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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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petrina shibley - 2 h 3 m ago

petrina shibley 7 sanderham way conroe tex 77384 (hidden) sunday i bought one doz bagles when i bought them home they were not toasted i call them up and they said that the toaster was broken, how can a store that has only one toaster in the store be broken, when i called them they said sorry we should have told you, i ask why do they only have just one and the reply was the store ones are too small? just to add one more thing they ALWAYS run out of quiche every sunday . there address is in conroe on 105, they all need to go back and train again.

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maryann cole - 1 d 29 m ago


theres TWO managers in lebanon pa store that i wouod never go to them for help 1 a white hair and the other has like a blondish brown very rude and talks with attitude not the first time this happened i rather spend my money else where if there in building they dont even fix any of my issues when they clearly messed things up

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B W Diggsw - 1 d 11 h ago

My phone number is (hidden)

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B W Diggs - 1 d 11 h ago


I would like a call to discuss my experience each Sunday evening at a Grace Street, Richmond, Va location. It is just too much to write and I fear that if I called I would not get the proper person to handle the situation.

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Anonymous - 2 d 11 h ago


To whom it may concern:

I called into your store in Wadsworth Ohio. I ordered a quinoa salad, tuna fish sandwich and broccoli soup. The sandwich was poorly made, the salad was scimpish and they forgot to put my chips in the bag. The service was just awful and remiss. Come and Panera, you can do better than that. You food is excellent but high. Your service need to match your prices. I'm very disappointed in the way I was treated tonight. McDonald's would have done a lot better.

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Jawad M. - 2 d 14 h ago

Went this morning Feb 3rd 2018 in Woburn Ma, got a coffee, bagel cream cheese, and a croissant paid close to $9.00 dinning in. On the way out I paid for souflee $ 4.89 and told the cashier to hold it for me 20 minutes until I come back from CVS. I also told her to make sure to tell the manager who happens to be flirting with a chic in job interviews, came back from CVS my souflee was gone. Unprofessional and irresponsible

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Cynthia Ellis - 3 d 41 s ago

I just went into a Panera Bread that I visit all the time in Cincinnati Ohio and I just wanted bread into bagels and they told me after they had sliced my bread and my bagel said I had to wait until the the food line I have never had to do that as long as I have been going there and I go there a lot I would like something done and I would like the bread and bagels free there was 20 people in line and they didn't even tell me when I walked into the store after standing there for 20 minutes that I had to do that my phone number is (hidden) I would very much like it if somebody call me

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Jo Lynn - 3 d ago


I just returned from having breakfast at panera cafe 4009 in aurora illinois. My husband and I have visited this and other panera cafes over the years. Our experience this morning was less than stellar.

we got our order placed after having to repeat it twice (it was 2 sandwiches, a coffee, and a cup for water). we were given a tent number and we assumed that that meant that our food would be brought to us. There were no pagers. After almost 10 minutes I looked at the counter and saw what appeared to be our sandwiches sitting. I went up and showed my tent number to the woman behind the counter and she didn't say anything but it matched what we ordered so i took them.

We had asked for over easy eggs, but they were definately scrambled. Initially looking at the order slip it could be interpreted that we asked for them scrambled. I brought the receipt up to who I think was the MOD. She looked at it and said that the sandwiches had been ordered correctly for over easy.. She offered to fix us new sandwiches, but we were short on time. I also mentioned that we had to go and get our food even though we had been given a tent number (no pager)

It looked like she talked to the cooks.

When we were getting ready to leave, I noticed that there were 2 more plates sitting up on the counter. By the time we left they had been sitting for about 5 minutes with no sign of being picked up.

These are not huge issues, but there seemed to be a bit of "lacklusterness" to the whole team. they weren't very engaging or energetic, nor did they seem to be quite on the correct page.

We have had hit and miss experiences at panera cafes over the years, but this one will probably make us think twice about going again soon. I just tried to log in with my panera member number and it doesn't go to the screen any more. In hope that someone in corporate reads this ( there was no feedback option anywhere on the website), my member number ends in 62719. Unfortunately on this visit my chip must have come off of my ring, because I no longer have it. Jo Lynn

PS the check number is 429340

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Chris Williams - 3 d ago


I went to the panera bread in Newington Connecticut on the Berlin turnpike. I worked with the cashier associate Xavier and Manager Dom. I managed the Verizon right across the parking lot and frequent this location. I happen to leave my wallet at home and had intentions to pay with Apple Pay. The Apple Pay system was down, Xavier went to get Dom to see what they could do and Dom comped the meal for me. It's that type of humanity that allows a location to thrive and maintain long time customer. That how you do business.

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debbie - 3 d 32 s ago


2-3-2018 Went TO Panera in Festus this morning and ask for a breakfast sandwich ham egg cheese . Did not ask what kind of egg I wanted. No big deal egg is egg. I got to work took a bite and the egg exploded all over my work shirt I mean all over the egg was cooked very little. I called and talked to the manager I think her name was Pam o soft to really hear he. Told her my story and she told me well that is the way we serve our eggs no soft serve sandwiches we have been doing this for 3 months now. Ok but this was not even cooked. Again my fault or not and told me again how you serve these sandwiches .Well this is the down fall of the sandwiches she told me 3xs this is a down fall .Well if this is an answer down fall. Why don't you do something about this. Obviously this has happened before. I did not ask for this soft egg.I don't need to be told this is my fault.Rude manager not handled well at all .Will I will not be a regular customer ever again.Very disappointed.

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India Behrens - 5 d ago


Went to Panera. Order was wrong twice. No big deal manager refunded my money. EXCEPT TWO WEEKS LATER IT SHOWS UP IN MY ACCOUNT AS ANOTHER CHARGE!!! Now the same guy wants to swipe my card to try to refund both charges. Would YOU trust them again? But of course they can't just give me my $10 back in cash. Went on the Panera website...guess what? Corporate has a number listed that is no longer in service! So, while I'm sure no one is reading this...PANERA STOLE MY MONEY AND WON'T REFUND IT unless I take the chance that the same manager who made the mistake in the first place can figure out how to use a credit card machine properly this time.

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Jessica M. - 3 d 15 h ago


Same Exact Issue I'm Experiencing Why Display A Number Customers Can Not Use It's Ridiculous!

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[email protected] - 4 d 7 s ago


I have been a customer since you opened at the Milford ct. Mall My friends and I continued at the new facility on the Post Road. we are there several days a week, as you can verify at my phone number (hidden). as of late we have many disappointments there. the coffer is weak, honey is not relaxed when emptied, covers and coffee are not replace in atimely fashion. the best part are the two young ladies, Jasmine and Keary who are at the register. we hope you can correct this so that we don't go to Duncan Dounuts. thank you, Shirley Fiedler

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MJA - 4 d 12 h ago


I was in the Lancaster, PA area for my daughters' dance competition (1/28/18 . . . Ck # 254326) and stopped by Panera # 1131 to purchase a bagel w/ cream cheese only to be told that the location had no cream cheese (any flavor) available.

Cashier was nice and apologetic but I was not given the reason for the issue and myself and wife were forced to use butter.

Obviously not the end of the world but I greatly prefer a bagel w/ cream cheese (as opposed to butter).

My local Panera is in Collegeville, PA area and when I questioned them a few days later they were shocked that the Lancaster, PA location was out of ALL cream cheese. "Maybe the refrigerator broke and everything spoiled", thought one employee.

Just wanted to bring this to your attention as myself and family were disappointed by the experience but continue to frequent our local Collegeville, PA Panera.



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Manja - 4 d ago


"Maybe the refrigerator broke and everything spoiled", thought one employee."

Or maybe the employees took all the cream cheese home.

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Anonymous - 4 d 17 h ago


Just returned from breakfast at our local Panerasand alas, now they do not serve any type of cream cheesecheese! What is a bagel place without cream cheese? I have been going there for as long as they behave been open and loved my bagel with hazelnut cream. Cheese. First they discontinued hazelnut, now it is ALL cream cheese. They gave me jelly, no choice of flavor. Shame on you! Lillian Lombardo

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Anonymous - 4 d 18 h ago


Waited much too long in the lobby for an employee to come out and take our order. Cathy eventually came out but upon engaging her in conversation about our wait time, she seemed to have an irritated or dismissive affect about her. So unfortunate. It's 3:39 pm on a Thursday afternoon.

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Sean West - 5 d ago


I am co-owner of a new very exciting dessert called "BANANAS ANDREWS". It will be released soon via a large event in Washington, DC. A few days ago I had a meeting with an associate at your Bailey's Crossroads, VA location. I went in and sat down. My associate was on his way. However, I was approached by an employee of that location and another person, a male, and told that I/we would have to leave or, I assume, would be arrested. My co-owner with this new item already owns several restaurants and the fellow who was to meet with me is going to be on our staff. I am very, very upset that this has happened. I have been doing business in the greater DC area for decades, I am a dealer in art, art pottery and glass plus memorabilia. Go to this five-word site using Google: Howard Chandler Christy Washington Post. I EXPECT an apology from Panera for this treatment.

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Clee - 5 d 45 m ago


Went to Panera bread here in the Destiny USA mall had lunch with my daughter afterwards my niece was waiting on her to go food when a roach came across the floor we went and got the manager he picked it up and put it in the trash.I called and complained and they acted like it was know big deal.Dont advertise clean food when roaches are walking around the place. Know reimbursement or nothing Im done they can have it .Felt sick as hell after eating and then see the roach.

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Johnathan - 5 d 26 s ago


I have been to panera many of time but I would have to say Panera In canton hits rock bottom I remember one manager named josh I think he was super sarcastic and rude he made me never want to eat at that location again

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Britt Smithson - 5 d 20 s ago


Panera Bread In Baltimore 3600 Boston st. Canton Is Like One Of The Worst Panera Breads There Is . The Managers Are RUDE They all Over The Place In The Store And It's Very Unorganized There . Service Are Slow And It's could Be Cleaner Especially The Restrooms.

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Barbara - 5 d ago

I drove to my Favorite Breakfast Pl., Panera bread in Deerfield Beach Florida. Pulled up to the window ordered a bagel with cream cheese and was told were out of cream cheese. How does a breakfast place known for its bagels and cream cheese be out of cream cheese? Sounds like poor management and ordering of supplies in anticipation of clients. Very disappointed this morning and now on my way to Dunkin' Donuts.

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Mel Wood - 5 d 13 h ago


I am a retired Navy veteran and one of my small morning pleasures is to have a bagel, cream cheese and coffee while reading my book at your Conroe, Texas location. Last week I came into the Conroe restaurant and was told they were out of cream cheese and the toaster was not working. I then went out of town for a week and this morning I came back to the Conroe location confident that all would be resolved. I find that there in still no cream cheese available and as I'm waiting for my order the toaster stops working. Totally unacceptable.

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Mandy - 5 d 3 h ago


I just found out that there was a recall on their cream cheese this past week

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Rosemary - 5 d 14 h ago



My name is Rosemary Endres, would like to talk to someone about my order not being right twice plus the quality of the food, please call me at (hidden). Thank you.

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