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Ford Motor Company

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Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
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Willie - 9 h 27 m ago


I would like to take this time out to say thank you for your service am 65 now I have Own Ford all of my life I wish I could get a new truck F150 but I cannot I don't make the money like I use to I got Hurt now I can't work so I get ssi and it not much.

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Linda E - 14 h 23 m ago


Late Dec. 2017 I purchased a beautiful new 2017 Ford Fusion with 2,175 miles on it. ( Part of an incentive package, that required 2,000 miles, calling it "mile-ing it up") I'm very happy with the complaint is with Liberty Ford in Brunswick Ohio. I like doing business locally, in fact, this isn't the first purchase we have made there, but probably the last. We like owning Fords, my husband is a retired Ford employee, so it was important for us to remain loyal plus I like Fords.

Dec. 20th we received a call to come in the next day at 2:00 to finish the paper work and pick the car up. We told Matt Wade, our salesman at the time, we needed to finish everything up by 4:30 that the latest because we had to pick family up at the airport at 5:10. We had to wait to see the finance mgr. for about 2 hrs. In the time that we were waiting, no one showed us the car nor was I given the opportunity to ever drive it before I purchased it and never was shown the operation of it.

When we were going over finances with Steve Phillips, the whole process was very rushed but not for our benefit. We did need to get to the airport, but I felt this is the "norm" to reduce asking questions and receiving important information, because at that point I really wanted to come back the next day to finalize everything than risk not being thoroughly informed. Through the rush, I thought I would receive Ford Credit for financing, but was surprised when told it would be Huntington Bank, because the rate was better, but in reality it wasn't. In fact, he didn't even tell us what the rate was. We purchased the extended warranty for $3,000. thinking we were getting 150,000 mile warranty, but instead got only 75,000 miles for that price, our fault, but print was very small and we canceled the warranty. The original warranty on the car was never explained, I still don't know what is covered and what is not., since there was 2,000 miles on it before I took possession.

Time came to get the car and it had to be taken into the service department because the "check engine" light was on..some kind of sensor had to be replaced. Not a good sign when you're picking up a new car! Then we were told the second set of keys were lost,and had to be made and we would be notified when they were ready.. finally got the keys after waiting 4 weeks, no calls were ever returned by the dealership when I would inquire. Then we had to wait while Matt got gas in the car and never did get instruction on the operation of our new car. The car was left running for us, so we didn't know about the push to start button, its not clearly visiable because the turning signal is in the way..we figured it out ..but alittle stressed because we were at the airport with little time to spare.

Lastly,I do not like the way the inside of the dealership is set up. I suppose the advantage of the sales managers sitting high on their perches is that they are aware of what is happening at all times, but from a customers point of view it makes me look up to them and down on me...its just wrong!!

I have also addressed my issues with this dealership, thank you for your time.


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Daniel - 1 d 11 h ago


Had to take my vehicle in to a local dealership, Stanley Ford in Sweetwater, TX, and I am being overcharged for services. The service underwriter tells me they don't know what's wrong with the vehicle and have to continue doing diagnostics to determine the exact problem. This is after diagnosing a bad PATs system, reprogramming the PATs system and reprograming and cutting a new key. This alone cost me $530. Service underwriter also stated that further diagnostics wouldn't guarantee a definite fix. I asked for a salesman or general manager to look at my vehicle and appraise my vehicle for a possible trade in value. He offered me $2000 for the vehicle. The salesman mentioned that it was estimated to cost $4000 to fix my vehicle for parts and labor. I asked why the service writer didn't tell me this to begin with? No one could give me a definite answer. They stated it could be several components that were bad. The instrument cluster, the PCM module, or electrical wiring issues.

I find it hard to believe that a sophisticated diagnostic tool/reader cannot identify the issue right away! That's what these things are designed to do. Especially a Ford dealership diagnostics tool reading a Ford vehicle!! I believe this specific dealership is trying to scam me out of money and overcharging customers in general.

I understand dealerships have set rates for certain diagnosis and repairs, but being charged $500-$4000 for a job that simply takes 1 hour to do is ridiculous. I am being charged over $500 for the dealership to tell me that they aren't sure what the problem is and have to do some "more digging"! If this isn't taking advantage of customers or price gouging, then I don't know what is. Customers should pay for services at face value instead of being charged for inept service techs and/or service underwriters. I've had issues with this dealership in the past. Changes have been made to personnel, but apparently it hasn't helped. Maybe its ownership?!

I have always been a "Ford Man" just like my father and grandfather. All my vehicles have been Fords and I have passed down the tradition to my son as well. But after this last pathetic "service" visit to my local Ford dealer, I will no longer be a fan of Ford vehicles and I will never buy another Ford vehicle again. EVER!!! My son experienced this circus with me and saw my frustration first hand. His response to the situation was "why do you buy Fords if you have so much trouble with them and this dealership?" Needless to say, he is no longer a fan either. Good riddance Ford! Hello Chevy!

Thank you for your time and be assured that every one of my friends and family members will hear about this terrible experience, along with all the others. And to think that I wasted almost 30 years protecting and fighting and arguing that Ford was the BEST!



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Lori - 1 d 17 h ago


I too was duped into buying a Ford, biggest mistake of my life. I have a 2013 Ford Escape biggest mistake of my life.

I am not even going to bore you all with the details because there so many. What is sad, is I can't even give this review a 1 star rating

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Linda - 2 d ago


I purchased a 2013 Ford Focus and have had numerous problems with it. The drivers side window stopped working. The odometer panel stopped working (Went out and turned black). Information panel. I can not tell how fast I am going, which causes problem for the speed limit. The car is unsafe. There has been so many recalls on the car. I will not buy another Ford. Stand behind your product.

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VERY SHOCKED - 2 d ago



I bought a brand new ford edge sel. while driving the vehicle home, i noticed that every time i stepped on the brake pedal, the top of my foot would be hitting the brake pedal brake ARM, so that i could not fully put my foot on the brake pedal without actually lifting my foot up and moving it past the brake arm and then find the brake pedal itself. The design of the brake pedal arm is on the extreme right of the brake pedal next to the gas pedal. I checked other designs of brake pedal arms, and find they are actually in the middle of the brake pedal or on the left side of the brake pedal. With the brake ARM on the extreme right hand side of the pedal its very distracting to step on the the brake pedal fully. This could cause an accident if someone had to react quickly to stop! Ford needs to take a look at this design and come up with something better !!!! Some will get killed before Ford does anything !!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago


I am getting the run around from Germain ford in Columbus oh 43016 to have my takata airbag fixed. always same answer, no parts yet. come on this has been going on for a year. do I have to notify the newspapers, government and tv to get some action or do you want to wait for an accident so I have a reason to sue....noticed you've been given 1 star, no wonder.


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Kaj1280 - 2 d 12 h ago

I will never purchase another Ford vehicle, nor will I recommend Ford; I own a 2009 Edge; transmission is shot... A 30,000 car with only 101,000 miles that has regular checkups should not have a failed transmission. My dad; a die hard union man all of his life owned nothing but Ford; he just traded his F150 in for a jeep. Previous to that he owned an Escape which had trans problems. Sad when u have to take a loan out to pay for car repairs . Disgusted in NJ

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Jerome - 3 d ago


I bought a 2017 Ford Focus se four months ago. Since then, I have noticed a thumping noise when driving at lower speeds and over bumps. I have taken my vehicle into the service department to locate and fix the issue. They replaced a strut and bushing! On the drive home, it seemed quiet but a couple days later it started to make the thumping noise again and even louder worse than what it was. Now, I have to take it back again for rework. For a brand new car, this should not be happening. For those with the same issues or something else, there is s Lemmon Law, at least there is here in Indiana!

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Deceived and Disheartened - 3 d 12 h ago


I have never had a worse customer experience than today while working with your people at the Power Ford Dealership in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were lied to, deceived, and downright bullied by your Business Manager, Jawad Moussa, and slew of other money hungry minions. My significant other and I did our own financing through our credit union, who also took care of the tax/title and license, and your people responded in quite the detestable manner. They couldn't invent enough lies and excuses to try and bully us into doing things the way that would make all of them more money; they even threatened us with violating the Patriot Act when we refused to allow them to run our credit through their financing group, even though we came in with all the needed paperwork from our credit union and the cashier check in hand. We will never do business with Power Ford or any other Ford dealer for any of our future vehicle needs.

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Jim H. - 3 d 15 h ago


I have a 2016 F 350 Super Duty Truck purchased with snow plow package.How soon before you find a solution for the Erratic Operation of the electrical features with snow plows and other high electrical load devices?Local dealer has been great trying to get it fixed for the last 18 months. They have tried all of your re-calibrations TSB 17-0052.Q-269R1,Q-269R2 and more. Give them 5 stars for their effort but your engineering department or some one needs to help them.I have been driving Ford trucks since 1964 and have purchased over 40 fords for work and home.Really hate to change but I will be forced to if I can not get this fixed.

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago


I would like to thank Ford for saving my life as well as my husbands. We were in a pretty bad crash as a woman ran a red light hitting us going 60 miles per hour. My husband had a minor injury to his hand and I had three broken ribs, the airbags saved our lives as well as a well built car. Our 2016 fusion is totaled but will not hesitate in buying a new one! Thank you for make nag a safe car! Debra Quigley

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Leon - 4 d 13 h ago

Mr. Allan,

General Manager

Gary Yeomans Ford/Lincoln

This is to inform you that I have notified the Attorney General in the State of Florida to request to go to arbitration by the Florida New Motor Vehicle Board on my Lincoln MKC, 2016 vin# 5LMCJ3C95GUJ19731.

I was told by Jason and Gary Boyler the car had a rattle in the frame and they could not repair it and the car will be sent back to Lincoln.

When I called the Lincoln Corp. at (hidden) ext.#77927 and spoke to Jovanna she actually told me Lincoln wasn't going to do anything as far as helping a long time Lincoln customer by being compensated for the car in any way. And the car had been HELL for two years with the rattle in the frame. This is why I am going to arbitration to have the vehicle title branded so it won't get sold to another customer, because of the aggravation again.

On Tuesday the 16th of Jan. 2018 I was notified by text from GARY YEOMANS FORD Tom in service, that the car was ready to be picked up.

when my wife & I arrived on Tuesday to our surprize we saw there were parts laying on the seat & the middle post on the right side was not put together. There was also grease all over the headliner.

Tommy Arena, customer service mgr. & Gary Boyle master technician (SAW ALL THE DAMAGE TO THE CAR). THEREFORE WE DID NOT PICK UP THE CAR.


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Michaek - 4 d 14 h ago


Let me start with I will never shadow Ford of Escondido door again. Now let me explain why.

On 3 Jan I was informed my father was killed in a car accident in Pennsylvania. I called Ford of Escondido and was very upfront with them explain my situation and ask if they could get me in for an oil change as I had to drive due to the storm on the east coast and all flights had been canceled. I told her if they could not get me in due to short notice I would go somewhere else and would understand if they could not do the oil change The very nice lady on the phone informed me that if I could get there by 1100 Escondido Ford could take care of me. I arrived at 1045 and again explained my situation to the service advisor. They were sorry for my lose and promised to get me in and out as soon as possible. After a half hour still the truck was still parked in the same spot they parked it waiting for an oil change. I ask the service tech why my truck was not being looked at and they told me they would find out. The service manager came out and informed me he would find out what was going on and walked back to the service bays to get a status. He came back and told me they would get it in right away. I told him as I told the nice lady on the phone if they could not do the oil change I would understand and simply try to get it done somewhere. Understand this is a brand new 2017 F350 I purchased from Escondido ford just a few months ago and had 4300 miles on it. An hour and a half after I dropped the truck off it had not moved from the original space they parked it waiting to be serviced. I told the service manager to just give me the keys and I will try to go somewhere else. After telling him that several times he brought the truck to the pickup station. As I was getting ready to go Mr. Hoke came out to the truck and apologized for this happening because he received an email that I was coming and to keep an eye on me to make sure I was taken care of. I informed him I had to go and would deal with this when I returned from burying my father. I returned from the east coast after 5533 miles round trip and a total of over 11000 miles on the truck to ask the service manager how this could happen and explain to me what was done to prevent this from happening to someone else in the future. His response was completely unacceptable as he explained to me he did not remember the interaction with me or remember my situation. I explained to him I did not want any special treatment but needed to understand how this happened. I got the impression he was bothered by my presence and just wanted me out of his office. He never once ask me how he could make this right and keep my business. I will say I was extremely insulted. I will give him some credit because at the time the service bay was backed up and it looked like they could not get my truck in for a much needed and overdue oil change. He made the call to get me in and the oil change was completed in a very quick fashion.

As a retired Navy Leader I have managed thousands of people, civilians and military and am very versed and comfortable with conflict resolution and this was handled very poorly. Either your management is untrained or do not care but I would like to think they are simply untrained.

I tend to be very loyal to a business I can trust and feel comfortable with how I am treated as a loyal customer. Escondido Ford failed to impress upon me they wanted my continued business. I will find a dealer and service department in the area at my inconvenience because Escondido Ford is just a few miles from my house.

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elisaann - 6 d ago

I purchased a 2008 Ford in August of 2008 used. Almost immediately I noticed that the car was shifting hard out of first or second gear, brought it to the attention of the dealer and was told that after they discussed with the Ford dealer they know, that it was just the vehicle "getting to know the driver".

continued to do this off and on, didn't think anything of it because of what I was told and what do you know, the transmission just had to be completely replaced at 125,000 miles. Cost me $5000.62. So, I now have a $15,000 car that if I sold I would only make $6000 on if I was lucky. There is no reason that a car with that low mileage should need a new transmission. To top it off, electronic diagnostics were all negative. It was something they actually had to remove the transmission to find. Called Ford and filed a complaint and was told "we'll pass your information on to corporate" and couldn't tell me if I would get a call back or not. I will never buy another Ford again in my life, if I ever get to buy another vehicle again after this.

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Mary Richardson - 14 d ago

Shame on Ford Motor company. They knew the transmissions they put in the Ford Focus would fail especially after they hit 100,000. Yep they extended the warranty on these cars but they knew the clutch in the automatic transimission won't last past their extended. Nobody want the car as a trade in and the dealers are fustrated because FORD won't do anything to help resolve this issue.

Now my s

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago

Same problem here !!

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

I don't have a focus, I have an Edge, but I just had to replace my transmission at only 125,000 miles.

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Anuj Kapoor - 6 d ago


I had purchased my car on 17th December, 2017 from VGO Ford Faridabad, India pincode 121002 Car No. HR99 ACP Temp 8737 I didn't get my permanent no even after 31 days and the employees and even the Deputy General Manager Mr. Shailraj Mihani is taking lightly as he is not even apologetic and saying that the person met with an accident and it is delayed. Now, They have issued me an illegal receipt of the temporary no for more validity. I failed to understand how they can issue the same temporary no. again with a different issue date. Instead they should have provided me with an extension of the temporary no. They are misusing the powers given to them by the Government authorities. I will complaint the same to the authority about the misuse of the powers by VGO FORD FARIDABAD. Also please note, VGO FORD and Ford India are wholly responsible for any mishapping with my car during the period of delay in my permanent no. and VGO FORD is also responsible in future if in case any problem happens in future because of the delay done by VGO Ford, Faridabad.

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Brian E Dinges - 6 d 11 h ago


I have a 2002 Ford Thunderbird Convertible. The vehicle has 57,568 miles on it. I have had to replace 6 of the 8 ignition coils on the car. I just recently had some collision repair work done by Penske Collision Center in San Diego. They are a subsidairy of Penske Automotive, Penske Trucking, Penske Racing. While replacing my windshield they broke my Header Trim piece on the inside of my car. Come to find out I cannot order this part#1W6Z7603606AAA because it is 'Discontinued'. How the hell am I suppose to maintain my Thunderbird when I can no longer get parts for this Car? I paid $45K new and with the low mileage replacing almost all the ignition coils and now cannot locate a much needed part for my car is quite frustrating. FORD, you have seriously let me down. I currently own a 2000 Ford Excursion since new, my Thunderbird since new, a 2005 FORD 500, 2 FORD Rangers and I am thinking I am not going to Buy another FORD product again. Very disappointed and dissatisfied.

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Linda Zawadzki - 14 d 17 h ago


We have a 2 month old ford 2018 F-150 that will be going to the shop for a third time for check engine light. The first time they thought it was something to do with the timing belt. Second time had to change some kind of gear. Now the engine light has come back on. We will be without our truck again. For a $47000 plus truck this is not acceptable. In the shop for 2 weeks so far out of 8 weeks seriously. We have been ford owners for over 30 years, but after this no more.

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lguti - 6 d 18 h ago


look up the lemon law in your state!

lets destroy ford!!!!

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lizhw48 - 11 d 7 h ago

Today, January 12, 2018, I loaded my 2017 Escape (VIN# 1FMCU0J9XHUB62507) after a trip to Costco and closed the tailgate. No warning light appeared on the dash that the gate was not closed, but as we turned a corner the gate opened and some of our merchandise flew out the back onto the street. A case of bottled water was wedged under the partially opened tailgate, poised to fall, as well.

This is the first problem I have had in a year of ownership. I am hopeful this is a one time issue and not a glitch in the tailgate sensor. Have other 2017 Escapes reported this problem?

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Only posted because I couldn't reach any Ford Person by phone, chat or email - 11 d 20 h ago


I am a very disgruntled owner of 2 Ford vehicles. Today while reading the News, I found that a recall notice had been issued on my 2006 Ford Ranger for a defective airbag. It's only been a little over a year since the 1st killer defective airbag was replaced on my truck and to find out they used a "killer" defective airbag for the 1st repair is somewhat mind boggling. My 2010 had the same airbag issue so I wonder when the notice will come in on that one. And by the by, I didn't get a notice on the truck but used the VIN on the Ford website to confirm the news article. The article quoted a Ford rep as saying owners should immediately park the vehicles, the Company would have the dealer come to your house or arrange a tow and provide a loaner during the fix. Called my dealer and he had no such information and said they weren't expecting the parts until the last week of February at the earliest. I then tried to call Customer Service and got high call volume for 20 minutes before robot said "unexpected technical difficulties beyond our control" and hung up on me. Next I tried the chat line only to get the same type of message. After an hour of online searching, I found this site to log a complaint. The main Customer Service site has no "Loyal" Customer email. There are already 21 fewer Ford customers due to the exploding airbag issue, and that is just those unfortunate enough to have been killed by the airbag. This type of shoddy response will no doubt drive previously loyal customers into the ranks of Ford's competitors, me probably being one even though I have enjoyed the ride of my two Fords. I just can't abide the hideous treatment of customers who spend 10's of thousands of their hard earned money to buy the product and then can't seem to get any personal respect or communication from the behemoth.

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JA - 11 d 15 h ago


I am experiencing the same problems that you are having in contacting Ford regarding this recall. Earlier Today, I did file a formal complaint with the NHTSA.

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