I will never visit your store locations again. Thank you.

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Serena - 26 d 14 h ago


Has anyone else noticed how the quality of the bras and panties have gone way down I have never worn anything but Victoria secret panties and bras but I will no longer be shopping there I was in the store in December and bought 10 pair of panties and 2 body by Victoria bras. The panties were sewn crooked and all ready have holes in them and the bras feel like cardboard not to mention they have a huge tag what ever happened to tagless if your trying to save money you're going to loose a lot of customers I can't be the only one who notice this poor quality

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Serena - 11 d 4 h ago

Does Victoria Secret even read this if you do I would like a reply the Bra I bought is now not just uncomfortable but has given me a painful rash I can no longer wear it at all can I get my money back

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Anonymous - 7 d 20 h ago

Yes I have . Cheaply made and u cant return if no tags and receipt even if you used your Angel credit card. They will only do lowest ticket price and on a store credit. Heck no.

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Anonymous - 6 d 18 h ago

Yes absolutely! And the prices have gone up But they left behind the quality

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Anonymous - 14 d 19 h ago

Markdowns + 40% off, but the employee rings it up at whatever price she damn well pleases! I gave her a nice reminder of the correct price only for her and the manager to huff at me. Get a grip! Someone needs to file a lawsuit against you so you wake up! I go shopping to unwind, not to get stressed out with your people's bullshit!

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago

You just might get your wish.

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J Patrick - 11 d 13 h ago


Feeling so sad, I went to the Victoria's Secret at Seminole Towne Center mall in Sanford Florida. I am a bigger woman not crazy big. I went in there and I wanted to get something sexy for my husband so I was walking around and lady came up to me and asked me if she could help me and I told her I was looking for something to spice things up for my husband and this woman looking me up and down and then giggled. I walked out of there feeling so so terrible about myself. I will honestly never walk into that place again shame on you for having people that work there that would treat your customers that way

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Maria - 13 d 20 h ago


My name is Maria Campos I worked for Victoria Secret Team at City Place in West Palm Beach Florida and I have not been paid yet for the days I worked during the holidays and have not received pay for the parking too.

It's being a month already and I have not heard from either my supervisor or anyone at human resources to solve my paycheck. Please URGENT contact me at (hidden)

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Anon - 18 d 12 h ago


Fashion place mall in Utah is terrible to work at! Company sucks big butt. Work somewhere else! People will end up getting a higher pay for no reason and they won't give you a raise. Even though you've been there longer! I just left that place. They've lost probably 10 great people within the last year. Management sucks. You get crappy shifts or none at all.

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Anonymous - 21 d 13 h ago

Dear Victoria secret I work at your store here august, I haven't been on the schedule for 5 week already, I called and ask my manager what is going on she puts me on hold for 25 min and I have bills to Pay, I'm mad because the company is hiring more people and can't even fit us in, I was injured at work and they brushed it off and bullied me about my injury my slt manager laughed at me it was no nice I cried as I looked back, I went to the car and had a concussion, now they brushed it off there shoulders and don't want to report it to you guys, please help me

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Shelly - 21 d 18 h ago


Terrible customer service at the New Hartford, NY Sangertown Square location. The girls working had no interest in helping and acted annoyed that there were customers there; especially if you needed help. No acknowledgment I was there and was basically walked by and ignored. I wanted to try on a nightie that was hung very high up. I was looking for someone to help get it down and nobody in sight. I finally boosted myself up and got it down. When I was let in the dressing room the girls usually give their name and would ask me to let them know if I needed help or another size. Nope! I did need another size and I had my friend go and try to find someone to help get down a bigger size because as I stated it was on a high display. When my friend found somebody she asked for help or how to get the nightie down the girl was snotty and rude and then turned to another customer and rolled her eyes. At that point I debated even buying anything but thought it must be the one girl having a bad day maybe. When I went to check out the girl behind the counter was just as rude. Uninterested look like it was an inconvenience I was there and hardly able to bring herself to speak to me. I paid for my purchase with a credit card. The pen on the credit card machine was not working and would not let me sign and she said rudely to just use my finger. When my purchase was done there was no have a nice day or anything; just that uninterested annoyed look. I get that working retail and customer service can be tough and sometimes customers are unreasonable but I was pleasant and not asking for too much. Experiences like this are what make people want to shop online at Amazon and avoid the stores altogether. I won't be going back there to purchase anything. Please train your people to give better service and help them realize if there are no paying customers there is no job or a salary for them. You should also maybe have them ponder if customers are rude to them it could be the attitude they are giving that makes people defensive.

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KLML - 23 d ago


HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!! Visited St. Clairsville, Oh store. Manager so incredibly rude that I walked out of store. I ordered merchandise online with a 50.00 gift card that my mother got for me for Christmas. Tracked order online. I realized last week that my order was lost in the mail as the tracking info had not updated since Jan 3, 2018. I called VS customer service (must be a polite euphemism) and was told a new order would ship out next day. The associate checked to make sure everything in my order (9 items) were still available. She said everything looks good and proceeded to tell me I would have my order the next day. She was true to her word and I received my order - part of it! I received 4 of nine items and my receipt showed that 5 of those items were no longer available. This was NOT what I was told 24 hours prior. So, I had to call back to find out what on earth was going on. I was told the missing items indeed were no longer available and I had been issued a gift card for the cost of missing items. It has been another week. I have not received the gift card which should be 20.00. So, not only are their employees incredibly rude to the customers, I can only assume they are also liars and thieves? I intend on calling corporate to get my 20.00 as I did not receive the 50.00 worth of merchandise I initially ordered. Oh! And my original package is still somewhere in Fishers, Indiana. This store has gone completely south and it is clear they really do not care at all about their customers, especially the long term customers.

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Anonymous - 23 d 40 s ago

Can you bring Magnetic back!

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Cat - 32 d 5 m ago


I'm in the retail business, which consists of Vendor sell offs, and I call Victoria Secret at Sangertown Mall, NewHartford NY 13413, and her name was Danille, she was a bitch to me. As a business owner, one thing is for sure that the customer is correct comes first, the experience I had endured was awful. I have been in business since 2014, and have never been rude to my customers, they make me money and buy my products, this was rude and selfish on her part, all I wanted to know was how to buy discountinued products from Victoria Secret and sell them on line or in my store, I want a contract to sell that's it. I'm disappointed, I'm not sure about doing business with this company, I have had years of training of how customers are the key sources of the business without US there would be no you!!! Remember that!!

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[email protected] - 24 d 19 h ago


Wow someone who "gets it" I was in the Mortgage Banking Bus. for 25+ years. And used to create training programs not only for my internal employees but over 1000 customer clients. I cannot believe this companys' philosophy and attitude towards their customer; US. I am now trying to reach the top VIP. I will let you know how it goes, but not expecting anything good.


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Sarah - 26 d 16 h ago


I've had a Victoria's Secret angel credit card for 10 years and have never been unhappier. Constantly getting added fees for my "bank not found" and nobody can figure out why. I'm just getting transferred to numerous supervisors who all tell em there isn't anything they can do about a fee. So no credit? I'm not a valuable customer who has spent thousands of dollars with this company? And you can't correct or credit me a returned fee for your inability to find my bank? Who even set up my online account? AWFUL. Never doing business with this company AGAIN

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Anonymous - 24 d 19 h ago


Wow, who do you deal with?? I have found their philosophy/service absolutely horrendous.. Maybe you are an employee>>?

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Anonymous - 26 d ago


On December 30, 2017 I went into your Victoria's Secret at Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, NV around 4pm with my two friends. As you at Victoria's Secret May know this was the beginning of the Semi Annual Sale. I was looking for specific bra's (not apart of the semi annual sale) specifically the Very Sexy Push Up Bra in size 38D. At this time and even up until now through 01/15/2018 ONLINE is offering a 25% off discount on All none SEMI ANNUAL SALE bra's. An associate had asked me if I needed help and I said yes. I told the associate about Victoria's Secrets online promotion and asked if that promotion could be honored in store. She said she would get her "manager" and as long as I showed - pulled up the online promotion they would be able to honor it. The associate went and got her manager named YAHAIRA. YAHAIRA approached me immediately with an attitude. I had explained to YAHAIRA that online was offering a 25% promotion on all bra's not apart of the Semi Annual Sale. I asked if in store they could honor the same discount. Instead of saying answering in a professional manner and treating me (a Victoria's Secret client) with respect. Her voice immediately got louder and louder. She said, "we are in SOS (I'm assuming Semi Annual Sale) the bra's are already discounted as much as they can go. We are not going to give you anything else off your purchase. I looked at her, to make sure she was speaking to me. I told her, I do not want any Semi Annual Sale merchandise. I want bra's not apart of this promotion. She then started YELLING at me saying, WE DO NOT ACCOMMODATE ONLINE PROMOTIONS. WE ARE A PRIVATELY OWNED STORE. I asked YAHAIRA why are you yelling at me and being so rude? Can I speak to the store manager? Yahaira said she was a "STORE MANAGER" and she wasn't going to get her manager because her manager was going to reciprocate the same information. Mind you, this time she was screaming at me as loud as possible. To the point customers had stopped shopping and were looking at both of us. I then asked YAHAIRA, "who the F do you think your speaking too? I am a client I'm not your friend you will speak to me with respect". Yahaira kept yelling at me and then told me that I could leave the store. She said, she was kicking me out of the store and that Victoria's Secret didn't need my business. At that point another "Store Manager" named Noelle approached both of us. She asked me what did I need help with? Another customer walked up to Noelle and I. She said oh that associate I had the same problem with her yesterday. Noelle looked at the other Customer and said, "don't make this situation worse". That Customer then tried to speak to Noelle and Noelle told her, "you can wait, I'm taking care of her first (referring to me)." She also said, "I know she had a problem with you yesterday and Ill address that later." My friend Rose who was shopping with me asked Noelle, "what do you mean you know she had a problem with Yahaira yesterday? You didn't resolve this issue yesterday? Or reprimand Yahaira yesterday? She's still here today harassing your customers?" The other Customer was enraged with anger and told me I should just write to corporate. Noelle said, "oh that isn't necessary". Instead of Noelle the STORE MANAGER trying to come up to me apologizing for the actions of her "associate". She came up unapologetic, she didn't care about me, what happened, or the reason I needed her assistance. As well as she thinks the actions of Yahaira are appropriate and acceptable. She as well as Yahaira is rude, non professional, and should be fired immediately. Noelle disrespected another PAYING Victoria's Secret client in front of my face. After she did that she had the audacity to ask me, "what do you need help with, I want to make this experience as good as possible". Apparently, disrespecting, yelling, and trying to get customers to shop online is the Goal of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Mall location. I told Noelle, you want to make my experience as good as possible after your employee just screamed at me and you don't even care? You should first apologize and you need to fire her! All I wanted was to see if you could honor an online promotion in store and instead I never got a proper answer. I got screamed and yelled at by management. That isn't right!!!! I will gladly shop online since you and your staff aren't interested in helping me rather you want to scream at me. Seeing as the way the RETAIL industry as a whole has changed so drastically due to online sales. I personally know first hand the importance of retaining as much of the in-store business as possible. I personally work for a high end retailer. Numerous clients have come in store and shown me pictures of online promotions and I've gone above and beyond to deliver to keep the business in store as well as my customers happy. CUSTOMER SERVICE is the key to a successful business. This Victoria's Secret store lacks that including respect, integrity, and putting their customers first. Screaming at their customers is their main priority. Their second priority is making sure clients who have questions go without answers. Their third priority is if a customer asks to speak to the store manager make the customer feel like a worthless piece of shit. I am seriously baffled that I had to come online to write this. I never got anything I wanted. Never was even offered for the online promotion to be honored. This store needs immediate HELP!!! I would like to know what action will be taken place to prevent this from happening again not to me but to another customer?

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Andrea - 31 d 7 h ago


I got to the West Covina Victoria secret in the mall and every time I go I leave very very upset once I had bought a bra and it was in the sale bin and I understand people move things but there were multiple same color same style of this specific bra my cashier rang me up and it wasn't on sale so I asked and she said I was regular priced I said okay well there's a bunch of them in the same bin put away neatly so I think someone should go remove them she followed that by I don't control what people move and don't so I can't do anything about it rolling her eyes mind you none of these workers wear their name tag so I couldn't get her name and today I went back a woman next to me trying to pay didn't speak English and the cashier was acting like she didn't understand her and continued to ignore her and talk to her coworker so I asked her if she needed help I speak Spanish and she was said she doesn't understand the woman helping her so I helped her out and I don't even work there the cashier and I told her if myself "if you don't understand her please ask if someone can help you you don't need to be so mean" she followed by telling me "have a nice weekend" and I said " I responded by telling her "you're to respect your elders let alone your customers" later I find out she's a manager again no name tag will not be returning

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Anonymous - 26 d 10 h ago

This is terrible, and such horrible service. I'm glad you were able to help that other client who spoke Spanish. Kind people like you are what we need in this world.

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