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5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
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GHTillery - 7 h 12 m ago


The review is on the Safeway store in Baltimore MD. The address is 2610 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21224.

Why is this store 24 hours and some of the services at the store not 24 hours. If a store is 24 hours, all of it's services should be 24 hours. Why is coin star closed and the store is still open. Coin star should be used 24 hours. What if a customer has to pay for something in coin and gets told by the cashier that he's not counting any coins. If the store is open 24 hours, all it's services needs to be 24 hours.

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Timothy Zeigler - 8 h 25 m ago


Im writing in regards to the safeway located @ 6701 E Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver Wa 98661, do they realize there is a noise ordinance. You can not knowingly creat noise within 300 fet of residential property. Your loading dock is 21 feet from my property and 47 feet from my front door. You can not knowingly make noise between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. I very seldom see a day time delivery when the store is open. But these trucks with disrepaired ac units, back up beepers, and drivers who bang there loads around in there trucks, come in between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am. I and other residents have spoken with bob the manager in the past 13 months. Please fix this problem before a lawsuit is filed.

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Timothy Zeigler - 8 h 25 m ago


Im writing in regards to the safeway located @ 6701 E Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver Wa 98661, do they realize there is a noise ordinance. You can not knowingly creat noise within 300 fet of residential property. Your loading dock is 21 feet from my property and 47 feet from my front door. You can not knowingly make noise between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. I very seldom see a day time delivery when the store is open. But these trucks with disrepaired ac units, back up beepers, and drivers who bang there loads around in there trucks, come in between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am. I and other residents have spoken with bob the manager in the past 13 months. Please fix this problem before a lawsuit is filed.

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago

Why doesnt my store 1581 carry great northern beans any more ?

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Diappointed Customer - 1 d 15 h ago


Safeway store in Camas Washington has bee allowing homeless people to park lousy looking older RV and blue & white 1980's for Pickup truck with tarped scrap metal and garbage cans in bed.

It looks bad to me. I, as Safeway CUSTOMER, do NOT like to shop at businesses that allow their property to be utilized by the homeless

I have called and politely asked the person who answered the Service Desk to no avail. They seem bored and not interested !!

The local Fred Meyer, Chuck's, Bi-Mart..... these store do a much better job with their store appearance.

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Pamela - 3 d 9 h ago


This review is for the store in Maryland, Rockville / 403 Redland blvd, zip cod 20850

Managers name Fred Reising

Every time I buy from this store most of the food items are expired, I really have to take a close look at the expiration date but if I don't at this store most of the times the Items are expired

They do not do their job and remove it .

It's so disappointed some people they just don't do their job .

Many times I end up going home with expaierd products .

Shame .

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I'm Watching - 3 d 11 h ago


Today, I went to the store to purchase lunch meat and cheese, but I was turned away because on the person not wearing a hat or net. i am referring to the Castro Valley store near Redwood.The individuals in the deli are to wear a hat or net on their heads while handling food. There is a young woman named Anita, who absolutely refuses to follow protocol. She will fix sandwiches, serve chicken, slice meats and cheeses without coverage. It doesn't take much for hair to fly into food, especially when it is loose. It has been mentioned that she is the assistant manager and does all positions while in the deli. It is not a good role model to not be representative of a good employee to newer individuals as well as customers. I have brought this matter to managers at least a dozen if not more times. They have assured me that they will speak with her and I am sure they have. But, I can go shopping for deli products and I leave without purchasing because of the no hat or net. One time I purchased cheese and instead of cleaning the slicer, there was meat on the cheese, so I had to take it back. A deli must be clean and the workers should follow rules at all times. I hope there can be some resolve to this matter soon!

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Ella - 3 d 12 h ago


Safeway Sonoma.

Safeway in Sonoma is constantly showing misleading price reductions.

It is in my opinion the way they fool customers. With liguor, one is supposed to get a 10% discount if you buy 6 or more. At checkout they display a full price less discount which always comes back to the price before the 10% discount. This has happened the last five times I Have purchased liguor hoping for that 10% discount. I think this is disgusting. Unless we do something about it, they will continue with their false advertising.

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Maria T - 3 d 13 h ago


I have a suggestion better request for upper management to look into yelp review for safeway store at Hamilton av in Campbell California.

I will be ashamed if this is my store.

I go there and all of it is thru.


It is a huge store and serves big area but it is not on good reputation.

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Anonymous - 3 d 20 h ago

Today I paid $9.99 for each of two Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Soap pods. I was forced to choose the more expensive Cascade because there was no choice. Safeway had no more dishwasher pods because, as the attendant told me, they had been stolen.

I did not note a security guard present. Can you please make sure you have security available to help deter thefts in the store?


Marcy Logan

Corcoran St store

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Jackie Line - 4 d 13 h ago


what is the contact number for the latest ceo?

thank you,

j line



I can't remember the name now but I absolutely love this ice cream. I am a little old lady

and I have very few things I enjoy anymore. I live in Rossmoor a senior community located in

Walnut Creek, CA. 94595. The safeway stores in W.C. which used to carry this ice cream no

longer do. I bothered the Rossmoor Safeway for a year trying to get this ice cream back on the shelves. It was back on the shelves for a short time, I would always by the last three

on the shelves as that was all of them that were left during the week.

The store management told me to come back at 10.00pm and ask the ice cream delivery guy

to handle it. If this ice cream is too expensive to make please cut out some of the abundance

of pecans. Thank you for listening to me.

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FORMER Colorado Springs Customer - 11 d ago


Last night at about 5:20 pm at the store on Garden of the Gods and Centennial in Colorado Springs Colorado... on January 25th 2018 I witnessed two loss prevention officers violently assault an elderly woman last night at one of the Safeway stores in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was physically assaulted multiple times, slammed into the brick wall of the store and onto the concrete as she screamed for help, then they slammed her head first into the glass and metal door frame of the entrance. I called the police while screaming at them to take their hands off her...BOTH IN PLAIN CLOTHES...ASSAULTING AN ELDERLY WOMAN IN HER 60's!!! The Employees of the store kept calling her a shoplifter...there was not a damn thing in the cart that she had that warranted a beating...DOG FOOD AND A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS A RECYCLE BAG WITH A FEW ITEMS IN THE BOTTOM AND HER PURSE!!!! That is what Safeway have their security (WHICH THEY EXCUSE AND NOT THEIR EMPLOYEES BUT OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS NICE EXCUSE) I as a survivor of Domestic Violence and a person with PTSD and Anxiety Disorder because of that ABUSE got to witness a woman maybe 10 years older than myself be assaulted by Safeway paid Security!!! I will never go to another Safeway or Albertsons store as long as I live and I will make sure that every person that I come into contact with knows that you are not safe if you go to Safeway...that they are fine with their employees assaulting the elderly because of a possible theft...not a damn thing in that store is worth what was done to that woman not a single thing!!! DO NOT SHOP AT THE ALBERTSONS AT CENTENNIAL AND GARDEN OF THE GODS IN COLORADO SPRINGS THEY SUPPORT ASSAULT...THE WOMAN AFTER SHE WAS ASSAULTED WAS DRUG THROUGH THE STORE TO THE BAKERY THEY PULLED HER CLOTHING TO THE POINT HER BODY WAS NAKED FROM HER BREASTS TO BELOW HER BUTTOCKS !!!! DO NOT SUPPORT STORES THAT SUPPORT THE ASSAULT AND HUMILIATION OF ELDERLY WOMEN!!!!!!

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robert - 6 d 10 h ago


people steal from safeway all the time. thats why they are sick of it. thats why prices are high. I'm going to keep shopping there. I'm all for law n order.

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Gordon Spence--Special Audits Team--Pleasantin CA Corporate Headquarters - 6 d 8 h ago


As a Senior Audit Teams member your blog has clearly gotten our attention. Should my investigation revel that the situation was mishandled we will take all available measures to rectify this situation. We. have a corporate policy keyed to shoplifting that each employee (including independent contractor s) sign. All I I am at liberty to disclose pending our independent investigation is that the events you recount, without so admitting, would indeed violate company protocol.and policy. You are free to lodge your complaint online at Safeway's Complain.portal.

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Anonymous - 6 d 17 h ago

Safeway's pharmacies in Colorado carry the out-dated 50% effective shingles vaccine, even though there is a 90% effective vaccine that's been available since October, Safeway valuing profits over customers' health. I guess I need to write the newspaper.

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Karen Degen - 7 d 11 h ago

A lot of people in my town, myself included don't feel safe shopping at your Orangevale/Fairoaks location. On Madison & Hazel due to the homeless aloud to live on the property. They are stealing from your store and when we tell management they say they are not allowed to do anything due to fear, & their safety? ??? I lived in Orangevale for 46 years and can't even go grocery shopping due to your companies lack of protection. Please help

Karen Degen (hidden)

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Jan - 7 d 12 h ago


We ate a T-bone steak last week that was the best beef we've had in forty (40) years! It had the right amount of fat, was thicker than usual, was super-tasty and could have been cut with a fork. Safeway really scored on this steak!!!

Hats off to Matt, the head butcher at store #1492 in Port Angeles, Washington. GOOD ONE!!!

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Bad Service - 7 d 15 h ago


I had really bad experienced with Safeway at Warm Spring Fremont, CA on Jan 27 at about 2:30pm. The seafood and meat department is always short of personnel. Most of the time, I ring the bell and no one comes to help. I have to go to front customer service to page for help. On Sat Jan 27, I went to the store to buy seafood, and again I rang the bell and waited for 5 mins and no one showed up. I have to go to customer service to page for help. Someone came and told me that the butcher was at lunch break. I totally understand that they need lunch break, I asked if the store can put a clock sign so that the customers know if should come back later to get help. The store manager just rudely said "We are not allowed to put any sign." I asked why not, and she said because I can go to front customer service and page for help. I then bought a salmon filet and asked to cut the salmon to two piece, the store manage then said she cannot do, because she cannot handle meat. I told her this is the reason that I asked for the sign, if there was a sign for "Butcher service will be back at certain time", the customer can decide to wait or come back later. The store manager just repeatedly said that they are not allowed to have any sign and if I need help I can go to the customer service to page for help. I totally think this store manger is not qualify to manage the store and not understand what customer really needs.

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Janet Hanssen - 7 d 17 h ago


I actually love Safeway. I do 99% of my grocery shopping there. I love the online coupons. I was disappointed with the Friday $5 ad. I was so looking forward to getting a turkey. I am on SSDI so that would have lasted me a while. I am just sorry there were none at the El Cerrito store. Is there a way we can find out if there will be some turkeys at Safeway soon? and can we get a raincheck for the $5 or $7 dollar turkeys?

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Sharon - 10 d 17 h ago


I have been placing a lot of orders through the Safeway in Kingsgate, WA.

Specifically the Bakery. Their is an employee by the name of Kathy, who refused to provide her last name to me. She was very polite the first 2 times I placed orders. When she found out I would be repeatedly placing orders, she became extremely rude. I would call to see if my orders were done an hour early because my schedule had changed and I would be in the neighborhood. She would be VERY snarky and INFORM me that I had put 12pm NOT 11am, but if I needed them now she can stop working on someone else's order and handle mine if that's what I wanted. And I found myself apologizing to her! Then I went to place another order and she complained to me that I was a day late on picking up my last order and if I would actually be here to pick them up this time when I request. To top it off, I called and asked to speak to the manager, Lan Shu. She just kept saying I'm sorry would you like to speak to them. When I was simply asking her to address the extreme rudeness that her employees were showing to a very loyal, repeat customer. As a fellow manager I appreciate when customers inform me of these issues so that they can be stopped. So she either does not care, or just lets her employees do as they wish, with no regards for her customers. I asked that she address this employees attitude, and if it can't be then I will take my business elsewhere. Is it to hard to ask for some politeness? Upon picking up the cupcakes, they were suppose to be 50% chocolate and 50% vanilla cupcakes, the same it has been for my last 10 orders mind you. When I asked if this was the correct order, she INFORMED me once again, that I was incorrect and should check my order. So I pulled it up, she told me "I was right wasn't I"... so I and showed her. She went into the back for 30 seconds and came back with the correct order. I am so sad that I will no longer be supporting my local safeway, and have to support another local bakery.

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John A.S. Tibbs - 10 d 19 h ago

Yesterday I was incensed by your blatant false advertising in the Seattle market region. It was classic "bait and switch" to get me in the store. I picked up my mail and looked at your weekly ad. It's featured product was USDA CHOICE BEEF CROSS RIB ROAST for $2.88. WOW, such a deal!! I headed out to my local store at 150th and Aurora. In the meat dept. I was greeted by Safeway advertising selling USDA CHOICE BEEF CHUCK CROSS RIB ROAST.

Earlier in my life I worked asa chef in The Space Needle Restaurant. Any cook knows that Beef Cross Rib Roast is a highly desirable and succulent cut of TENDER meat. Any cut of CHUCK is a tough (but tasty) piece of beef requiring completely different cooking techniques. One is expensive and the other is cheap.

SAFEWAY is guilty of fraudulent bait& switch advertising and should be prosecuted by both the State of Washington and the USDA.

Incidentally, I'm also a retired insurance Co. trial lawyer with lots of time on my hands to bring this fraud to the attention of appropriate governmental authorities. If you wish to apologize for this criminal behavior, I can be reached by reply to this Email or by calling me at (hidden).

John Tibbs

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Nancy Turnier - 11 d ago





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Susan - 12 d 50 s ago


I just listened to an NPR story on 1A about farm workers fairness. I was disappointed that Safeway does not subscribe to the Fair Foods Standards Council ( For a mere added penny a pound for produce, the growers agree to decent treatment of their farm workers including a decent wage, freedom from sexual harassment and decent field working conditions. I beg your board to agree to join up to FFS so I can shop at Safeway; my only other choices in Flagstaff, AZ are Walmart (no!) or Whole Foods (can't afford them). I am posting a notice on my facebook page so my friends will also seek greater participation here in the west. Thank you. Please join FFS!

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Jean Darling - 17 d 17 h ago


Safeway Mount Vernon Washington

Where do I even start? Been a loyal shopper here for over 20 years. I cant even imagine how much money I have spent here. Used to be very fond of this store but in the last year there has been so many times that certain employees show such little concern, if not down right rude and dismissive behaviour. Today, I will no longer shop at any Safeway store, no longer will I defend you or recommend you.

The pharmacy sales associate named Jennifer, is so incredibly rude and has no idea how to be a pleasant person. Ive complained about her behaviour to management in the past and was told by that manager that I was one of many complaints about her. Jennifer and her rude self is still there.

Last week I went to do my big grocery trip. Sat down for an hour while I did my 'just for you' online takes soooo long because their site is slow and freezes up all the time. Start my shopping but as I get half way thru the store Im realizing they are out of half the items on sale and on my list! It was one thing not to hit the sales, but I couldnt even fullfill the things I would have purchased, and needed, that weren't on sale. They were literally out of hambergur! Soups, butter, eggs....I left after only doing half my shopping. Before I left I tried talking to one of the managers, he apologized as he ran away to hide in the back. Did not offer rain checks or anything. My cashier, Danielle, was the only helpful person. She listened, gave me rain checks and showed sincere concern. Which is all any customer wants.

Ive been waiting months for this Safeway to get in Ham hocks. Again today I went to do my grocery trip. I was excited to see some ham hocks finally!! But, they are all torn open and looking rather dried out where they were all exposed. I went to the meat dept. to let them know about them being torn open. I thought they would be concerned. The lady in the meat dept felt they were fine but I pointed out they had been packaged since the 13th and today is the 19th...and they look as if they were ripped open the whole time. She assures me she checks everyday and they were not ripped yesterday. I said I still would not want them as they could be contaminated by other meat since thats where they are, in the meat section. Just down from the chicken. This is when Bill in the meat dept says they probably arent contaminated. I said there is a high chance and who would even think to risk it. In my head Im seeing those packages of hambergur that you pick up and blood is all over the bottom. Ive been in food service my entire life, you do not risk cross contamination especially when it comes to the public. But no, Bill continues to tell me its highly unlikely and its fine, we will get you a ham hock from the freezer.

Im shocked at how lightly he take cross contamination in the meat department not to mention the way he kept talking to me. Kept cutting me off and saying they were getting the ham hock for me. Because apparrantly I wasnt allowed to continue speaking. When I told him earlier I had been waiting months for them to get the ham hocks in, he patronizingly said 'we cant sell you something we dont have'. No kidding.

Another customer who over heard this conversation was shocked at how I was being treated. I asked to speak to his manager to which he happily offered up. His name was Shawn. Obviously these guys are buddies and Shawn tried to convince me cross contamination wasnt a concern because, get this, they have dividers between the meats and liners underneathe them. Did you all know that putting in dividers and having liners to soak up dripping blood from the meat will prevent cross contamination on opened meats?! Ya, me either.

Manager Shawn asked me what I wanted him to do. Hmmmm, apparrantly he has no skills/tools as a manager on how to handle this kind of situation.

Last week, there was also about 15 homeless people having a get together inside the lobby entrance we had to get thru. That was fun.

Sad to say goodbye to my store but since they dont care about their life long customers, I'll find a store who will.

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Charles - 12 d 13 h ago

Gene my darling, let me get this straight. You shop somewhere for 20 years and it was only yesterday that all this s*** happened in the people were assholes and some of them or rude they didn't have half the crap that you spent 5 hours cutting out and it a dollar-an-hour you just spent more money than you will ever save by cutting the coupon Zack paying yourself a dollar-an-hour fact. If this just didn't happen in the last week when did it happen. 18 years ago?? Why didn't you leave then. Why are you torturing yourself now or something that you could have eliminated out of your life 1820 15 years ago? I'm not a faget queer homosexual like Dianne Feinstein's friends but I have lived in Hollywood in the sixties and now I'm in Palm Springs for the last year both places are covered with queer faget homosexuals and from listening to your complaints about dried out cross haired cross divided cross Crotched cross contaminated ham hocks it reminds me of dinner last night at a f** Field Restaurant in Downtown Palm Springs these two old chicken hawks we're complaining about the 15 year old boys with cross crotch contaminated dried out butt holes. Ironically enough another customer who overheard these two faggets conversation who were obviously two buddies and I tried to convince them that cross-contaminated faggets usually only come down with AIDS and it kills them anyway so what's the big deal. One of the old faggets ask me what I I thought that I would do in a similar situation.hmmmmmmm I thought to myself. I told him that I felt he has no skills or tools as a chicken hawk f***** on how to handle this kind of a situation. Gene, I think we really now have what you would call a serious conflict of interest. I believe it or not I am a dyed-in-the-wool 100% American with Disabilities Act advocate. These 15 homeless people having a get together in front of a Stater Brothers when they simply went in and bought food and we're sitting there in America where it's free to do things that you want as long as they do not harm other people and they were sitting there eating their sandwiches that they had bought in split into five pieces and Sheridan 2 quart Pepsi between all of them. Again my wife at 35 years in Stater Brothers this mall had a Stater Brothers a Kmart a Colonel Sanders and a Jack In The Box and these companies a security company. And this guy named big Sam Actually and literally would heard them like sheep 200 yards to the end of the of the property and then across the street into another property call them assholes bumps and guess what how many of those people do you think we're decorated multi Purple Heart Heroes of America for the last 50 years. Made a quick polite call to Stater Brothers explain the situation. Jean, or anybody reading this, go to the American Disabilities Act website, Ada. Gov. Upper right-hand corner enforcement cruise down to title 3 which is any private Corporation. This is what I do for a hobby I could have made hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars by desecrating these a****** major corporations but my goal is to bring them up to standards for the American Disabilities Act. Go back up to the top of the screen and next to the enforcement on the left hand side you will see technical assistance manuals I know all of these technical assistance manuals by heart. When I call these stores I quote them about 30 of these statutes that are enough to devastate them and lose them their businesses or hundreds of thousands of customers literally actually and factually these corporations Buckle they buckle they do not want this type of publicity they do not want me to go on media. I'm just cleaning house on Costco Costco Ameriprise insurance and Ameriprise Investments they are all hooked up together by licensing contractual or other arrangements. They are a 1 trillion dollar entity. They jacked me and some of my disabled friends on some Mickey Mouse cheese ass thing that you've been talking about above I sent them one email with 400 pages of pure 88 told them that there are one trillion-dollar company and that I will see in court each and every one of the CEOs of these companies and there's no way for them to get out of it under state and federal law. Trust me I've done it I have a signature from the president of Ameriprise insurance. This is another one of dozens of things that I've done for the disabled in America . When complaining against a superior court judge in the state of California after they did something stupid to persons with disabilities in the courtrooms they policy practices and procedures of the Superior Courts in California was this . Call the judicial Council on performance in the state of California that is headed by the Supreme Court Justice Tony can till. It used to be for the history of this department that they would ask you 20 minutes worth of questions and then tell you they would investigate and make a decision. I flat-out said to this assistant to the Chief Justice where's my complaint my complaint is under Section 35 130 which is the most devastating section in the history of law in America and did she expect me not to complain using the United States Department of Justice main complaint in 85% of its complaints from people with disabilities against companies that are always successful. This was on a Friday afternoon she called me Monday at 11 in the morning saying that there would be no problem with me using the 35 130 section against any Superior Court judge in the state of California. Who do you think made that decision to change policy practices and procedures about complaining again Superior Court judges. Do you think it was her I don't think so I know so the only person that could change those policies practices and procedures that have been set down for over 75 years was the Chief Justice of the State of California. I can go on with things like this it would just blow your mind man flat out I'm not bragging I'm just saying that there is a life besides worrying about watching poor desperate possibly decorated Heroes that allow you to even sit there without some Muslim type person that will rape in connive and screw you and f*** you and make you wear a brooch over your head everyday and desecrate and mutilate your c*** you little f****** w**** f*** you f*** you in the horse you rode in on f*** you received 3 days ago on an email apologizing to me for everything that they had done wrong Call Jack in the Box corporate in San Diego explain them the situation. Called Colonel Sanders same thing period called Kmart / Sears explain the same thing. I told him I didn't want big Sam fired I just wanted an attitude adjustment. Two days later big Sam comes over and says Mr Smith I'm sorry for everything that I have done and I'm thanking you for not having me fired. That wasn't fun or funny. I had to explain this to an earlier person on this site and what you don't realize that actually in factually all the grocery stores only make $0.02 per dollar profit. It's not b******* it's just a simple fact. Think about it if you spend $200 a week which is $800 a month that's only $16 profit a month for you to waste their time come in their store bitching and complaining about everything. In all reality do you think they give a f*** about losing somebody like you?? Among other things in life I used to run the largest Jeep automobile dismantling yard in the country. All the produce managers and meet managers and multiple dozens of friends that my wife and I had made at Stater Brothers all became vice presidents district managers you know truly truly Big Shot sitting next door to the president Jack Brown and you cannot believe really in all days months and hours of partying with these people the real deep dark secrets of what these persons now in these positions actually say and think and care about their customers in general. You're a fish. You're a cold fish. You're a number. $0.02 per dollar they could give a f***. It's a facade. It's the same at all the grocery stores. The monkeys are trained to smile and be nice to people and most of the time they are able to pull it off. Then some of the monkey start getting grouchy and they disappear. This is not done by people complaining all the time this is just simply that the supervisors and management at high levels get tired of seeing and listening to them b**** at the stores on a personal level.

Flagged for review.

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Anonymous: I am with you. This company is a fraus. All lies and no com ...