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Sea World

7007 Sea World Dr
Orlando, FL
(800) 327-2424
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Lp - 9 d ago


Sea world has gone down significantly since they opened their doors. We went yesterday and 3 rides were broken, two of the food areas were closed, the employees were either rude, surely or tired (one yawned in my face when I asked a question), and the food at the Outpost was burnt and the ice tea was warm. We also got stuck on a ride and was held for 20 minutes without an explanation. When we complained to guest services, we were met with "so sorry." Sea World only wants your money, they do not care about their guests.

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B - 25 d 23 s ago


@Jessica Allen is the plug for the low.

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Dissatisfied - 71 d 23 h ago

I can't believe that such a large establishment would have so many bad reviews and such horrible customer service. Extremely disappointed. Complete waste of money.

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Dosia - 115 d 16 h ago


Terrible. Ape from corporate office declined put his supervisor on line, they did not offer me appropriate discounts. He wasn't even aware that corporate office has this website and there are complaints after complaints. They never read them as they never read emails sent to them. They shield president of the company so he can't find out about their shenanigans and all customer mistreatments.

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Karolina - 127 d 15 h ago


I was really disappointed at Sea World. We booked reservations for the Sharks Underwater Grill for 11:30am. When we spoke to the representative over the phone I informed him we wanted to make reservations for the Magical Dinning plan and he proceeded asking what time I would prefer. When we arrived at the park we were told where to park at the magical dinning lot by the parking lot attendant and proceded to the entrance. When we got to the ticket area we were informed we needed tickets to enter the park just for a dinning reservation. She then called the supervisor where he looked uninterested to assist. He didn't even introduce himself or even tried to talk to us until I said something. He stated that the reservations started at 3 not 11:30am and were done thru a third party vendor. I told him that the representative over the phone did not inform me of that and didn't redirect me to the third party. He actually confirmed the magical dinning ended oct 1st. Also, the parking lot assistant didn't inform us of that either when we told her if we had to pay for parking when we were here to eat at the restaurant with a reservation. I'm really disappointed at Sea World, as an Orlando resident I don't see myself ever returning to any Sea World park. This has been the worst park experience I've ever had. Not once did the supervisor representing your company apologize for the bad information your call center gave us. I believe Disney has a far better customer service experience and they own up to their mistakes and always look into satisfying their customers. Disney might be more expensive but I'm willing to pay more for excellent customer service and a great experience.

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Cynthia - 136 d ago


I canceled my membership 3 months ago and am still getting billed. I will need to cancel my credit card now and have a new one issued so they will stop charging me...... Not happy at all.

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scooter - 146 d ago


Well I guess its ok to put ever other animal in cages,Kill animals for the fun,so you can have that trophy on there wall..Sea world saves turtles,manatees.Start worry about the fisheries, china and other counties fishing our waters, for food.Look the next time you go to the zoo.

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Orcas Don't Fit in Tanks - 175 d 17 h ago


God gave baby orca Kyara a blessing in disguise. She died without having to endure years and even decades of confinement and abuse at the hands of Sea World. Confining orcas to small tanks for the purposes of entertaining humans was a horrible idea to begin with and one that Sea World held onto for years because of its greed, greed, greed. Someday we will look back on this period of animal abuse as one of the most horrific in history. Sea World continues to display orcas in stupid shows in Orlando and San Antonio. Don't be fooled; this is not entertainment; it is abuse. Please use your wallet as your voice and boycott Sea World.

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Sick of Sea World - 195 d ago

Calf dies at Sea World. Cannot believe these people still have the right to hold captive and breed Orca's. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM. Incredibly sad testament to human beings and their greed.

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[email protected] - 195 d 12 h ago


I can't tell you how much I hate you and your disgusting animal practices. I am a California Science Teacher and I will instruct every student, in every class, always, that any ticket bought at your parks is a vote for animal abuse and death. You are despicable and should go out of business soon!

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Barbara Franklin - 195 d 19 h ago

Your organization is disgusting and should be closed permanently. How dare you act like it is for the good of these beautiful creature's when you torture them until their death. I will work hard to educate as many people as possible on the horrors of Sea World

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Beverly Hanson - 196 d ago



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Anonymous - 211 d 12 s ago


Yes my name is mr. Garcia and I have season tickets I was at the park SeaWorld this weekend enjoy myself when a gentleman push me shove me when all against me I asked him to say excuse me and he went off and started arguing with someone else which was the lady he had verbally abused her she called for help and no one came to her Aid finally when the park security came over and call someone else which was another security then call a deputy which nothing was done the accuser got scared and said that I was the aggressor the young lady wanted to press charges nothing was done at no time was there any offices I can't say I was scared but I was scared for my wife so we left the park if you would like to call me (hidden)

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craig!/ - 225 d 34 m ago

how long will,U keep those,STUPID orca/ killer whales??/ how many more,(GOD FORBID) must,drown.BEFORE U,get rid of them,FOREVER!!/ dive & swim with,dolphins+ porpus.!/ plus PLEASE have some security,guards.with SPEAR GUNS/ just incase!!/ but get RID of them,whales NOW!!/ not to be,trusted! PROTECT your,trainers & workers/ BETTER!

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Kayleigh Van Parys - 215 d 17 h ago



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Kelly Stemburg - 229 d 19 h ago


I just want the jewelry box you screwed me out of.

Very poor customer service. The worst part is that the ditzy summertime people you employ don't care at all. All I wanted was a penguin exhibit jewelry box, the young woman was too lazy to wrap the one I literally handed her (I only bought 3 small items so not much to mix up, honestly). I don't know what pre-wrapped garbage she gave me, but it is a plain statue and not what I paid for. If you're going to over charge as much as you do for any souvenir at the park, at least teach your minions to give me that item. Also thank you to whatever employee HUNG UP ON ME; I really liked waiting on the phone for 25 minutes to be hung up on without a word. I'm just not going to return there. I know that doesn't matter in he grande scheme, but at least you can't fuck up any more of my vacations.

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Kimberly - 236 d ago


I hold a platinum pass for Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia. We have been pass members for years. I recently fell and broke my right foot and right hand. I have a five year old who enjoys going to Busch Gardens and Water Country a few times a week. We live 6 miles from the two parks so in the evening we will go to one or the other. I called to see if there wher electric scooters for guests. YES at a high price!! They start at $50.00 if your a pass member you will receive 10 percent off. This is very costly for someone who is out of work due to my injury for anyone for that matter. I called guest relations to see if my membership could be suspended till I was released by my orthopedic doctor to walk again out of my cast. Customer service stated NO. I couldn't cancel either!! So now I have to pay a monthly pass membership that I will not use because I need the assistance of a electric scooter. I can't push a wheeel chair due to my broken hand. My five year old certainly can't push me! I'm so disappointed in the lack of customer service!! I completely understand why people rave about Disney when it comes to customer service and how they accommodate guests with disabilities.

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horrible - 309 d 3 h ago


The guest service there is horrible no one answers the phone all you get is a machine

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Sigh - 251 d 18 h ago

I was told to email or call corporate, but the # didn't work:(.

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Horrible - 278 d 20 s ago


They have horrible customer service. Was mistreated at the park when I brought up my concerns about multiple attractions being closed down and the gentleman brushed me off to the 800 number to deal with. After waiting on hold with for 45 mins I got a girl that I explained the same concerns to and basically told me I should have went to the customer service counter at the park (where I did go). I was just over their attitude by this point and asked to speak with a sup, the girl put me on another 5 min hold just to hang up on me and I called right back just to hear that they were closed for the day. I called first thing this morning and got through to a sup to tell me I reached the perfect place to help address my concerns just for her to hang up on me and not take my calls any longer. I will never visit SeaWorld again!!

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Sigh - 251 d 18 h ago

I'm looking for that 1800 #. Do you still have it?

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RLC - 253 d 18 h ago


We waited for an hour and a half in the blazing sun despite have platinum passes because the kiosks were not working and no one available to fix them. Half of the desks where you buy tickets were closed (on a holiday weekend). Then the credit card machine was down. Another woman whom I'm assuming was a manger, just shrugged her shoulders when the girl who was helping us told her this. We just HAPPENED to have cash on us. Then finally the girl gave us 3 quick passes after we asked for 4. So we had to do a whole other transaction. Again in cash. No attempts were made to rectify all of the inconveniences at all. Horrible.

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Disgusted in Texas - 293 d ago

I'm disgusted with the inhumane treatment of the polar bear that just passed of a broken heart within days of Sea World thoughtlessly moving her life-long companion and friend for over 20 years, to another location.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


Im so disgusted with the customer service here is unbelievable im asking for my refund back so far every representative clicked on me and then i call back to speak with a manger then they transfer me to a so called manager who also clicks on me if u cant deal with costomer this job is sure not for u becareful when booking this place is horrible

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Never deal with sea world services... - 1 y ago


I just had the worst experience with the Orlando Contact Center. I Spoke to a supervisor name David who has ABSOLUTELY no business knowledge and was totally useless. I called in to check the status of my pass and long story short they never updated my credit card number on their end after I did online. Now they are saying I can't be on a flex plan and have to pay an upfront price in order to correct my account! When I talked to one of their operators she told me that there sometimes are glitches in the system so that's probably why it didn't go to them. I went back online and saw everything was correct on my end and I don't mind paying what I owe, but I wouldn't be going through this if their system was correctly linked like it is suppose to be. I feel like they are illegally holding information on their site because obviously they are not using it for the right purpose! YOU GUYS DROPPED THE BALL!!

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