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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
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PG - 2 h 37 m ago


Taco bell in villa park Ilinois has the worst possible manager in the entire business. Went there to order some food while taking a break from driving uber and had a firearm on my hip but printing under my shirt. Manager confronts me and asks if I had credentials for the firearm. I showed him the credentials immediately to put him at ease and to rest assure him that I was not a criminal with a gun in his store planning a crime. Instead this asswipe completely loses it and goes ballistic claiming that I am not allowed in his store because I am not making him feel safe. Which is absolutely bullshit because if someone who was carrying a gun was not making safe why the hell would you approach that person and confront them for carrying a gun? Anyways I left right away as he rudely demanded that I did and I go to my car. Before I can leave the parking lot my car is surrounded by half a dozen cop cars and I am searched and disarmed and I have to explain to the cops what exactly happened to me. The cops aplogize to me and tell me a 911 call was made saying that I was threatening everyone inside the restaurant with my gun which was a total and complete fabricated line of bullshit. It was a bogus 911 that was made with the intention of trying to get me killed by police all because the manager pissed his pants at the sight of the fact that I had a legally carried firearm on me. Completely unacceptable by the manager. Asswipe's name is Johnny G. Taco Bell front office refused to return my calls or even aplogize which was completely outrageous. Will never be back at this store until this shitbag manager is fired.

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Anonymous - 5 h 19 m ago

Taco bell in bayless.(St louis) has the worst customer service ever, locked the door saying it was closed while there were clearly people inside eating and ordering when old fat bitch came to the door and refused to answer any of my questions nor provide a name. WORST TACO BELL EVER.

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Anonymous - 4 h 29 m ago

It is going to be ok.

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Taco bell in Chatsworth is aweful the manager summer is so mean to male employees apparently you gotta be a chick to be treated decent - 7 h ago


Taco bell in Chatsworth has lesbian manager named summer who treats everyone like crap unless your a chick she's hitting on .

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Anonymous - 7 h 9 m ago


Disgusted by taco bell managers behavior

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Anonymous - 7 h 36 m ago

Hi I'm an employee at the new Taco Bell cantina in royal oak Michigan .. the managers are beyond rude and nasty.

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[email protected] - 10 h 25 m ago


I Live In Conway Sc. Come To Find Out To-Day You Did Away With The Stackers Please Bring Them Back !!!!! Love Them They Were Great !!!!! Thank-you

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Francisco "Taco" Aguilar - 16 h ago


Tried you Nacho Fries today very delicious and tasty. This thought came to mind Nacho Fries and Naked Chicken combo mmm mmm. From Yuma Az 4th Ave.

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 m ago


I love eating taco bell but since I have seen several commercials that are inappropriate, I am considering to a boycott if these commercials continue. First, the illuminati commercial for taco bell is disgusting! Second, the commercial where a white women eats another person's ( of color) taco bell. Again disgusting. Please consult your marketing department and let them know that they subtle messages are inappropriate, distasteful, and unnecessary!

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CCW - 1 d 7 h ago


Taco Bell in Rapid City off Catron Blvd. SUCKS. Waited in drive through line just before 5 p.m. By the time I was able to order food it was 5:03 and was told I could not get the happy hour special on drinks. THREE minutes that wasn't my fault?!! It had been a long while since going there prior to this visit because the last time I was there the tortilla chips in the nacho's were rancid. Taco Bell needs to hire people that can tell /SMELL when food is rancid and have enough common sense to go ahead and offer the happy hour deal for those who are waiting in line right before 5 p.m. Three minutes should have been a no brainer. Give the deal! Won't be going back to Taco Bell.

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Tyler - 1 d 8 h ago


Wen to the Taco Bell in Muncie Indiana today on Madison street after being very hesitant because of past experiences such as drive thru handing out multiple times completely wrong orders or just extra items that I was charged for to be missing when I go to eat the food, I guess they assume people don't pay attention to what's on the food they are eating, but back to today. I decided maybe if I went inside there would be a different outcome and there was to my surprise. I ordered $10.04 in food I handed the cashier a $20 and .05 cents so I could keep from breaking a 10$. Then she hands me $10.00 back with a cup I walked over to fill the drink at soda machine then came back and gathered my sauces and received my food I get to gas station down road after leaving an go to put the 10 in gas and realize all I have in the napkins from Taco Bell in my pocket was a 1$ bill so it was then I realized somewhere there was a mistake so I call the store to inform manager and he threatens me over the phone so I go to store thinking maybe he just thought I was making the story up I asked him to check the cameras and he refused saying he didn't have access that only the GM does and he wasn't here. I asked the manager what time or when would he or she be there and the night manager refused to tell me. Due to his extreme rudeness and uncooperative attitude I decided to leave the store and contact someone with authority. The managers name is Uriyah and he had the worst attitude I've ever experienced in the fast food industry. You would think Taco Bell makes enough money without having to steal from customers too. Very angry ex customer and family of 4 that won't be eating nor supporting Taco Bell any longer


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April albers - 1 d 9 h ago

I visited the branch on 155 North Shore Blvd., Slidell, LA at approximately 5:30 PM . My order was incorrect from the drive through. When I went inside to get my order corrected the female behind the counter was talking to another employee on my side of the counter who made it clear that he was on break while both of them were eating at the counter and both of them were cursing profusely to include the F word loudly and Repeatedly. I found it to be unprofessional that they were eating at the counter, cursing all the while there were children in the store. They were also two people holding bags in their hands from incorrect orders. It seemed as if the staff was not being managed or more blatantly has no respect for themselves nor the Taco Bell establishment. I'm very concern for the overall perception of the establish and recommend retain on customer service and self preservation . Thank you

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JCC - 1 d 10 h ago


Your location at 6101 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75070 is sub par. The morning staff were borderline rude for no reason. Food is always good, but a female with heavy make-up seemed almost mad. Just a half smile would be acceptable to me, but rudeness is not.

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Mary G - 2 d 26 m ago

So Does your Dining room not open at 7 am..I walked up to door at 7:08 am and lights were off door was locked but Drive thru was open..The one on Murfreesboro rd In Nashvile Tn before you get to Thompson ln...Everyone doesnt drive

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Sally Jane - 2 d 4 h ago


I don't understand why your TV commercial for the Stackers show that they fill half the shell and fold it over on each side so it looks Stacked. But in reality they put filling on just the center and then fold over the two sides. We have to cut the two sides of the shell and throw them away otherwise you would eat the center and rest of it is just dough and who wants to eat chewy dough for two thirds of their meal?? You truly need to change your commercial because it's misleading and disappointing. Thank you

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Lilliana - 2 d 4 h ago


Tuesday, January 23 @6pm

I went inside to order a nacho bell grande with no beef, extra sour cream. When the guy who made item handed it to me I noticed it didn't look like he had added the extra sour cream that I had paid for, so when I told him, he replied yes that was the amount of sour cream I had paid for and that the order was right, so when I got back home to eat it to find there were beans on it. So basically it was chips, cheese little sour cream with very tomatoes on it. I then went back to restaurant to talk with manager, when i asked to speak with her she came to counter I explained about my order being wrong, she never said anything to me, just grabbed the food and went back to the line to remake it, never apologized or anything for the inconvenience. You have given someone a title that does not show her capability of how to address customers, and did not care that I had to drive back to get it corrected. Went I was leaving out of store I noticed another lady that I assume was the assistant manager standing there caring on a lengthy conversation with look like to be nothing but drug dealers. I have decided I will no longer be going to a Taco Bell again. So with that being said, can't wait to see this location go under and I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

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Concerned citizen - 2 d 5 h ago


I was in your store in douglasville ga / Fairburn rd. And I noticed that I knew 1 of your workers Josh Reece working there. I will not return and are asking all my friends who have kids not to come to your store Josh is a convicted registered child sex offender in Douglas county ga I always thought you guys did background checks on your employees.

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Sam - 2 d 6 h ago

This is in regards to your new "belluminati" campaign. You will be losing a life long regular customer with this. Are you aware of what illuminati is? How terrible.

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Dale Thorpe - 2 d 7 h ago


I visited the Taco Bell this evening at 6753

North Church Ave Mulberry FL 33860.

While eating a burrito I purchased, I pulled out a strand of hair with the bite I took. I informed the server, who told the manager. The manager showed no concern and continued her task. Very unprofessional.

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Angry parent - 2 d 10 h ago

To whom this may concern: My name is Shanda Murray and I have a son Jonathan Mills is/was an employee at the Taco Bell located on Fairview Rd. in Ellenwood, GA. There was an incident that occurred Saturday, January 6, 2018 between my son and one of the night managers by the name of Andrea. The incident was triggered when my son reported in for his scheduled shift. Upon entering the employee area, he asked Andrea if she knew where the timesheets were located so he could record his time. Her EXACT response to him was "where the FUCK do you think they are?". Taken aback by her response, the two began an exchange of words that ended with her saying to my son "clock out with your GAY ass!". Yes, my son is in fact openly gay, however this verbiage should never be tolerated in the workforce, especially by a member of the management team since his sexual preference has nothing to do with his ability to perform his job duties. Also, I don't think his actions warranted an immediate dismissal from his shift and the company. Since this incident, no one has reached out to rectify the matter. This includes the general manager of the said location. The amount of unprofessionalism is very distasteful and we are contemplating seeking legal counsel as we feel his rights have been violated with this use of discrimination. My son said there was a new young man who was able to witness the entire situation and can provide an account of what happened to support reason for submitting this email. I expect that someone to be in contact with me within the next 48 hours to discuss how Taco Bell plans to correct the matter. I feel that my son is owed more than an apology, to include job reinstatement. I also feel the manager Andrea should be removed from the company as she's not conducting herself in a manner that represents this company in a positive perspective. You may contact me at the following number or simply respond to the email address. I'm looking forward to establishing a peaceful resolve for this unfortunate matter. Thanks! Shanda Murray (hidden)

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Latisha brown - 2 d 11 h ago


Just went to your taco Bell in Bartow florida and I was legitimately disgusted. They have me the wrong taco and when I went back into the store one of your managers named rose said and I quote " you don't need to be eating taco Bell you fat ass nigger" I have never been so disrespected in my entire life. I then noticed that your general manager was also working at the time when I talked to him about the incident he said what do you want me to do about it if you don't like our service leave the store. The GM Brent bell and also the manager rose need to be talked too because their customer service is disgusting. I will be posting this to the Bartow Florida taco Bell page. I hope something is done with this situation.

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Taco Bell Vigil - 2 d 11 h ago


Dear Taco Bell Corp.,

Have you seen what happened in Montgomery AL? The local TB burned down & some young adults got together to 'pay their respects'. The held a candlelight vigil for the 'deceased' building. (No one was harmed in the fire). This was all in good fun. Well, the event went VIRAL FAST! You have all kinds of free publicity. The creators of the event are Russell E. Dowis & Katie James. It was Russell's idea & Katie created the event as a joke & it went viral. Over 100 people came & EVERY news station in the country has it, even TIME, USA Today, US News & World Report, ABC NYC, Daily Mail out of NY, etc.

Please show your love for these two young adults!

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Van stollen - 2 d 16 h ago

Just went to one of your taco bell restarant at kennesaw ga. And they try to charge me $1.00 more when your menu board is saying 7.89 for como #2 steak,is been like that for a t least 6mo.i dont know who is more dishonest you or your got to fix this now.

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Dan - 2 d 14 h ago


The stacker is advertising for 1 dollar and they charge me $ 1 .50 and this is is on tv see what they get away with its unbelievable

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Ms.rashedah - 2 d 15 h ago

My name is rashedah cullar and I recently worked for Taco bell by the mall in southbend 6351 state rd U.S. 23 the store has recently closed down and I can't login or access the old information for my account I need some help please and thank you

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