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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Kim - 1 d 12 h ago


I really liked working here from the start until the Genral manager started picking on me and calling me to do things every 5 seconds not allowing me to even keep up with my work. Other managers were nice until they all has something against me and tormented me for the last 3 nights I was there made it so I didn't even want to go whatever happened to there logo on nobody is supposed to harass people on the job one employees said to me an actual manager doesn't like me which wasn't right when I was a very hard worker who always came to work on time and discuss my job the next thing I knew they removed me from the schedule on the account that I didn't come when I wasn't on the schedule the night I was off.

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Anonymous - 1 d 16 h ago


I purchased a 9x11 rug approx a month ago. My granddaughter accidentally split a glass of milk on it recently. My husband and myself blotted up the spill as best as possible and realized the design print was coming off as we cleaned. This is a 1' by 2' long area now ruined. We only used paper towels and a dish towel. This was a $400 wool rug for $199 I felt it was of decent quality when I purchased it. I didn't keep my receipt because I was happy with my purchase. I went to the store and explained what happened in Hyannis MA. I took pictures because they told me to bring it in! How does one unroll a rug of that size and show the area that has been ruined? I spoke to the store manager Kathy and explained what happened. She said our return policy is you have to have a receipt. I explained I was happy with my purchase and didn't keep it, could she look at my statement billing and verify the purchase there? She said we have no proof it was purchased here....and it has to be in resalable condition. So I said, you are totally contradicting yourself....You say I need a receipt to return it yet if I had it, you can't accept the return because you can't resell the rug?? She just gave me a blank look and shrugged and said "That's the store policy." She must have realized how ridiculous she sounded!! Now I'm stuck with a rug I'm going to have to throw out....just not right. I have furnished my home shopping at this store. I was insulted she didn't trust that I purchased the rug there... wouldn't even consider looking at my statement and the description. I will only shop were I can count on customer satisfaction, and this is not the place.

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Hyland M. - 1 d 18 h ago


I am completely outraged at the experience I just had at one of your stores! It's the Marshall's store at 119 Northshore Blvd in Slidell, Louisiana. I had my 15 month old son with me in the fitting room while I tried on a dress. He reached down under the bench and came up with a bloody tampon. I am absolutely disgusted and angered by this! First of all, what kind of piece of garbage of a person would do something like this and more importantly who the hell is not doing their job and cleaning these fitting rooms?!! I am so furious, my child and myself at 6 months pregnant have been exposed to God knows what! This is a bio hazard!

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Looking for a new job - 5 d 18 h ago


I work for Marshalls in Lakewood, WA. The store manager called me last night asking me to volunteer to take time off. My manager explained he was ordered to call each employee in the store and ask if they would like to take some vacation time or time off without pay because our store's (labor) costs are running too high. I am a part-time, minimum wage employee with no benefits. Retail is rough. Marshalls over ordered merchandise for the holiday season. We literally had no room for merchandise on the sales floor and thus our backroom was stacked full.

I want to know why minimum wage workers are being asked to carry the burdon of mismanagement. Has someone in upper management recogonized what happened over the holiday season? Naturally, our hours were cut in the beginning of the year, and now we have been asked to reduce our hours even more. It is simply too easy to ask employees not to come to work when the store is bleeding red. I hope this issue is recognized at the highest level of management, and senior management should take a hit, as well, since minimum wage earners pay/hours are being cut (I am scheduled 8 hours next week).

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Offended - 7 d 16 h ago


I tried to return a Ralph Lauren purse, which was a Christmas present. It had the dust bag with it, but no tags. It was very obvious it had not been used. The clerk told me it could not be returned because I did not have a gift receipt or tags. She did not even offer to find a RL purse that was comparable in price and at least offer me a gift card. Now I am stuck with a purse I will never use. I am furious and insulted. TJMax is my favorite store and I spend a lot of money there. I will no longer be shopping there

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Brenda Jones - 7 d 18 h ago

LOVE your store but inventory system is old and out of date.

Found the perfect chairs but I had to call all your stores to find you didn't have what I fell in love with...(.

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Dolores Porco, Sag Harbor, New York - 17 d ago

I would like to commend the Office Manager of TJMaxx, "JOE G," in Bridgehampton, New York. I have shopped at that store for many years and he is THE MOST UNDERSTANDING, COOPERATIVE,, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND PLEASANT MANAGER, THE STORE HAS EVER HAD. If a customer has a question and asks most of the employees, the answer they give is short and curt. Not the current manager. He actually takes the time out to explain. When he is in the store, it takes on a pleasant aura. Joe G. should be commended for his manner and the way in which he goes above an beyond the call of duty for the customers. He deserves every accolade available as a store manager. Thank you. Dolores Porco Leonard, Sag Harbor, New York

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Maria Johnson - 19 d 11 h ago

It's amazing that the frandor lansing mi homegoods is the only store within a 75 mile radius that has absolutely not one piece of Rae Dunn in the store But pet and planters.i visit that store 3-4 times a day 7 days a week because I'm a Rae Dunn collector. I've told the managers so many times I've seen other managers and staff taking money from upsellers. I also visit other HG stores daily and see Rae Dunn in their stores. I've been video recording walk throughs at every store at all times. And every time there's no Rae Dunn at the frandor lansing mi store. Amazing this is still continuing. I'm a card holder and have been returning all my items because I'm so disappointed in this store. Also the employees at this store glare at Rae Dunn customers, I've never felt so unwelcome at any store before like I do at this location.

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Horrific workplace - 19 d 15 h ago


ABUSE IS NOT A MEANS TO MOTIVATE PEOPLE! There is NO EXCUSE for allowing abusive behavior to continue in the workplace.There is NO EXCUSE for store managers to treat employees as though they were dirt under their shoes. There is NO EXCUSE for creating an atmosphere that is so toxic, it makes your employees physically ill. There is NO EXCUSE for harassment so severe it drives people to the point of a breakdown. There is NO EXCUSE for allowing those people who dare to report such behavior to be relentlessly retaliated against. There is NO EXCUSE for upper management, once informed of this behavior, to further abuse the victim by pushing blame back onto them. There is NO EXCUSE for district and regional level people to turn a blind eye to any complaints about certain store managers who fall under their category of "untouchable". There is NO EXCUSE for co-workers to watch in horror as the abuse continues making them fear coming forward and losing their own job for it. This company does not believe in treating their employees with dignity and respect. If they did, abusers would have to answer for their actions.

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Deborah Muller - 21 d 22 h ago


why is it taking so long for my refund for an item that was charged to my credit card account on 1/6/18, but that your Shipping Dept in Tennessee indicated on their 1/6/18 shipping paperwork was not available at the time TJMaxx went ahead and charged the account on 1/6/18? Since 1/13/18, I have called your Customer Service dept twice in three days, provided all the necessary paperwork/evidence that the handbag was not delivered, received a TJMaxx email from another Customer Service Rep that advised they need the "picture" before they can investigate (which was already sent in the initial e-mail). Today, the latest customer service rep confirmed she received a copy of the Shipping Dept's note I sent, but she still needed to investigate to refund and this would take another 3-6 days. Come on, this is ridicules. A shoplifter would be prosecuted in less time than I can get my refund, and both scenarios relate to theft. Theft by TJMaxx in charging my account knowing that they did not have the merchandise to deliver. Your customer service technology is lacking in sophistication. I can get quicker action by Sears who is supposedly a weaker competitor of yours. If this doesn't get resolved soon, I will be sending an e-mail to your attorney Shawn Murphy in the Framington office, or your CEO Carol Meyrowitz.

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RL - 23 d 4 h ago

Where to call for complains?

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Anonymous - 24 d 15 h ago


I visited your TJMax store on 1009 West Lane Road, Machesney Park Illinois. I ' m a very good customer always two three times a week.Love the jewelry clothes handbags..But most important the employees.I have to give compliments to how they treat me.One outstanding very special employee is Linda.Absolutely goes above and beyond .Smiles all the time cheerful.And I value her letting me know new items i would love.So thankyou Linda for making my shopping experience so wonderful.I applaud you - Dawn Domino

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Kathleen BekkerJones - 25 d 8 h ago


I live in Reno Nv. I was in TJ Maxx today 02-11-18 when I spotted a woman with a large black dog (not a service dog)on a leash. I am allergic to dogs so tried to keep my distance. When I got to the check out counter Zi even let people go ahead of me donor tone next to the dog. They waited on everyone I had let in front of me. When cashier # 1 called for the next person in line, Me! I was right next to the dog all of a sudden I looked next to her and there was another woman with a medium sized dog brown and white (not a service dog) on a leash. By time I got put of there, I was a mess. This has got to stop! You talk about kids and peanut allergies well to some people dogs do the same thing. Since when had this become acceptable to allow animals in stores? This has got to stop, it has become out of control. I and other people I know have actually put the merchandise back and left the stores in this situation.

No wonder Amazon is found do well. Merchants have got to change, animals belong are personal and belong at home.

Kathleen Jones

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homegoodslover4life# - 28 d 15 s ago


Greeting from North Carolina, I am a big fan of TJX, Marshall's and Home goods I love shopping there so much that i have decided to work there part time to keep up with the latest trend and great prices. When i was laid off for a few months the beginning of 2017 they worked with me and gave me as many hours that i could handle, now i have been with the company for over a year and still get excited with their new arrivals. But i have a question for corporate, I also volunteer with a non-profit organization in the Raleigh/Durham area that services the surrounding community with food (food bank), community awareness, housing (displaced families) and a number of other services.

What i would like to do is see if TJX Company would like to join in the battle to provide some families with items that TJX, Marshalls and HomeGoods toss out each month. I have noticed that their are many items that are being discarded each and every month that a needy family can use. We would appreciate your help because No donation is to small.

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Mrs Manners - 31 d 15 h ago


Was a fan of the Marshall's in Columbia MD find good products at decent prizes and normally can find a friendly associate on the floor and cashier the management seems to have changed and I was shocked to witness a manager be rude, dismissive and basically bully like to the staff and some customers we actually left our cart full of stuff and left the store after witnessing this manager behavior we think her badge said Constance whoever she is she definitely could use some retraining or a visit from Undercover Boss it was like watching a bully sad thing that's one of the better selection locations now I have to wait until I'm in Georgetown to get what I wanted or hope TJ Max in Columbia has it that location isn't as neat as the Marshall's but at least it's the same company and normally they aren't rude and dismissive if you say something to them they respond.

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Esteban largo - 32 d 16 h ago


Thank you Tj maxx Marshalls home goods ..u are awesome people ..understand employees and management ...quality and prices never beaten..loyal costumer..from Tampa florida!

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extremely disappointed - 39 d 4 h ago


I have been shopping almost daily for years at the tj maxx location in Hartsdale New York and today I had my worst experience ever. I was returning a couple of items some with receipt and some without. The young man who was helping me completed the first return with the help of his colleague about ten minutes after the start of the transaction. I was completely patient as I realizes he was new and probably just holiday help. I gave him the second return along with the matching receipt and he proceeded to as me for an ID I said to him that an ID was not required if you had a receipt he looked at me and asked if I worked there and said those are the rules. I said but you just completed a return minutes ago and did not require one, again he stated " mam, those are the rules' I gave him my drivers license and he called someone over to help him as he was again having difficulty completing the return. When the associate came over to help him she saw him with the ID and told him it was only needed without receipt. He then returned my Drivers License. Now it was time for my 3rd return so I said to him let me help you to make this easier for you as I knew that the item was purchased with a New tj maxx card that I had just opened and had not yet received. His comment when I offered to help to make it easier was ' finally', I then said no problem I will leave you to figure it out. He then called over an associate and she told him where the account number was located on the receipt. Finally I wanted to purchase a piece of luggage for $169, he took the piece behind to counter and was trying to remove the hard tag,he said the machine was broken and was still trying. I said to him don't bother it's OK thanks and left the store. I've spent thousands of dollars at that location and I shop there at leat once a week. This experience has left such a bad taste in my my mouth that I will be shopping elsewhere. They obviously don't want my business

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Traci Ann Gencavage - 39 d 24 s ago

You seem like an ignorant, self centered cunt. My baby has leukemia. Try dealing with that and then tell me about your inconvenience in dealing with a young, new employee. Pig!

Flagged for review.
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Will the real price, please stand. - 39 d 21 h ago


You really don't want to shop at TJ Maxx! if you do, wat h the prices! The same merchandise can be a different price. I received over $200 on outfits for Christmas. I went to exchange an item for a different size and it was $5 more. One would suspect the manager Roberta would of waive the $5. After all my receipts with taxes was $225. No way. She wants to explain how the store gets merchandise from companies, therefore, their prices for the same merchandise can vary, Really??? Only in Evergreen Park, Illinois. I'm returning every piece and shopping at an establishment where the prices are the same for the same item.

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Michelle P - 39 d 17 h ago


Just read a number of reviews on TJ Maxx, and was absolutely shocked. I shop at

the Norwell, MA store, have done so for over 25 years and never once have been

treated in a way that made me sorry that I did business with that store. Quite the

contrary, I look forward to seeing Maureen Kelly (best store manager in the world)

every week when I go in to check out what is on the racks. I can only imagine the

money I have spent in the Norwell store, but feel it has been money well spent.

Everyone...if you are looking for superior customer service along with the good

prices that TJ's is famous for, go to the Norwell, MA store. It is the BEST!!!!!

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Yomie - 42 d ago


I used TJ-MAXX online and the local store to shop.This pass month I ordered two pairs of jeans that have been on my wish list for sometime now. I finally received an email from TJ-MAXX for free shipping. Great deal for people that don't have a lot of money, right? Well I ordered two pairs of jeans for my 16 year old daughter with her Xmas money from her dad. Shipping was a reasonable and the price too. Well here's the problem. I received the jeans on the 12th of December, my daughter opens the Black pair, but doesn't try them on Why ? you can clearly see they were to small. I told her to neatly fold them up and place them back in the plastic so I can return them to the store in downtown Milwaukee at the Grand Avenue Mall on Wisconsin. When I got there I was told I could not return them if they were purchased online. Uh? well OK!! Can I speak with your manager. I was told they were on the loading dock, and it would be awhile. Considering I had to clock in at 3pm, I just said I will mail the package off from my job. I called your South side /76th St location to ask if I could return an online purchase in the store. They told me I could not due to pricing. So I put the package in the mail. Today I called to make sure they received the return, and I was told after asking a few questions That I would be charged $9.99 for shipping. What? Imagine how upset i was when I heard this. Its a return. Why would you guys charge for returns? Why dont you except returns in store? Why dont you guys state this on the site? I was told by the CSR on the phone that I could have returned the jeans in store. When I told her I tried that, she pretty much just started staying where I could find the return info and basically there is nothing I can could do. So I returned an item for &10.00 plus tax. And You guys will take $9.99 for shipping ? This does not make sense when I live 2 minutes from TJ MAXX downtown location. I could have just took it there. But yet I was told I could not when I went in the store to return or exchange. Now I feel responsible for giving her the $ for the return and the $ 9.99 when they keep her money from the Black jeans she really wanted sent out in a size 12 instead of giving her a refund which I was told I would be charged for the return instead of just sending out a size 12. I feel I should get a $10.00 gift card in the mail or $ E-card online for this. I've been told the wrong thing twice by two different people at two different store locations. This misinform information is costing me money. Thank you in advance for all your help.

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Pa resident - 42 d 13 m ago

You should have been able to return at the store, you could have called thec1-800 customer service line, when you were at the store. They should gave resolved it, right there and then.

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Anonymous - 45 d ago

This is to inform you about a severe burn that I sustained while using a curling iron purchased from you Bend Oregon location. The product was an ABSOLUTE HEAT Elite Professional series curling iron. The metal mechanism that hold the hair against the barrel broke off and fell down the back of my shirt causing a burn serious enough that it required medical attention and is very painful, (I have photo's if you would like to see the extent of my injury and where the defect on the product occurred). This product should be pulled off your shelves ASAP.

I would have rather contacted the corporate office directly but after extensive searching I couldn't find a means of doing so.

General profile image

Anonymous - 45 d ago

Hi, I live in springfield, Ohio and work 2 jobs . I was shopping at Meijer (it was late and Marshalls was closed) I bought among other things a Marshalls gift card as i was sliding my purchases along the u scan belt a woman behind me was putting her stuff on the counter and was watching me bag my items. I left my Marshalls gift card there by mistake and she took it. I went back to Meijers and they had security review the footage and saw her take my card. MERRY. CHRISTMAS. I hope she enjoyed it. It was a big loss for me.

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Anonymous - 45 d 5 h ago

Today I was shopping at the TJ Maxx located at Pearlridge mall in Aiea Hawaii & got the worst customer experience I have ever had in my life. I am a union representative & my wife is a kindergarten school teacher. We always go looking around at many different stores around the island for things that my wife can use as learning tools for the children or gifts & things to use to help stimulate & encourage kids to get more involved in school activities. We were shopping for theme day items which the school runs through each month with a different themes for each day ( theme day consists of days like pajama day, neon day, super hero day, costume day etc...) You wouldn't believe how receptive the kids are to these times and they can come dressed up for specific days. They look forward to school. Well, we were looking at some stockings that you hang up for chistmas and fill with toys. These stockings were furry & light pinkish color. We thought maybe they (all the kindergarten teachers) could wear them as part of an ensemble that had for the last day of school before winter break. Kind of improvise with whats available & come up with something original. So my wife put the stockings on her feet and stood with it to see how it felt and if it could really be used in school during the gingerbread house making and through the rest of the day. She liked it! So she asked me to take a picture of them on her so she could see how she looked in it because there were no mirrors and she wanted to send the pictures to the other teachers to get their input on the idea. Then out of nowhere comes this employee whose name we both couldn't see, only the name TJ Maxx on the tag and she starts going off on my wife. In the most cockiest voice she said "What are you doing? Those are for sale, you need to take that off, those dont belong to you." My wife responded telling her we were going to buy them and then the employee rolled her eyes and started huffing and puffing saying (pffffft!) If I hadn't walked over to my wife from the jewelry case I wouldn't have witnessed it and probably wouldn't believe her if she told me what had happened. I have never experienced any customer service this awful in my whole life and I just walked over to tell her I saw a nice gold necklace I was thinking to buy for our grand daughter which was real gold for $300 I never knew they sold real gold there. The employee then walked down the aisle we were on then came back around and stood at the end of the aisle we were in and she stood there a little while and it looked like she was taunting my wife. We decided to leave. Then as we were leaving we got an answer from the rest of the teachers all unanimously saying yes they like it. We didn't feel like going back there and I can tell you here and now I will never go back to that store again. If you think about it, for 12 kindergarten teachers that would be 24 stockings. Two for each of them. At $13.99 each thats about $350.00 and we buy these things out of pocket. The department of education doesn't buget for things like this. We just told them what happened and someone went out and posted it on the DOE website that the teachers communicate on. I also posted this on instagram, facebook, yelp etc....

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