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500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA
Ronald Sargent
Chairman and CEO
(508) 253-5000
(508) 253-8989
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PO'd - 27 d 17 h ago


Staples, SHAME on you for putting employees in a dangerous situation by keeping your stores open during a blizzard. Do you pay them for the time they have to dig out their cars? Will you be helping them when their stuck on the road going home or if they get in an accident? I'm sure the CEO isn't dealing with any of that!

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Wolf Radio LLC - 4 d 10 h ago


Ya Thats Great Make the Employees Come In in a Blizzard but tell your Customers to Go Online What Kind Of Business are you Running.

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Wolf Radio LLC - 4 d 10 h ago


My Company has been doing business with Staples a very long time. Before I started my company I worked as head of and my store started the computer repair services. any way on Saturday at the Westfield MA Store Location I went in to pick up my stamp order. I was standing at the copy center for about 15 min. There was Employees standing around not helping me. There was only a hand full if that of people in the store. One Man I thought was working the copy center Was taking in some shipping items then after walked away from the desk to talk to a lady in self service with out even letting me know he knew I was there. In the 15 min I was standing there another person come in with more shipping items he then come over and took them and walked away again not even letting me know he knew I was there. At this point I went looking for the manager. The manager told me he was the one that was in the copy center that day. and mad a lot of excuses that it was so busy in the store and they did not have the help they needed,. That is no excuse. The person in Shipping could have said something to me. I have worked in the store long enough to know that most people can run more than one department. he could have looked up my order. I will be looking elsewhere for me business printing from now on. I Have an account with VistaPrint and so far they have been good to me, I may switch all my work over to them. This is not right.

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HUMILIATED - 4 d 11 h ago



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Gary Filipowicz - 6 d 18 h ago


I was trying to get business cards done Thursday morning but your network is your system the girl was working with could get done what I needed. I will have to use another company to get my cards.

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Robert - 7 d 14 h ago


I am writing to you today in regards to an experience I had at your Staples store in Hanover, Pennsylvania. On January 22nd, I took a Dell Inspirion in which had stopped opening after a required update by Dell. The computer was purchased on July 11, 2017 and I also purchased a two year extended warranty. The clerk at the tech desk was very nice and said that with a computer this new there was no reason that the mother board should have broken and he was going to replace the computer. They told me that it would beset up as mine was when it broke. Someone called me that evening saying they had gotten the new one and it was ready to pick up. I went in the next morning only to find out that none of the data from the old one had been transferred as promised. So I wasted a trip and had to go back in the early afternoon to pick it up. I made it very clear that I did not want to lose my Office 2016. To show that this must be a normal situation that the second clerk did not acknowledge, the manager gave me paper work that started my extended warranty from the date I picked up the new one. When I went to pick it up, I was told that they could not replace the Office and that I should be able to do it with the product code card. Well, I am 70 years old and had no idea I had to keep that card. They were very well aware that it had been on the computer, so they know I was not lying. They also said that because of HEPA regulations they could not do anything. I have no idea what a medical security law has to do with this. The clerk that was handling the situation was less than professional and at worst was downright rude. When I brought the computer out, I simply asked where the box was and he snapped that he only had two hands. I was taken aback and asked why he was being so rude only to be told that I was rude too. I had to remind him that it was me that had to come back twice for a very simply error on their part. He also made it very clear that this computer should have not been brought back there and returned to Dell. I was only doing what the original clerk had told me that they would do. I am not sure what the problem was with the second clerk but it was totally unprofessional. I not only had to waste my time to go back twice but I am out almost $200 for the Office 2016. To add insult to injury, when I took the computer in, they asked for the operating system restore thrum drive which I left with them. When I got home, I realized that they had not given it back to me. When I called they had no trouble finding it but the question is why didn't they call me and let me know it was there. Again, this was not my fault. At the time I called, I asked that the manager call me the next day since she had already left for the day. Sadly, and adding to the lack of professionalism, she has not returned my call. The funny thing is that when I took the computer in, the manager and I had a discussion as to how they always make things right for the customer. Well, that is in the past for sure now. I will be hard pressed to do business with them in the future with the bad taste I now have in my mouth. I am enclosing the original receipt as well as the replacement receipt so you can see the dates.

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Gerri - 8 d 11 h ago

I was at the staples on manatee in Bradenton Florida and trying to make copies from my iPhone. The manager was very rude but an employee named Michael was very helpful and I wanted to make sure he got the proper acknowledgment for his help.

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Anonymous - 8 d 14 h ago

I have been trying to get business cards for my employees for 6 days now. I have been to the fort worth texas location 4 times and have had over 20 minutes of hold time on the phone during those same 6 days. I have been told by the Staples management to resend them information the they already have (I have done cards with Stsples before) I have been told a time to pick up (not ready), I have now been told we can redesign my cards if I will wait while they wait on other customers in which they came into the store after me. I know Staples has 87,000+ employees however Amazon will take your overpriced retail and services down soon.

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C Norrington - 9 d 13 h ago


I had the Worst Experience at your store located @ Camp CReek East Point location. I am Delta Airline retiree, but l recently had a stroke & needed to fax sme important paperwk back to Delta. I was by the Self Service Fax Machine but could not figure it out(honestly l left my glasses in the car) l asked the Female Rep.tjere. She Refused to help me w my 3pge Fax. She said She was too busy on a took 10 mins until l stopped a Nice Rep.Dominique whom was putting bck stock.She put her things down & helped me. I found the Mngr & told him about both Reps. I was satisfied until l got hme.Upon review of bank card l was chrged 5 dep & 7.40 for my fax. Im wondering why the 5$ was not taken out of 7.40$..but if your chrge is 12.40$ for a fax of 3 pages? I tried to call.. Rep answered trfrd me to Print one picked up. I clld bck & this time asked for Mgr. I was on hold for 6 mins before Finally Giving UP. This is Sad & l will definitely not return to this location.

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Disgusted in Lake Forest, CA - 13 d 11 h ago


If customer service means anything to you, you need to change your delivery service. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ORDER. The company that did receive our order said no one has been there to pick it up as it is still in their lobby. I checked with them after I got a message from staples tracking that said it had been delivered and that I signed for it again! Further, I found out from the company where our order is that the delivery service never even brought it into the building. He left it OUTSIDE BY THEIR DOOR and was out of the parking lot before they could even unlock the door. No one accepted the order; no one signed for the order. Aren't you wondering if this is happening to other customers? Staples must be losing a lot of money with this irresponsible delivery service. I expect to be compensated for this total lack of customer service and ownership of this problem. We have one ream of paper left. We better have these items delivered to the proper address today....

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Anonymous - 20 d 13 h ago

To whom it may concern,

I went to my local Staples in Lakeland, FL to get Vinyl Case Holder, Business Card, Black Wallet. I purchased this item at this location sometime ago. The staff member informed me that you no longer carry this item and I might try on line. I try to use my local merchants to help keep them in business. Sending people on line will insure that stores will go away. I went on ebay and purchased five of these items and with shipping it was $8.05.

In the words of a great retailer "The more you have the more you sell" The item in question is just a couple of bucks but it is something one would expect to find in an office supply store. Such items do not expire or spoil and a box of them would not cost much. You can't sell what is not there. You did not get any money from me today but someone in another State did. Good luck in 2018

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sara - 15 d 17 h ago


I worked at Staples for some time and the corporate office would always tell us to advise people to go online.

the first prompt on there phone line is to go online

I felt I was just giving the business for our store away

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Anonymous for now - 42 d 20 h ago


Violates Copyright and Trademark law in the copy center.

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Anonymous - 29 d 14 h ago

Depends on which store. Mine is very strict!

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Chris Simpson - 30 d 10 h ago


Do you drug test employees in Colorado? Every conversation I've had with some have led me to think they are under the influence of Marijuana.

Is that legal? Or should they be randomly tested as most states do

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DS - 32 d 17 h ago


Purchase 5 Google Home Mini's from Black Friday clearly states in 2 places 'Free $10 VISA gift card via rebate with purchase'. What do I get...a Staples gift card. No one at Staples wants to hear that....all they say is 'it shows on my screen a Staples gift card.' Won't even let me send them the proof. Never doing business with this company again! Probably going to start a class action lawsuit for bait & switch!

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Carla - 34 d 12 h ago


I was using the UPS service to ship out a return. I have been tracking the item for several days and was told it would be delivered today, 12-28-17. I used the tracking number and discovered it had been return to the store in Allen Park, Michigan on 12.22.2017. I was not contacted by the store and when I asked what was the protocol for items returned to the store, I was told there where none. So, if I would have not tracked this item I would have no idea of it's whereabouts and I was then told by the manger I would have to pay again to have it shipped out. Very poor customer service.

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Staples isa Joke - 41 d 10 h ago


What a joke Staples is! I tried doing business with them - incompetent, never return calls as promised, inept, don't listen > and this is at the so called - Office of the President! No wonder they are closing stores! It is far easier and better for you to find other sources of supply - particularly if you want professional service. In the long run Staples is a looser for small-middle sized businesses. Save and money - go elsewhere!

Mark Swenson

Southbury, CT

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Angel - 42 d 17 h ago


I was told that I would be receiving my laptop next day. I receive and email saying that it should arrive by the 26th instead of the 20th. I paid with a card and money back is delayed by 10 days. Bad experience with staples

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A Dissatified Customer - 43 d 13 h ago


HORIBLE EXPERIENCE....Glad to see W.B. Mason has moved to town. FINALLY someone that can give Staples competition.

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a handicapped shoper - 46 d 1 h ago


Please consider purchasing electric shopping carts for your disabled customers to use while shopping in your store. Office Depot has them and they are so nice. I can't walk, but I can use the electric cart to shop at my leisure, look around the store and feel independent. They are so nice when there is a line. Since my condition has become worse, I can no longer shop at your store. I have to go to Office Depot and use their carts. I miss shopping at your store, because you always have different useful items.

Now that the population is aging, I think investing in these carts.

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Bob w - 44 d 14 h ago


I must agree with the electric carts they are so helpful mu wife uses one when we go to a local Wal-mart store I needed one when i had knee surgery and went to a store couldn't walk around very helpful/useful

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Silvia - 44 d 15 h ago


We all know Christmas time is pretty hectic when it comes to finding gifts you really want. We all get that! In my Sunday paper I saw laptop i wanted to buy. On Monday (before lunch) I went looking for it online. Nothing! I clicked on weekly ad link. Nothing! I called my nearest store. Nothing!! When I mentioned I just saw it yesterday, the salesperson said, they have no inventory in any store ANYWHERE and don't expect any. No rain checks offered!. And no substitutions! FALSE ADVERTISING!!! It's called FALSE advertising!!! At least put something on the site that says "out of stock" or something!

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J. Inserera - 46 d 16 h ago


On November 22, I went to your New Hartford, NY store to purchase an HP laptop. The sales experience was ok. I had difficulty convincing the sales person that I didn't want to purchase some services he was pushing. Once we reached an agreement, it was good. I purchased the data transfer option, but really didn't understand what that entailed. When I asked questions, the sales person was unclear as to what I needed to give them. I left 2 laptops and power cords. As it was Thanksgiving, I didn't expect fast service. The following Monday, I received a phone call about my data transfer and installation of programs that made no sense to me. Whenever I returned calls, I was connected with different sales people who did not know the situation. I became frustrated with explaining myself repeatedly Finally, the assistant manager Jim Leuthauser spoke with me. Jim, went above and beyond to change this negative interaction to a positive one. We encountered numerous obstacles and had to reinstall the whole system. Again, I would receive telephone calls from sales people leaving bizarre messages. If it wasn't for Jim running interference, and going above and beyond to resolve the issues, I would have returned the laptop and written a very negative review here and on social media.. As a consumer, and spending hours at the store as the techs were working, I want to say, that if you want to provide tech support, you really need to hire competent employees who should not be involve in sales. You are very lucky to have been able to hire Jim. He has excellent customer service skills and can multi task the management of your New Hartford store. His sales person, Adam Semeraro and tech Kyle also have good customer service/sales skills. Kyle is very tech savvy, and should train your other techs. Will I purchase another product from Staples? As long as I can deal with professionals like Jim and Adam, I would consider it. Will I recommend Staples to my friends and family? Maybe. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

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