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Joan GARBACIAK - 13 h 31 m ago


The worst experience I've ever had with on line ordering. I ordered on Dec 25, never received my package. After 13 calls to Kohls, I do not have my order or my money returned!! I still have not had any one from Kohls call me back from Dec 25

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Anonymous - 2 d 10 h ago


Kohl's of Northridge really stepped up and help me when I was haveing a seizure in there store. Thanks to everyone who help stranger in a time of need.

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LSmith - 3 d 17 h ago


Not only is your customer service abominable, your corporate office receptionist, Mary Beth is beyond rude!

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rjlevitt - 4 d 47 m ago


Horrible process, undue stress and time wasted to order a product. When a customer attempts to order a gift, regardless of price, account has not changed in over 1 year, with the available credit, and continues to have cancelled orders with no explanation it is aggravating, and bad service. My grandkids were expecting a large gift for grades, now I have nothing and reason unknown. I was on the phone transferred 4 times until finally giving up just because, again, unknown reason. Why is my account been placed with the fraud department? According to an agent, because the order total. Just lost $700

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Marie - 4 d 20 h ago


Dear Kohl's

I would like to bring to your attention a few tings that I have insured in past month with home delivery from your company. First I word like to say. Have been shopping with you for year and a do spend my charge of money there each year, I may not seam big to you but its very big to me.

At Christmas time I order many ting and they came either broken of in disarray because no time or consideration was taking in the packaging and siping department. I had to call return and get replacement form them and one ting I didn't even bother because it was becoming to much.

Then I ordered storage cubes and first they were left at a different tome four door down from me and I would have never known if I didn't walk by and see the boxes and wonder it the were mine and looked at the shipping label and yes they were mine and had the right address on they also, so I had to carry them to my home by myself and they were heavy.

Next had irked a person to Ella me put them together and one was broke so back to the store I had to carry a heavy box and all only to not be able to refund put on my card they have to mail me a check. Still didn't receive it. Then I paid extra shipping cost and they did not want to refund me that. I called to cancel the reorder becaus e the item is so bad and cheep even though i paid a lot for it . I found not cancel it and am waiting for it to be delivered and i called to get that shippping cost taking off and the first person who is a supervisor was not kind and elpful toward me and would not help me. I then did call again and a women did help.

I am a very unhappy customer who is considering not sopping there anymore.

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Crystal Moy - 6 d 19 h ago

I had some problems with their Christmas ad, but then again it's not exactly from the culture I come from.

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PMO - 8 d 12 h ago


We received letter from Kohls stating that during a recent audit, my ss number was not on file. Thinking this letter was a scam, I called Kohls customer service and was told indeed that if I did not use one of the options to send them my ss number our account would be closed. Their options include: mailing a copy of our W-2, tax return, payroll stub or social security card. When i explained that this was not secure and I was not comfortable sending such vital information through the mail, I was told i could just give the person i was then speaking to, my number over the phone. I told that person, that I certainly would not do that since I had no clue who i was speaking to.

Going on Kohls website, I located the following information that THEY recommend to keep your personal information safe:

Tips to Help Protect Your Personal Information

Be skeptical of requests for account numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive personal information. Never share sensitive personal information with anyone you do not know, especially if you suspect fraud.

Do not reply to unexpected emails, telephone calls or text messages asking you for personal information. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of an email, please do not click on any links in that email.

Never share your log-in credentials with anyone.

I find it ironic that they won't follow they're own policies.....time to grind that credit card!!

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JAG - 10 d ago


Kohls as a company just lost me as a customer today. I will not spend another penny in this store. Your return policy is outrageous. I ordered several items that were only available online. One was a cowboy hat. I received the hat today and it was shoved inside a box that was too small for it. This, of course, smashed the brim and the crown of the hat and it is misshapen and looks like crap. I only hope the other hat I bought doesn't arrive in the same way. Crushed inside a too small box. The hat will sit on top of the opening of the box, which should be a clue that the box is too small. And their warehouse worker did this. You have to push the thing into the box to make it fit. And I have pictures of this. But can't post them. Then when I call customer service, it is a hassle to get a replacement. I have to either take it back to the store, this was only available online and have them credit my account or return it via UPS and have them credit my account. So after that I have to reorder the product and then use a card to pay for it again. I will never buy something from this company again. They don't respect their customers and put them through a hassle for their mistake. Amazon is a much better company to buy from and they will send a replacement while you send the defective product back. And you don't have to go through the stupid thing of credit, reorder and pay again. This is a stupid policy. Obviously, they don't want more customers like Amazon, who makes more money than Kohls ever will.

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Not happy in Colorado - 10 d 18 h ago


I made the unfortunate mistake of ordering a mirror from Kohls because it was not available in your local stores. My order arrived 2 days later than initially promised, broken and falling apart. It was put (not packed) in a box much larger than the mirror and one sheet of plastic pillows (not bubble wrap) was thrown on top of the mirror. I took the item back to my local store and although the clerk refunded the amount of the mirror he could not refund the shipping costs. He had me call shipping from the service desk and they assured me I would also be refunded the shipping costs. The return has appeared as a credit--the shipping has not!

It appears you do not wish to hear from your customers because it took some persistence to find this location and again, I suspect I will be ignored. I tried to call and was informed that I should contact (hidden) which once again had no link to email.

What would I like to see as a result of this? Although I will never again order from Kohls it would be nice if you instructed the people packing shipments on how to do this. My box would have worked for a pillow--not a mirror! Also when you are at fault as was clearly the case in my situation, don't make your customer pay shipping or put them through a process to get their costs back. Also, because I had to make a 24 mile trip to your store--provide something to compensate the customer for all their difficulty. Also don't promise to refund shipping and not follow-through.

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Jody H - 10 d 20 h ago


I have a bill for an online order TWICE - I can not get it removed even after talking with over 7 customer service reps. The first order was sent BACK to the warehouse as it was undeliverable. I am now being charged a late fee and interest charge. For a 23.20 order I am being billed 77.28. I was told by several reps that I am responsible for the shipping of the order I NEVER received. Plus most reps I spoke to are for the most part speaking broken english and all they care about is getting my payment over the phone. FRUSTRATED and closing my account that I have had for over 15 years. I am done with the lack of customer service from Kohl's.

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Sheryl Sanford - 11 d 42 s ago


I scheduled a payment on my card, then when I got the bill I canceled that payment and resubmitted the payment for the full amount due . Kohls took out the canceled payment and then took the new amount twice .... I have a credit balance on my account of 452.11 .... seriously no one noticed this?? So on the day it happened I contacted customer service... and after 4 calls and three supervisors and 4 very different answers ... I still am out 452.11 .... I then contacted the escalation dept at the corporate level .... guess what ??? I got to leave a message because there wasn't anyone there during regular business hours to take my call !!! WTF Kohls !!???? I bounced a check because you took an additional $452.11 from my checking account ! If which your customer service department takes no accountability for. Seriously?

So here I sit waiting on that call back from corporate....

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Nathan - 11 d ago


I placed a huge order on the website and never got it I called customer service got hung up on 3 time called again spoke to a supervisor said I will have a credit within 72 hours will it's been a 2 months no credit or product I don't know who to contact

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Areyoujoking? - 11 d 19 h ago


I loved my credit card, the sales and etc. Problem came with a mistake on my bills and no one at the 800 number being able to help me. I even had a so called supervisor hang up on me without even attempting to help me. Straight attitude from the jump. So if i can not get the help i need when i need why would i continue to use my card? The people who represent your company make all the difference sometimes. I will never ever shop at Kohls again.

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Dori - 11 d 19 h ago


I returned some merchandise to the store. Due to the dollar amount I was told that I would get a corporate refund in 7 -10 days. After 10 days I tried to contact the corporate refund dept. I have now been trying for 4 consecutive days. I have left a call back number 3 times. I even called the corporate office and left my number with a "live" person there and still no response. Now I have been on hold for 3 1/2 hours and still they do not answer. I don't believe at this point they have any intention to actually issue the refund. Kohl's has always been my "go to" place for almost everything. I will be reconsidering that after this experience.

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sharon - 12 d 20 h ago


After making a 130$ return to one of your local stores due to sizing issues, I wanted to go back home and repurchase the items in a diff size because my local store didn't carry any of the items. In trying to do that, I was unable to do so because the refund to my KOHLS CC doesn't post for 7 business days!..( my card balance is low because its a new card) I'm really annoyed that the credit should take so long to post, no other cc does that. Now the sale for the items I wanted to repurchase is over!. I think that's a bad business tactic considering you want people to use their Kohls CC.. Really annoyed that I opened up this account because its nothing but a hassle and it's very inconvenient to the consumer.

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Beachbum - 12 d ago


It's very strange that they can take your money right away, but if you return something it takes 7 to 10 business days to have the money credited back in your account.

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Beachbum - 12 d ago


I am very upset with Kohls. In December my husband died. Our 12 year old grandson wanted a suit like his Grandpa's to wear to the funeral. We went to Kohl's. He found a Chaps navy blue jacket, but could not find the pants in his size. He ended up getting a kaki pair of pants, I told him that we would find the navy blue dress pants later. I have called Kohls customer service a number of times. I have been told if I could find the SKU number, they might be able to track down the pants. I went to my local Kohls and they were sold out of the Navy Blue dress pants. A friend suggested that I look on Amazon and guess what??? There were the pants and I ordered them from Amazon,. It appears that the customer service that Kohls used to provide has gone out the window. The sales associates have been cut to the bare minimum so it is virtually impossible to get any help. What is wrong with your ordering department? Do they not have a way of keeping track of items that sell and need replenished? Right now in the Waldorf Maryland store you have 8 to 10 Chaps Navy Blue jackets and not one pair of dress pants to go with them. Someone needs to wake up before Amazon puts Kohls out of business.

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martydotcom - 13 d 19 h ago


After shopping @ Kohls I was offer a 15% discount for applying for a credit card. I was rejected for "excessive obligations in relation to income." I HAVE NO OBLIGATIONS. I don't own a home, Heretofore used only one credit card which has never been late (Chase Special Preferred) comparable to Am Ex Black

With a retirement savings investments in excess of 10 figures + wonderful pension income it .

It impossible to speak to a human being or gat a call back from either Customer Service Contact at either Kohl's or Experian

NO WONDER with idiots like this running the show Kohl's is reportedly teetering on bankruptcy

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Amc - 14 d 22 h ago


I have lost my enthusiasm for Kohls for a few reasons. The prices keep going up as the quality keeps going down. The "sweaters" this year are thin acrylic shirts. Overpriced and unappealing. Everything is from China and is cheap quality. My biggest complaint is the buy one get one 50% off. The whole store is filled with those offers which I have yet to buy anything under that deal. I hate that deal. It's an insult and when I comment to the kohls employees they tell me they don't like it either. Same with kohls cash. What a game. It's a pain in the rear and I chose not to play. No store should try to get customers to jump through their hoops to try to get a good deal on cheap merchandise.

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Trisha Espinoza - 14 d 18 h ago


Dear Kohls Department Store, I am referencing the attached incident that I am at the point of filing harassment against Kohls. Per the incident documentation as well as the Police Department, I clearly don't owe any money and no items were stolen. I have called the store and spoken to loss prevention as well whom have stated that this was also dismissed. On this date, my daughter and I were exchanging a back pack that had a defective zipper and a pair of shoes for another one. My daughter for some reason set the old back pack down as she picked up another one. Upon walking to the counter to do the return I asked my daughter for the old back pack and that is when she told me she had set it down. I then asked her to go and get the item so we could do the exchange. Now, I notified customer service that she had sat down the back pack not understanding that the exchange had to be done with both. The police then came and we explained that we were at the counter to properly do the exchange when they approached us. It was also explained that my daughter was going back to the area where she had set the back pack down. After the police and loss prevention understood that this was a mistake that happened and had they had waited a few more moments then they would have seen that the exchange was done correctly. No crime has been committed as I was in the store following the proper procedures for returning the items. The police and the loss prevention team also agreed that no crime was committed and allowed us to finish the transaction with customer service. You can verify all the transactions were exchanged properly by looking at the Kohls charge card. I am also happy to provide receipts as no items were stolen from your store. No one had the intention of shop lifting although my daughter made a mistake by sitting the back pack down it was corrected at the customer service counter. Kohls now has also taken this to another level and even shut down my Kohls charge card for no reason as no crime was committed and all transactions can be verified. This money that I am being charged for needs to be deleted as I do not owe any money. Upon calling loss prevention they also agreed that no crime was committed as well as the police. Kohls loss prevention in Golden said they went pursing anything as no crime was committed. This is now becoming harassment for the following reasons: Multiple mailings of money being owed. You are sending it out to a lawyer office. Kohls shutting down my CC Kohls is also heightening my daughters Mental health status and her current DX We did nothing wrong and request that this be rectified as soon as possible or we will go to court and request a trial as well as sue for harassment. We did nothing wrong nor do we owe any money as all items and transactions are accounted for on my charge card. Please fix this as soon as possible or we will have our attorney contact you and be suing for damages, harassment, and mental health of my daughter's anxiety over this matter. Sincerely Trisha Espinoza Sincerely, Trisha Espinoza RE : Jennilynn Martinez

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Mike P - 14 d 19 h ago


My wife bought a Fitbit Ionic for me for Christmas. I don't like it. We misplaced the receipt and when we tried to return it we were told we couldn't return it because we didn't have a receipt and because my wife had purchase it through the United Mileage Plus X App, a program that they subscribe to, on a gift card they had no way of tracking the purchase. They know exactly how much it cost, they saw the transaction on our United Mileage Plus Explorer Credit Card, but because they couldn't pull it up in their system there was no way to process the refund. The store manager said that the only way she could give me my money back was if she took cash out of the register and then she's probably get arrested for theft. I found that to be a pretty cheesy response, but it's apparent to me that Kohls would rather lose a customer than try to make a customer happy. We will never spend another dime with Kohls. I actually hope, like many brick and mortar companies, that they go out of business.

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Diane M - 14 d 20 h ago


atter spending literally hoiurs looking for items for my grand daughter's first birthday, going through ebates web site to get additional percent off, looking up some kohls cash, entering all this information etc; I get an email the next day that my order was canceled.

looks like my shipping and billing are different so system decides to cancel orders.

this was the second time since beginning of year that orders were cancelled.

when I called the customer service rep was very very helpful and kind (Danielle), so that was good. she did reorder my things, however, now four things out of stock. spoke with manager Stephanie who also was very nice. stated new system so will probably happen again - are you KIDDING me? I have been ordering from Kohls forever and would sing it's praises to everyone. NOT ANY MORE. PRICES WENT UP - QUALITY ON A LOT OF CLOTHING IS JUNK, AND NOW THE ULTIMATE SLAP - JUST CANCEL MY ORDER. ha - had been using the non-billing address for at least 4 years.

whatever new management Kohls got - SOMEONE FIRE THEM ALL.

so frustrated. probably will just wean myself from ordering from Kohls.

The sad part is that I order from Amazon a lot - and they now use Kohls to return their packages. Ha - first time I used it they lost an item. WOW - Surprise.


thanks for listiening.

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joyce - 23 d 19 h ago


I am writing to report the poor customer service I have received from Kohl's in the last several months. I placed an online order in December 3 2017 ( christmas gifts). Unfortunately, I never received the packages. When I contacted Kohls, December 6, 2017 to inquire about why I hadn't received my packages, I was told an investigation would be done and i would be receiving a credit to my account in 7-10 business days. I was also told I would receive an email message regarding this matter It is now January 14, 2018 and I still have not received a credit to my account nor an email message. Each time I talk to someone I am given the run around. I have decided I will definitely close out my Kohls account and never shop there again. I will also be contacting the BBB to report their poor customer service.

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Juliana - 20 d 24 h ago


Hi Joyce,

I had the SAME EXACT PROBLEM!! I have experienced extremely poor customer service from Kohl's in the last several months. I also placed several online orders in November and December 2017 ( christmas gifts & black friday shopping). Unfortunately, I had two packages that I never received. (and one package that was missing a pair of jeans). When I contacted Kohls, December 7, 2017 to inquire about why I hadn't received my packages, I was told an investigation would be done and i would be receiving a credit to my account in 7-10 business days. Over a month and a half later, and I still haven't received my items, and still haven't received a refund/credit. I was also told I would receive an email message regarding this matter It is now January 17, 2018 and I still have not received my merchandise or a credit to my account nor an email message. Each time I talk to someone I am given the run around. This is the worst company and worst customer service on the planet. I have decided I will definitely close out my Kohls account and never shop there again. I will also be contacting the FTC (about credit card fraud and charging my card without my permission, when the items were supposed to be paid for with KOHLS CASH) and I'll also contact the BBB to report their poor customer service. This company is just a bunch of foreigners overseas (Nicaragua) that will lie, cheat and steal to get your money. They promised they would "re-ship" the items, and that I wouldn't be charged, and instead they charged my credit card over $400+ (unauthorized charges) and never credited back my card (for the missing items) or refunded me the missing $450 in Kohls cash.

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Ruby J Kautz - 15 d 5 h ago


After my experience and reading so many poo for these I recommend that a class action lawsuit be made against Kohls. I have a family member who is an attorney and will discuss this in detail. It is shameful the way Kohls has been practicing business. Just plain discusting.

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