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McDonald's Corporation

1 Mcdonald'S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
James Skinner
(630) 623-3000
(630) 623-5004
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Geni - 1 h ago


The tea has been changed. It's awful, tastes like lemonade with a little bit of tea in it. Please change it back. It was the best tea anywhere. Will not be going to McDonald's anymore if the tea doesn't change back.

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Yvette - 3 h 56 m ago


Want to make a complaint to HR, I am an employee being wrongfully punished for the act of another employee.

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Jill Mackenzie - 14 h ago


I sure hope the man in the video that threw water in sho.bless man's face has been totally fired and that you have found the man he did this too and guilt apologized and compensated.

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Shannon Gream - 9 h 39 m ago

Absolutely disgusting that an employee would behave like that! I hope your company does something about it!

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Jill Mackenzie - 14 h ago

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Anonymous - 14 h 9 m ago

Concerning the Kapolei, Hi branch located on Kapolei Prlwy next to Home Depot. On several occasions I have arrived ther at 4:30a or maybe a few min later and they are fully closed. The web site says they open at 4:30a and I have mentioned it a few times in person and on line and there is limitless (in person) response and 0 response from online quietude

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Worried - 1 d 18 h ago


I just saw that someone posted this on facebook, and i think management should know that an employee with Downs Syndrone is being treated horribly at your Lebanon, Missouri McDonald's. .

This afternoon I met a super special lady working at McDonald's in Lebanon, let's say her name is K.

As soon as we got our food, my 5 year old spilt his drink. We assured K that we could clean it up no problem but she insisted she would go grab a towel for us. We were sitting at the high table top with the stools & in order for K to clean the top she had to hop up on the stool. K, like me, is a little on the shorter side. As soon as she cleaned it up she hopped back down & started to walk away from our table, when we heard the restaurant Manager Angela yelling rudely at her behind the counter to get busy, there's no sitting on the job! Understandable, but when I turned around to let Angela know she wasn't sitting on the job that she was cleaning our table, I seen that Angela was obviously making faces at K & thought that her rude comment was funny, as well as a couple other employees standing around. It was very obvious that they were sadly making fun of K.

I have NEVER in my life been so disturbed & upset. My husband & I both told Angela she was not sitting on the job & she replied with well we need to keep her busy.

Yes, of course you need to keep all your employees busy. But how rude & unnecessary were the faces & assuming she was sitting on the job? When we approached Angela, she not only continued to make faces but lied & said she didn't. I said her behavior was disgusting & I couldn't believe she had people working under her & she walked away.

When my husband asked to speak to someone about the situation who was higher up than her we were told Angela was in charge but didn't want to speak with us. Nobody wanted to stick up for K. Thankfully today nobody had to because we were there, but how often does this happen when Angela is working?

Our sweet friend we met today has Downs Syndrome. She told us she just started working for McDonalds recently, that she enjoyed it & needed to make a little extra money for simple things like taking her cousin out to dinner for her birthday. I really hope that this doesn't happen again to ANY employees especially special ones like K.

Leaving McDonalds seeing K with tears in her eyes nearly killed me. I'll be in contact with a higher up on Monday in hopes that this doesn't happen again & maybe someone can get Angela some help so that she can grow up & realize that being a bully is NOT cool.

For anyone else reading & concerned about this situation like I was, I'll make sure & update accordingly depending on Managements reaction after talking to a higher up.

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Kathy Rogers - 1 d 25 s ago


Kathy Rogers. This is my daughter K that the post is her name is Kaycee and yes i am not please with the answers i received from the General Manager Sherry. So i hope corporate get in touch with me. I will be calling corporte office too. Have try to contact owners have not heard back from them let.

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Carol v - 1 d 6 h ago

I want to know why corporate Marcy can date a married manager at McDonald's at work to 38th St. in IndianapolisI have proof she did because I'm the wife and I want something to be done about this

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Brandon Buck - 1 d 16 h ago


I would like a call from corporate offices, as today I went through the drive thru in Catoosa Oklahoma. While between the menu and first window a fan that is an indoor residential fan come flying off the roof and damaged my vehicle hood. And I request that this gets handled.

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Seattle FAIFILI - 1 d 17 h ago


What review, everything about our visit on Sunday 02/07/2018 at your Torrance,ca location on Carson St. Was NEGATIVE beginning with your drive thru service it was way too long to get our order in at the menu board,on top of that they couldn't get the order correct after explaining the order 3 times once thru the intercom twice face to face, I asked for complaint line but they refused to offer the # so that's why I'm sending you this terrible review, please try n employ individuals that comprehend English and understand it thank you.


Lousy service

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Veronica - 1 d 19 h ago


Hello I just wanted to say thank you first off as far back as I can remember I been eating McDonald's you have done a amazing job as well I have worked for company also while I was in high school ur menu is great as well i love the new $1 2 and 3 menu but I recently went and I never realized how little the apple slices packages are my 3 old nephew eats them all the time gets upset wit me I like them to so I steal them lol anyways I got myself some and they were gone to quick in my month I wanted more apples are good and I'm glad u sell them but I got to thinking there other adults or young adults who probably like them to so I was thinking you should have bigger packages also keep the size u have now just add a bigger size I mean fries r small medium and large why not the apple slices and I also was thinking people also like orange slices I havent find one restaurant that sell them in packages like apples maybe consider try them out also the way me myself I buy them all the time both of them even if I just went for a drink exspecially if I just need a snack and don't want much cuz I going to lunch or dinner at family or friends house that maybe a hour away hope u take a suggestion in ur thoughts I can be very pushy on things I will continue to bug u abt it if I have to ty

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Nabs - 2 d 7 h ago


I want the mc salad shakers back as well as the original chicken tenders please and thank you you would make me really happy and also when they get my order wrong I would like free fries gracias

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Melissa - 2 d 16 h ago


My dog should do a commercial for you McDonald's you can place a any French fry in front of him but he will only way McDonald's French fries that he prefers

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Ronald McDonald would be turning in his grave - 3 d 6 h ago


completely disgusted with the service that I experience today at McDonald's I live maybe a block away and I go there all the time and today I went and it's supposed to be 24 hours and I was going to ask for to order food through the drive-through and there was absolutely no one in the kitchen so I went to the front and I saw every single employee they're playing spades I knocked on the window They ignored me told me that McDonald's was closed that they're not open meanwhile there open 24 hours now these are the same people that Have been begging to get paid more money $14 an hour and just to sit around and tell customers that they're closed I really feel bad if this is Location is owned by a private person or if it's part of the corporate chain either way It was a horrible experience they sat there and laughed amongst themselves because I was trying to order food now I'm a person who believes in working hard to grow her business but if you're paying six people $14 an hour plus to sit around and tell people that this location is closed they should all be fired because they do not care about their job I will be calling the corporate office and asking to speak to the CEO and I have an idea he could put in every single one of his McDonald's a button where you could hit it if you think you've had bad service or a complaint and count the number of times that that button was hit maybe even video

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Shaniqa - 3 d 8 h ago


The McDonald's in South main St North Carolina, refused to take our order, an tried arguing with my friend. An we had two small children in the car who were hungry an had to drive further down the road to get food

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago

Your store on Central Ave. in Hapeville, Ga. in in dire need of cleaning n house. From management on down. Go to the local "Yelp" restaurant review website. Your store stinks & wreaks of fecal matter. I will npt enter THAT McDonalds EVER again. And, in talking to other customers this is not the first complaint,...but many have gone to the; let's just ignore these like nothing has ever happen. Stopped to go to the bathroom and get a latte. Latte machine broken which is the case a lot of the time. Restroom smeared with feces. Total filth. I have complained to McDonald's corporate about this location many many times. Clearly corporate does not care. The operator needs to have his franchise revoked. I have seen cleaner restrooms in third world countries!! SDo not contsact me; I am fed up with your fodder. You Morons ban stick it where the sun don't shine, but the problem with that is your hindends have soo much dried caked fodder that one could find it. YOU NO :LONGER EXIST IN HAPEVILLE, GA. JE Hartwig

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What'sup? - 5 d ago


Pray tell why the Crosby Texas McDonald's will not return a job application when the applicant decides he no longer wishes to apply? The issue revolves around the fact that the application has one's social security number as well as his drivers license number. They assure me that it will be kept confidential, but why not just return it? The applicant's future identity is at risk here and only requires a thought gesture on the behalf of McDonald's returning the application. Why would McDonald's want to keep one's application if the applicant has decided they don't want to work there? The District Manager has made this decision suggesting that it is a company policy.

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sharon - 5 d 24 s ago

can you imagine if they had to dig for each and every application? When you hand them the application you have given that to them and they do not have to give it back. Is same as going online, you can get that back. besides they may have to send them off to the mail office.

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Trust me - 4 d 51 m ago

Only ever put the last 4 of your SS# or write that it "can be provided upon hire", because if you are not an employee at that time (which you're not bc you're applying) then they do NOT need your SS#- because they are not paying anything in on taxes or unemployment, short-term disability, or Workman's Comp insurance on you as an applicant.

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Jasmine - 4 d 23 h ago

Franchise located at 4240 E 14 Mile in Warren, MI- the owner tells customers that if they do not like something that they can leave and she and the managers tell the employees that if they make any complaints with corporate that corporate will not do anything because (the franchise "owner") owns that store. Have explained to one of the employees that the "owner" may own the brick & mortar building, but that she does not own the brand. One of the managers tells the staff that she associate's with a corporate manager outside of work and refers to him as "Sexy Steve". The employees are convinced that it will not do them any good to reach out to the corporate offices because they will suffer retribution and the issue will just get laughed off. Employees at the drive thru window are not being rotated and it is below freezing in this part of Michigan. Consequently, the drive thru attendants have red noses, ears, and fingers visible to anyone that can observe how cold they are. The stated explanation is because they are short staffed because so many employees quit- high turn over. Sounds like a management issue is the core of the problem at this specific location and it is putting employee's health at risk.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Went to the one at Chantilly Pkwy in Montgomery Al 5 minutes to take order 10 minutes to get order. Slowest service ever. Employee came in with her child and he got his food before the customers. Drive thru they do not answer. Needs to close.

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Pissed - 4 d ago


It's to bad you have to freeze when eating this food, McDonald's on Lansing ave, Jackson mi has no heat and they could care less, never visit this McDonald's again

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Anonymous - 4 d 12 h ago

Every time I go to McDonald in Sylvania GA my order is always wrong

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Mac - 4 d 16 h ago

Again hello! I hope this reaches someone at tue corporate office. I believe this should be resolves by the head office because it is an alarming and disturbing rate that some mcd outlets charge for a cup of hot water. And some charges for eztra peanuts. Even though mcd outlets are franchise they should be uniform in their pricing practice and policies. A guy left me a voice mail i want to copy paste below. Stating he will send me a coupon for my inconvenience. It is not coupon that makes me happy Nor am i complaining in order to get a coupon. But water is basically free. If i ask for a cup of water they would give it to me free. But thos guy tells me otherwise how damn do they think ppl are for a coupon? If this is the case it has to appear on the board that water is not free and peanuts or condiments are also going to charged. I hope that your corporate department will look into this before i really get upset. Copy paste below : Hi Matt this is Sean from McDonald's Customer Service I'm calling about your complaint regarding being charged extra for water and peanuts. It actually was not for the water it is for the Cox and unfortunately that is the policy of McDonald's. I do apologize for any inconvenience. I will please watch for an email from me I have your email and it's basically just apologizing for the inconvenience. I will also be sending you out a coupon. Hopefully that makes you want to return it to be our guest value meal coupon which is much worth much more than you're the extra charges we charged you we just don't want you upset but that is our policy moving forward you'll know that and hopefully you you can make your choices accordingly. Again I apologize for any inconvenience and please watch for my email you have a great day. Thank you Mac. Bye bye. Also this mcdonald location is in serramonte daly city california Respectfully Mac

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