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Greyhound Lines, Inc.

FirstGroup America, Greyhound Bus
600 Vine St., Ste. 1400
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 241-2200
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Anonymous - 10 h 36 m ago

I put in a application for a greyhound buss driver, 2 months ago, have not heard back. On line.

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Jean - 13 h 40 m ago


I am furious with Greyhound and feel that there should be legal action taken against them. After reading all the complaints that came before mine, I am shocked this company still even is allowed to exist. My son was traveling from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia on Super Bowl Sunday. He just wanted to get home to watch the game. He was an hour into the trip and the bus had to pull over on the PA turnpike because of a maintenance issue. They sat on the side of the road (with no heat) for approximately 2 hours and were not told what the plan was to get them to their destination. We tried calling the Pittsburgh office over 40 times and NO ONE answered their phone. This was a SAFETY issue!!!!!!! They were eventually picked up by a school bus and brought to a rest area. They were told another bus would be coming for them in about an hour. They sat there for approximately 5 hours. I eventually had to drive 1 1/2 hours to pick up my son at the Harrisburg station because I did not want hi arriving in Philadelphia at the end of the Super bowl with all the masses of people in the streets etc. We called the general Greyhound phone number and they had NO CLUE how to give us any information. What is the point of a 24 hour customer service line if they can do NOTHING for you?

This is the second incident with Greyhound that we have had to endure. A couple years ago, my son was traveling to Pittsburgh from Harrisburg and they overbooked the bus. He had to wait for a seat on another bus. Unfortunately there were no seats on that bus either and he sat on the floor for a 4 hour trip.

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Jon Dufrene - 1 d 18 h ago


From now on we will never do business with Greyhound, my girlfriend is currently at this moment at the Greyhound station at downtown Pittsburgh will supposed to leave for Columbus Ohio at 1 p.m. I called her to see what the deal was and she said there's no driver that has shown up and nobody that works at the Greyhound station has informed the passengers of anything. So I started calling the Greyhound station I called literally 63 times and finally somebody picked up the phone and told me that the bus driver didn't know how to take a taxi from the Pittsburgh airport to the Greyhound station and then hung up on me. I called back and additional 41 times until somebody answered and the guy got an attitude with me because I was trying to find out what was going on we will be using a rental car service from now on. #rediculous

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Anonymous - 3 d 6 h ago


I was riding with Greyhound bus from Boston to New York. Somehow my case was so hard to open and put on silent. This is my first time traveling with bus.

The Driver of the bus was so inappropriately cursing as I arrived in New York. As I said thank you to Driver he started cursing why didn't I turned off my phone. Driver of the bus was so bad to communicate with Passenger.

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Marcus DeWayne Brown - 7 d 19 h ago


Now out of route on a local bus now have a flat out 80 miles out the way on a two lane hwy I'm the mountain.I know they should refund my money

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Marcus DeWayne Brown - 8 d 32 s ago


I bought a( express) ticket from L.A.California to Memphis Tn.Leaving at 6:45 p.m. for 262.50 and had a delay til 11:30p.m.Made it to Phoenix Arizona they changed the ticket to locales route.That's a 100.00 cheaper.when will I get accommodate.

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King - 10 d 8 h ago

Need driver at st Louis no workers here

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 h ago

Never ride greyhound bus in st Louis. No driver after 1030 pm

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1 UPSET CUSTOMER - 13 d ago


I went from Richmond VA to Philly PA. WORST TRIP I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. 1. Richmond Greyhound Employees No respect for Passengers ZERO Customer Service. 2. Greyhound takes my bag off in Baltimore Now remember I'm going to Philly 3. Get to Philly discover bag is not with me PHILLY CUSTOMER SERVICE JUST LIKE RICHMOND 4. Call Baltimore Station someone picks up the phone then hangs up. This goes on for 3-4 Hours 5. I never received my luggage 6. I return to VA go to the NORFOLK VA Station I finally get some customer service Norfolk Employee helps me fill out the claim form for my contents. 7. I fill my claim in October and until this day I have not received a letter from Greyhound with my Claim Number. 8. So as you can see Greyhound does an OUTSTANDING AND CONSISTENT JOB with CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING throughout their COMPANY THEY HAVE NONE. THANK YOU TO NORFOLK VA STATION FOR YOUR HELP SO PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM GREYHOUND TO THE CEO YOUR COMPANY WOULD BE A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU DO A EPISODE OF UNDERCOVER BOSS. YOUR EMPLOYEES WOULD NEVER KNOW WHO YOU ARE OR EVEN IF YOU WHERE IN THE STATION BECAUSE THEY WOULD NEVER LOOK UP FROM THEIR CELL PHONES TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR EXISTENCE THE RATING SCALE ONLY GOES TO ZERO SO I WILL GIVE YOU A RATING OF -100

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Valerie Reid & Anthony Rickenbacker - 13 d 6 h ago


Making the choice to travel by Greyhound out if Billings to Sacramento California was not only the worst choice but also the worst experience I have encountered and i am not even on the bus yet. First my trip is delayed four days from I needed to travel, so I lost 4 days work. Another I had to pay for a hotel because of the delays. My bag was over by 8 lbs, it cost $45. 00 extra for 8 lbs. After all I lost on wages and hotel rooms !!!! Are you kidding me. Then to top it off, when i paid for my ticket it cost more than what the ticket cost when I finally got to go. I couldn't get credit for that, counter help says call customer service. What an unbelievable journey on my choice to travel by Greyhound. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE OR RECOMMEND GREYHOUND FOR ANYONE !!! SHOULD BE INTERESTING TO SEE HOW THE REST OF THIS WORST CHOICE I HAVE MADE TO TRAVEL !!!! NOT TO MENTION THE BUS LEFT TWO HOURS LATE !!!! NOT TO MENTION THE TIME MY DAUGHTER TOOK OFF TO PICK ME UP, 3 TIMES FROM WHAT THE BUS WAS SCHEDULED !!!! SERIOUSLY WORST, COSTLY, EXPERIENCE EVER !!!!

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Anonymous - 13 d 18 h ago

Went on Greyhound Bus from Johnson City to Washington DC.Bus was about 21/2 hours late,rest of trip to Washington went pretty good.On the return trip I had to switch buses in Charlottesville Va.Supposed to be a 25 minute layover.After about 45 minutes terminal employee said the bus was coming from Richmond Va.and the bus was there but didn't have a driver.Endes up waiting about Four hours.Here's where the main problem started,I was supposed to be taken to the Johnson City,Tennessee terminal where my wife had been waiting for me for about an hour and a half,This was around midnight.Bus driver refused to stop at the terminal and said they were taking me to the Knoxville,Tn.terminal about a hundred miles past Johnson City and I would have to catch a bus back the next day.At one time this bus was within five miles of my house and I tried to get him to let me off.He said he couldn't let me off because it wasn't a designated stop.Me and another passenger that was supposed to get off at the Greenville Tn.terminal that they also refused to stop at finally got him to let us off at exit 23 on interstate 81 at a McDonalds.Then my wife left the Johnson City terminal and drove seventy miles to pick me up at McDonalds at 2:30 in the morning when she had to get up at five the next morning for work,We didn't want get home till about four a.m..I will never get on another Greyhound Bus again.worst experience ever and I just retired and planned on taking a lot of bus trips because I don't like to drive in big cites.

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Racheal - 14 d 15 h ago


I am very disappointed with greyhound they lost my bag that had a tag on it and it been 6 months since I seen my bag.. I was going from Las Vegas NV to Birmingham AL for school and I still don't have my bag I been calling back and forward everyday for 6 months now trying to figure how can my bag disappear from your bus .. I was told my bag was going to be in Birmingham AL before I was and when I got there my bag was not there . They was only capable to find one bag when bags was suppose to be together..

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Karen hardy - 15 d 19 h ago


I would just like to express my dissatisfaction with Greyhound, due to the negligence of the company not giving my daughter a claim luggage ticket, and the negligence of the bus driver allowing passengers to remove luggage without watching, my daughter's luggage was stolen, and to have greyhound tell her it's not there problem, it's here is and will not p at for the over 2000.that is gone ius unbelievable, she lost everything she brought for. Two week vacation o er seas, as well as all she brought back. I will never recommend this bus line to anyone, and will do my best to ma me as many people as I po ss only c asn aware of Greyhound bus practices. This by far is the worst company I have yet to encounter. My daughter is now replacing whatever she can, as well as a police report, and the better business bureau will have a complaint on file.

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Drusilla Heffington & Candyce Small - 17 d ago

Your service is completely unacceptable! I had too many delays, the bus was so hot at 75 that my Registered Service dog got sick in her pet carrier on my lap to Maine from Kansas and so did a child. My belongings were never tagged in Salina,Ks. before it got put in a Greyhound storage behind McDonalds because there was no room under the bus for it. There was important paperwork/personal info., and irreplaceable Family Hierlooms in it! I need my stuff back and my Sister Candyce Small wants her money back because the whole trip was miserable with delays, my belongings were lost and my Service dog got sick because of Greyhound Bus! Make this right or we will proceed to get compensated with an Attorney!

Drusilla Heffington

Candyce Small

31 Morgan Pitch Road

Brooks, Maine 04921

Drusilla Heffington cell# (hidden)

Canyce Small cell# (hidden)

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Flustrated - 18 d 11 h ago


I bought a ticket from Chicago to Indianapolis on 12/23/17, my bus was to leave at 10:30am, was told that I could catch the bus out front of Union Station, the part that I wasn't told is that my bust left Union Station at 9:30am and then went to the Greyhound Station and left there at 10:30am. Needless to say I missed my bus, the next available was 4:15pm. That bus was several hours late, and the representatives were unprofessional, rude and hostile. When the (2) two bus finally got there they made an executive decision to put the people going to Lafayette 'only' on the first bus and those of us going to Indianapolis and points beyond had to wait for the second bus, we were told about 30 minutes after the first bus left that the second bus had a mechanical problem with a wheelchair lift and they were fixing it, the bus finally arrived at 7:30pm and the driver was fuming and cursing because he had to bring the bs from Milwaukee, no lift problems. We finally got on te road at 8:00pm, then we encountered problems at (2) two toll stations and got to Indianapolis about 1am. There was no parking for the bus we were on and the driver had to unload the luggage.

When I called about a refund I was told I had to wait 24 hours, which I did. They use a third party company located in the Phillipines, they wanted to charge me a $12 surcharge on a $35 ticket, meaning I would owe them money, I refused that offer so they waived the surcharge but were not willing to reimburse me the difference between my original ticket and the new ticket, they wanted me to eat the loss. I refused that offer and told them I wanted a full refund. I was told it would take 7 to 14 days from 12/26/17, I have NOT received my refund, I called today 1/18/18 and talked to (9) nine different people including a supervisor, they all kept telling me I needed to talk to customer service at (hidden), which was the # I called and would transfer me or hang up on me. The last representative I spoke with said she was esculating my case and I would have to call back in 3 to 5 days to see if they knew why I have not received my money and then I have to wait another 7 to 14 days to get my money.

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Megan porter - 19 d 5 h ago


Megan porter

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James E Thomas111 - 19 d 18 h ago


My name is, James E.Thomas,111. Address, 4949 Hooper Road Apt#205, Baton Rouge,Louisiana, 70811. This is one of several trips I have taken back and forth to Oklahoma City! There seems to be a Spirit of disrespect and a like of customer care from drivers and station tenants. By far this was the worst and unbearable travel experiences I have ever had to endure. If you complain or address any issue you are blackballed and handled nasty!!! My luggage was lost 2years ago and I filed a report to no avail! It was ignored and sweep under the rug, poor business practice! And ever since then things have gone downhill.As a 62year old senior citizen, the rates fitted my budget, but the service STINKS! My scheduled trip was depart from Okla.City at 6am to Dallas,Texas, the but was 1.5hours late while I watched vagrance sleeping in the middle of the floor in their own urine and the tenants ignored the mess! Arriving in Dallas you would think the whole city was in the station! 5hour layover in a pigs pen,just plain Nasty! arrived in Houston and the same discusting conditions plus another 6hours layover, A compliment food voucher for 7.50 was given, but when and attempt to use it the food person not only did not want to honor it, but would only exchange it for a bag of chips or a cold hotdog!!! HORRIBLE, Entered Baton Rouge, at 8:30am friday Jan. 6th. A 15 hours trip turned into a 26hour nightmare, please REFUND MY TICKET FARE, and you want have to be concerrned about my using your services AGAIN!!!

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Marie Nealing - 19 d 18 h ago


I purchased an ticket for my son to travel from Florence,SC to Jacksonville, FL on 1/15/18. We were at the bus station at 5:30 am the bus was suppose to board at 5:40 am. We waited till 6:15 and NO bus. I went the the bus station on 1/16/18 to get a refund because the bus never showed. The lady at the bus station was very rude and said the bus came at 5:57 am I told her that we were there at 5:30 and the bus never came. How do I get a refund?

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Ness Green - 20 d 3 h ago

I purchased a ticket over the phone to leave at 2:25am on Wednesday. We are still waiting for a driver to take us to pittsburgh. I have sat for twelve hours and nothing is being done. What happened to greyhound reputation and where are the drivers. Oh, if I can't get to pittsburgh atleast give people there money back.

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Katherine perez - 20 d 14 h ago


My bags were lost more than 10 days ago on a Greyhound bus and I've been calling for those 10 days and no one has answered the phone and baggage claim in 3 different locations that I've tried to call

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Charla Robinson - 21 d 24 h ago


Are you kidding me !!!!! What a joke !!! Left Albuquerque 2 hours late 1/15/18. Thought We were making up time until we get to Tulsa and the driver leaves. We sit for 8 hours on a cold bus They close the terminal and go home !!! What ???? I'm still on the bus sitting its 1/16/18. No answers. Help !!!! Greyhound sucks. I'm gonna put it out loud and clear everywhere.

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Lisa Lester - 21 d 16 h ago


I recently received services through Greyhound as a physically challenged individual. I rely solely on my manual wheelchair to remain mobile. My trip began on December 27,2017 and ended on January 12,2018. ( the original dates were DEC,27,2017 to Jan 10, 2018) I was traveling from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee.the trip began as terribly as it ended when all of the 6 stops along the way were supposed to be minimal layovers 15 minutes to no more than 45 minutes with the exception with a 2.50 hour layover in Detroit, Michigan, turned into 30 minutes to over 2 hours and with what was supposed to be a 45 minute layover in Cincinnati, Ohio ended in an over 12 hour delay! the reason we were given was that the bus driver scheduled did not show up and there were no other drivers to fill in. After 9 hours and many angry inquiries later, we were given a meal voucher for $ 7.50 in an attempt to appease us. Which I might add only made matters worse when it was discovered that it costs $ 5.50 for a tiny ham and cheese sandwich and over $ 3 dollars for a bottle of water. Toward the end of the 12 hour wait, our tickets had been revised, but no apologies nor refunds were offered. After finally reaching the last stop before my final destination, (Louisville,Kentucky) All of the previous passengers from my bus had boarded another bus bound for Nashville, however, they overbooked that bus so of course there was no room for me & my wheelchair aboard that bus so once again, I was forced to wait for another bus, that wait was nearly 4 hours. After having spent 2 weeks with my family it was time once again to board a bus for the return trip home to Michigan. Very apprehensively, I arrived at the Nashville terminal about 4 hours early over a fear that the weather may delay us from getting to my bus in a timely manner. I said my goodbyes to my family and went to the customer service counter to check my bag. As I am a person with disabilities,my bag is usually tagged as "special handling" which means that I would not normally be required to keep my bag with me and that an employee of Greyhound would be responsible to get my bag to my bus in my place. The bag was checked, given a special handling tag and then to my surprise, was told that I would need to keep my bag with me until the bus arrived. Under any other circumstances that would not have been a problem, however, I had no other choice but to attempt to push the bag with my knees while pushing myself in the wheelchair, just so I could use the restroom and see to dinner. After finally boarding my bus in Nashville, the bus I had boarded began to smell of urine and after some time and several complaints by other passengers, the stench became so powerful that it would cause your nose to burn and your eyes to water, that is NOT an exaggeration. Some of the passengers began spraying perfumes and colognes which in combination with the heating system on the bus made the stomach turn. Once in Louisville, Kentucky, an employee of Greyhound entered the bus and began spraying the bus profusely with a very potent spray meant to counteract the smell, which only made things worse as passengers were begging her to stop spraying. After finally arriving in Detroit, Michigan, arriving on January 12, 2018 at 7:30 am to board the bus leaving for Grand Rapids, Michigan at 8:05 am that same morning, as we were all waiting patiently and wondering as 8:05 am came and went, by 9:30 am we had not heard anything as to why this bus was delayed, we were not informed of any delays so of course customers began to ask questions, after several minutes and growing frustration, we were finally told that once again there was NO driver for the bus we were supposed to be on at 8:05 am that morning. Someone did however show up to fill in and we were all on board and ready to travel by 10:45 am. Thankful that I was finally on my way home is an understatement! Needless to say, after all I had been through, I am quite confident that I will NEVER again use the services of Greyhound. I am not asking for a refund, I am demanding a refund and after this fiasco I should receive much more than a refund. I have never been treated so egregiously in my life! After I take some time to "recover" my attorney will be contacted and thoughts of how to proceed from here will be considered. I have never been so disappointed, frustrated, concerned and genuinely disgusted by a travel experience in my life! ( Note the dates above had been changed without my knowledge or permission)

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Anonymous - 22 d 4 h ago

My friend is currently having a horrible greyhound experience trying to get from Atlanta to new Jersey... Never Ever again !!

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Gena jarmon - 23 d ago


I've been a faithfully Customer four over 15 years and the service hasn't all ways been the best but I've never complain but this time I'm so disappointed with greyhound bus service I purchased me and my husband tickets on December 30th from El Paso texas to Dallas texas we were to board at 10:05 And arrive at 11:25 on December 31 now the bus we did board at almost 11:00 And the bus was over booked and the bathroom on the bus had not been clean the bus stunk like a out house and to top it off we had a lay over now this is just part of it we get back on the road coming to Dallas and had to turn back and stay now I had people wanting on me that I had paid to come get me on the 31 of December at the 11:25 time and we were do to be in another city with family before the new years came in and my self and my husband had been left behind do to this untimely trip on the bus had to pay Moore money out of pocket to get another ride and the only thing we ask for is are money back now all I wanted to know is why am I having to wait 7-14 day for my money back were out of money do to this trip and I'm still be put on hold greyhound I've spent a lot of money on you're bus in the years but I'm so unhappy with how you're treating me and my husband this is so unprofessional and has taken way longer than it should have so we may never use you're service again and I will be talking to others about this matter thank you and you're truly MS GENA JARMON AND JOSHUA SHANKS UNHAPPY customers of you're service

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Gretchen Styles - 23 d 14 h ago

Again, my name is Gretchen Styles.. I am writing this note as I sit in the Pittsburgh bus te terminal waiting cor a bus back to harrisburgh Pa.It was suppose to arrive here at around 4ish it is now 7pm, still no bus. I thouvht I woiulx try to take this company's bus again, but alas, i am soo sorry i did. I just posted my previous letter to corporate and have hax no satisfaction. I will never ever do this again. I am soo stupid for doing this. And it will never ever happen again!.!!!

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