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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Anonymous - 17 h 29 m ago

I was eating at Friday's in Compton and a penny and a piece of trash was in my food...

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Monique - 17 h 45 m ago


Campcreek Parkway Location - East Point Georgia

What does it take to hire ethical employees? And why do you have a take-out service; however, your employees wont answer phones? On Saturday, February 3, 2018, after leaving work, I attempted to place an order and called the number listed for this location (as usual). Crystal answered the phone and placed me on hold for 25 mins. I hung up and called back, a male (who would not provide his name) answered and asked how could he help me and when I explained Crystal placed me on a long hold and I just wanted to place an order to pick up, he cut me off, said hold please and I was on hold for another 20 mins. Every time I tried to call back I was immediately placed on hold. In other words, they would pick up, not say anything and place me on hold. I realized you have caller I.D. becuase someone from your restaurant called my cell and then hung up when I answered. I called again and Crystal picked up. I told her I was unhappy with her lack of service and asked to speak with a manager. She said the manager is standing next to me please hold - and then hung up and never answered phone. What kind of business are you running? Discontinue the take our service if you really don't want to provide it. I plan to file a complaint with better business bureau as well as contact the city's business division to file a complaint. This is not the first time I and others have experienced this issue. You need to clean house, get new management and staff that actually want to do the job they are hired to do.

I guess you don't want my business any longer and I'm no longer intersted in patronizing your establishment.

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OB - 1 d ago


I was blatantly disrespected and lied to by the server who is not competent enough to complete the simple task of waiting on our table and the manager of allowing such inferior work. Her name is Young Cochran. My drinks that I paid for were taken by the sever after I went outside to have a smoke. Prior to stepping out I was asked by my waiter, Steve if I was done. I told him that I was still drinking and watching the Super Bowl. When I came back inside my friends jacket and our drinks were removed from the table. I then asked why they were removed and was told by Steve that he made a mistake. The manager was called to fix the situation in which she proceeded to show why she is not capable of handling her role of manager. I was told that my friend could get a refill on his lemonade but that my beer was empty before the waiter took it off of the table. This completely wrong and the waiter knew he made a mistake, he then lied and said he did not remember if the glass was empty or not. I let the situation go but after realizing that the disrespect was unreal I sent for both managers present at the time. They never came out to see me. It was not until I left then came back that I saw them standing by the kitchen and approached them about the situation. The general manager responded to me by saying that he has received 2 different stories from his employee and is not sure what to believe. The incompetence of the waiter and both managers is unacceptable and unprofessional. There is no way that I or anyone I associate myself with will ever visit this location again. I'm seriously thinking about never visiting another fridays again, ever. Location is in Springfield, VA

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Ronnie - 1 d 10 h ago


I just placed a online order at Friday's fairlane and I'm here and the doors are locked they in there on the phone and not answering door and my card was charged plus they don't close til 1 it's 10...

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago


My name is Chris, I went to your location in NLR Ar. In Lakewood Village. I called my order in. Kevin the manager knows the name of the person who "took my order" its in quotations because when I showed up. There was no order taken. Lakisha I think was her name but I'm not sure. I've lived in NLR my whole life. The TGI Fridays in Lakewood village is horrible. Not always been this way. I have spent over $500 a month sometimes more and tip about 40-50% every time I go. Lately this establishment has gone to crap. I've been in the restaurant and bar business my whole life and am a business owner. When you call in an order you usually get it read back. Last 2 times i ordered that did not happen. Last time I got close to my order. This time everyone looked lost at a simple Togo order made at 10:15 I showed up at 10:45 because I was told 20 minutes but the last time it took 40. So I showed up 30 minutes later. No body in this restaurant knows what they are doin. Went to the bar and stood there 15 minutes before anyone said a word. Terribly run. Will not be back. You guys have way to much competition to treat ANYONE like this!! Adios. And good luck. You won't last 2 years with service like this. I will be putting this in all of the social media apps I can.

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april burnham - 2 d 15 h ago


My son was eating boneless buffalo bites and found a pretty good size bonein it they where purchase at walmart in windham maine so glad he didnt choke

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Katie J - 3 d 1 h ago

General manager Heather Lascalle of the Concord New Hampshire locations sleeps with all her male servers. Not professional at all.

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Vicki Whitson - 3 d 10 h ago


Feb 2nd 2018 went to TGIF in Harrisburg Union Deposit Rd. Nothing about it was professional. Waited to have a table (booth) cleaned. There were tables already clean and we were not offered a table. Table was given a quick swipe and one set of silverware was left on the table. When food came we had to ask for silverware. A table across from us told us to tell management how they slow they were to even take a drink order. Another couple was seated after us and waited on before us. The waitress was apparently in the office. The bartender got our drink order. Finally our food order was taken. At this point another couple left because of bad service. Then a waiter came to our table said he was taking over for the girl and sending her home. Two male waiters were availing themselves to our neighboring table and the laughter from them was very loud. I ordered chicken nachos and got a pile of chips a little cheese and a few crumbs of chicken. The manager took my nachos back and asked if there was anything else I wanted so I got a brownie delight. The waitress wasn't sent home and the entire visit was a comedy.

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KK - 4 d ago


Dec. 27, 2017-tried to use rewards for meal with phone number but was told by server (Ms. Erundrul) that was impossible because I couldn't pull up a barcode. I paid for meal and tip with cash. The following day I checked rewards account and saw that my rewards credits were deducted. Obviously the server entered the reward using my phone number and pocketed (stole) the cash. I then contacted TGIF with details & provided copy of receipt and received an email stating the rewards would be credited. A week later when the rewards were not credited, I called TGIF & rewards were in my account. I also asked for compensation for having to pay full price for the meal because of the dishonest server. It has been over 1 month and my original complaint & suggested resolution has not been addressed. Beware of dining at TGIF on City Line Ave. in Philadelphia PA. Also, TGIF guest relations are not handled timely and adequately.

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Gigi - 4 d 16 h ago

Husband is in the restaurant that is inside the Atlanta airport right now and while I'm talking to him on the phone you can hear the employees fighting and cursing each other out in the kitchen. He said before that a waitress was putting on lipstick in front of all the customers too. I tried calling the company so they know what's going on but no answer.

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Unhappy Customers - 7 d 8 h ago


I took my family to Friday's in Merriville Indiana on January 28, 2018 600pm they made us wait for 30minutes because we asked to be seated all together in a both so that was the wait time the place wasn't busy it was just terrible they put us at the front door it was cold and we still didn't sit at one table never will go back to Merriville Indiana Friday's

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Andre steed - 7 d 12 h ago

Andre steed 2/27/2018 I took my family to Fridays in Cincinnati Ohio Northgate store . The service I received was horrifying .first we waited 30 min on food ok it was a little crowded but The server came back with every order wrong . I had the salmon it was dry and very small my wife had parmesan chicken it was dry with no parmesan cheese on it wow . My daughter chicken paste was wrong it had shrimp in it

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Dishonest Staff - 7 d 16 h ago


On Saturday, January 27, my family and I attended TGIFridays for a special occasion. My 7 year old daughter made the A/B Honor Roll at school. In honor of the special event, My daughter was allowed to choose what she wanted to do to celebrate. She chose to go to Fridays.

We were seated in the bar area and Dennis was the server for the evening. This was the worst experience we have ever at a Fridays restaurant and we have eaten at plenty of them. Dennis was rude, and was a very sorry waiter. It took 10 minutes after sitting to get our drink order. After another 10 minutes, he returned to take the appetizer order. Then we had to call for him to take the entree order. When it was brought to his attention about the lack of service, Dennis replied "we were not his only table." When the checks were brought to the table. It was 13 minutes before he returned to get the payment. I tried to pay at the bar with the bartender, but was told he was unable to take the payment.

While looking at my transactions this evening, I see that Dennis has GIVEN himself an $2.50 tip on my debit card. My sister card was also charged an additional $2.00.

To someone else that may not be a problem but for me it is a terrible problem. I count each and every penny I make as a single mother. I receive child support from Khrystian's dad to help take care of her.

That $2.50 pays for a week of reduced lunch for my daughter at school. This dishonesty and mistrust has me wondering who else has been cheated out of there hard earned money by Dennis. Something must be done about this.

I hope this practice of business will be resolved as soon as possible.

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Veey disappointed - 8 d 4 h ago


My husband and I went for date night and it turned out terrible. I asked for melted butter for my broccoli. The waitress came back with caijuan butter. I poured it on my food and tasted it. I told her something is wrong with this. She said oh he gave you caijuan butter. I said take the plate back and fix me a new one. While waiting for my food I'm feeling worst by the minute. I had to excuse myself twice from the table. We spoke to manager and he gave us a complimentary card for dessert or appetizer. I ask for something to be taken off the bill he stated that's why I gave you the card I said you can take the card back. After I had to excuse myself the second time I told him I wanted the whole meal taken off my bill. The situation wasn't handled properly. I've been in customer service for 30 years and this was poor. Friday's use to be my favorite place now its not. I can't say I will be back.

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Polly Ritchie - 8 d 14 h ago


Last night went to your restaurant. I ordered hot tea. After drinking the tea, I asked for another cup because it was cold in the restaurant. The waitress brought 1 cup of hot water. I said you forgot the tea bag. She said she would have to charge for another cup of tea. I complained but she said that is the policy. 1 tea bag? You have to be kidding! $3.50 for another cup of tea. That is wrong. What a terrible thing to tell a customer who had 3 paying guest. Yes, I expect you will send a message to me.

Pollyritchie @,

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trouble galore - 8 d 18 h ago

You can call the numbers here all day long and never get to speak to a live person.

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annoyed - 8 d 18 h ago


You need to fix the website. Can't login to rewards from a windows machine

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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago


I have never experienced the worst customer service in my life. The night staff on Saturday January 27th at 10:00 night should be fired. Cussing to the point the guest was leaving the police was called for the staff in the kitchen unreal. My sister and I both are management over 20 years we work for a large corporation. Where customer service has to be excellent.

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Bri - 10 d 10 h ago


Service Sucks ! They Gave Me Old Food . Told The manager and she has not came back yet . I'm Here as I type this message !!! Been waiting for over 30 Minutes now . It's 11:33pm I Am Tired And Ready To Go.

Poor Customer Service.

Strawberry lemonade was nasty and the sprite was flat

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Anonymous - 18 d ago


My name is markou and i made an online order from watchung nj tgif but i have cancled it now its been 4 days latter and i havent recieved my money.they saidd they would email me a gift card....

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Grace - 12 d 13 h ago


Customer service told me they would e mail me a gift certificate for the $15 value of my 20% coupon over 2 weeks ago and I never received it.

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Wade Hilton - 13 d 19 h ago


Me and my wife have been going to TGIF almost every Friday or Saturday for about 2 years. we go into the bar as usual and order our regular meal, Jack Daniels Flat Iron Steak. to my surprise, our regular waiter informs us that the Jack daniels flat iron steak has been removed from the menu. Why? we havnt been back since.

Wade and Hedy Hilton

City of Industry California 91748

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Kim Brown - 15 d ago


I was staying at the Manhattan Hotel In Times Square on Jan 19th and I went across the street to grab something from TGI Fridays. My order was wrong and I have since had a bit of food poisoning from the food. I have pictures of the food and my receipt.

I ordered boneless Garlic Parm wings and received plain bone in wings. I ordered the roasted brussel sprouts and what I received was gross. It was sour and bitter and salty. The small amount I ate has wreaked havoc on my intestines ever since. Diarrhea with sharp lower abdominal pains to follow. It is Monday and my stomach still isnt right. Thanks for the horrible experience and the lingering effects.

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ELLA - 16 d ago


My hubby and I enter the restaurant at 11:00m was seated at 11:18pm.

I like to start off saying I am a highly trained server, bartender and kitchen staff. There was no team work in the building. Our drinks were made and sat in the window for 5min before coming to our table. And other severs were standing around and saw the discomfort on my face and said nothing. We waited so long for a sever that I stopped the manager and he yelled across restaurant for server. Then told me he coming, we waited 15 more minutes after that. The hostess came over and took our order for everything. We waited another 20min to get appetizers and drinks. By this time I'm furious my hubby is a diabetic and really neeeded to eat. That's why we didn't leave and again I really love This establishment. So after getting my soggy BBQ chicken salad. I wanted to return the entree but our server had literally disappeared. After speaking second manager he removed my salad from the ticket but I did t feel and sympathetic from him or any apology for my time wasted. Server came back out with ticket and said he was tired and that he had been there allllll day from 1pm to close. This was the worst service ever I am shocked at the outcome of the managers. I feel like I gave money away and I was treated very unfairly.

I would like a full refund of my ticket and to move accommodated with a free meal for my treatment. You can look at my ticket cash out order in at 11:28pm just look at what time we left. This is unexceptionable. Please respond

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Mad friday - 16 d 10 h ago


The service was awful i had to wait 20 minutes to be waited on as I sat at the bar and then when i received my food it wasnt really hot they must just warmed it up i received no silver wear with my food and i over hear one of the waitress get mad and started cussing bc another customer ask for a smaller box for there good thrn i ask to get my bill i had to wait another 30 minutes .The bartender mudt was fresh out of class bc she had to read a book as she made the drinks so i leave and call the store to speak to a manager a guy tells me to hold on while he gets the manager then he comes back and say I have to wait 10 minutes i say ok and ask his name he says he has to look iut up and that i have to call back bc the manager is busy so i said ill be back but in stead i called corporate. This all happen on 01/20/18 around 445pm very poor service and to the guy who answered the phone yo u need to be trained again

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