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Farmers Insurance Group

18444 N 25th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Evelyn Lederman
(602) 863-8100
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Evan Novick - 260 d ago


Farmer's Insurance is a money hungry fraud based company who billed me for a Homeowners policy without my approval. When I called customer service they said there computers were down and I should call another time!Shouldn,t they call me back .My computer was n't down.

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Sam - 138 d 16 h ago

Hello Evan. My name is Sam and I work for a law firm that is currently representing a client that has had a similar issue to yours. Would you be so kind as to give me a call? You may have some important information we can use. I can be reached at (hidden)

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Robin - 69 d 23 h ago

I am in Illinois and am having trouble with farmers on a repair that was 10000 and the car is not right,, seeking an attorney, Please help if you can any referrals would be helpful

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Daughter - 7 d ago

Evan, I think my elderly Mother is being ripped off by Farmers Ins. Her bill goes up $20 to $30 everytime without out notice. Just went and got another quote and it was $400 cheaper with the exact coverage! Please help

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Dawn - 6 d ago

Sam, could you please provide contact information regarding a situation that I dealing with with Farmers. Thank you.

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AnimalRescuer - 13 d ago


Given the recent ad GLORIFYING TROPHY HUNTING ... yea, NEVER buy insurance from Farmers again! TOTALLY irresponsible, not to mention ABSOLUTELY REVOLTING! SICK SICK SICK!

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Barbara McCracken please be Caring please Thank you for your time and have a very Blessed year - 18 d 13 h ago

When I was younger my parents Loved Farmers they were great they had Farmers in chehalis Wa nice people they need to go back the way they were caring

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Very u - 18 d 13 h ago

My.Name is Barbara McCracken I've been with foremost for A very Long Time I've had a claim with the. For a long time and nothing but they paid us for a different claim after the fact for A Gabzebo was purchased at Costco for around 2000 they have there own company they can purchase one for Apparently 2hundred and something unbelievable and when the guy came. Out to look at roof he had my husband go up on the roof he said the company don't allow them to go up on the roof to take pictures anymore he said he can't my husband And I told him my husband can't go up on the Ladder or on the roof he was going to have surgery on his Hip bad shape he said if you don't get up there and take the pictures then you don't get any money my husband did it reluctantly it hurt him every step up the ladder and he almost feel off the roof he hurt a lot after the fact to etc Elma Wa please contact us please there's more 4825800

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Very u - 18 d 13 h ago

My.Name is Barbara McCracken I've been with foremost for A very Long Time I've had a claim with the. For a long time and nothing but they paid us for a different claim after the fact for A Gabzebo was purchased at Costco for around 2000 they have there own company they can purchase one for Apparently 2hundred and something unbelievable and when the guy came. Out to look at roof he had my husband go up on the roof he said the company don't allow them to go up on the roof to take pictures anymore he said he can't my husband And I told him my husband can't go up on the Ladder or on the roof he was going to have surgery on his Hip bad shape he said if you don't get up there and take the pictures then you don't get any money my husband did it reluctantly it hurt him every step up the ladder and he almost feel off the roof he hurt a lot after the fact to etc Elma Wa please contact us please there's more 4825800

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Damon Micheal - 18 d 15 h ago


I am an agency CSSR. I regularly communicate using CHAT. Often, they call me by someone else's name. This is highly offensive to me especially because SETH M. denies being able to see my name when I type in my question. There are some who do see my name immediately. This has been on going and I am tired of it. No one ever apologizes. this needs to end.

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Anonymous - 18 d 19 h ago

I recently switched my insr., needs to farmers ...the price was good so I switched companies. we are seniors. we are people with no huge insr claims on both car and houses in 63 yrs of our marriage. we have a computer but barely know how to use it. my husband has the beginning of dementia I drive but have not in years. the computer we have is 10 yrs old with a tower. I know what I know of computers by teaching is hard. I kept getting these e mails from your company asking me to fill this out that sign this frwd by was the straw that broke my back because I am the one getting these messages and I have to turn around show it to him get his answer etc etc so today I called talked to the agent at thatnumber and told them how I felt and could they just mail me these doc., my husband would take care of them I had my husband explain he was the one who wanted this they ibformed him the discount we got in joining farmers would not be given to us so the reason we switched to your company is now gone....I just thought because this is or can be described as bias against non computer people...age discrimination can't flow with the general public too bad we'll charge you a higher rate... conditions not publickly listed to warn consumer its a our way or else a new customer I the wife not the policy participant thought as an observer I should pass my opinion on so that you perhaps might give some thought to a switch and bail method of acquiring customers

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Abdul - 54 d ago


Back in March 2017 we had water damage in our apartments in North Highlands. The apartments consist of two double story-four unit buildings, including a downstairs laundry room. The water damage was reported to Farmers Insurance and a claim was filed. Farmer's dispatched their subcontractor to dry the area and paid out the claim for the repairs.

In November 2017 we had three gas pipes that were reported to be leaking. We called Farmer's to file a new claim but they reopened the previous claim from March. Upon investigation by the plumbers, the gas leak was due to a damaged pipe under the floorboards of one the units that encountered the water damage. According to the plumber the gas pipe rusted due to water exposure. Based on our findings the two incidents are related. The lack of thorough service rusted the pipes and resulted in the gas leak. Overall we have five gas terminals, of which two were unaffected because they did not run through the water damaged area.

We called our adjuster to explain the situation and to discuss what our insurance covered for the second incident. We currently have a policy with Farmer's that covers our residential property, rental property and 12 vehicles. We've been a client of Farmer's for a long time and have had no issues with any representative of Farmer's until now. The adjuster, John, was unbearably rude and incredibly lacking of customer service skill. He blatantly told me that a car dealer will not fix my vehicle's brakes if it goes bad, therefore Farmer's will not cover the gas pipe damage. Without conducting an investigation or reading any report, he told me that I was not covered. I was being as polite as possible to try to explain the situation; to relay the information provided to me by professionals, but this representative of Farmer's would not hear it. I am concerned that this incident is not covered by my policy but my primary frustration and anger is due to this representative. I asked John for the cooperate number to share my thoughts abut he explained that he did not have it. John did provide me with his supervisors number after an asked him twice. I called Miss Hollis to share how I was treated as a customer but I am not sure if anything was reported. His lack of empathy and decency did not go unnoticed and I need some form of action to be pressed upon. If this is the way farmers treats their customers then I really don't want to be a farmer's customer. I will take my business to a company that treats their customers with respect

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E. Plumbus - 46 d ago


The plumber (company) is not telling the truth. It takes years for a steel gas pipe to rust due to water exposure.

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Fed Up - 21 d 14 h ago


File a complaint with the insurance commissioner, you are wasting your time on this board!!

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Josie Recio - 46 d ago

My children are staying without Christmas because one of your employees took money from my husband back and he never gave them prmissen to do so can you call me back (hidden) thank you

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UAW KW - 49 d 11 h ago

KW . I was rear ended by a Bristol West insurance policy holder. They are the high risk part of Farmers insurance Group. If it still remains unresolved. I will contact the More than 350,000 UAW across the nation. UAW member for 50 years.

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Kathryn - 59 d 19 h ago


My accident occurred on Juky 7 2017 The accident was caused by driver behind me hitting the backend of my car. This driver was uninsured. I contacted my agent, went to the ER my blood pressure was extremly high I had a bruise on my left side of chest and my shoulder, left side and my neck was painful I choose a local car repair company,. They took over 3 months togetball approvals needed to complete the repair. It had then to go vack 3 times to fix emissions error. I was told by the adjuster he could not check this for me since choose the repair company. Received car on September 4 th. By this time I started receiving calls and notices of bills needing paid, after all these were 3 months old by this time. My client representative was very I sensitive, excuses about needing notes from PT which I had for 9 visits, also 5 doctor visits,1 injection I went personally an got the notes and faxed them to her. Still nothing. Finally she called stating for pain and suffering off to settle $1200. I was surprised at this amount and nothing for emotional distress this agent stated I was not going to get thousands but she could go up a couple of hundred. I countered with $3,000. All medical billings paid and it would be done. No such easy way to say it is finished this agent seems to be short of people skills. I have had high blood pressure that had to be monitored, Joint injection PT which most of the time had to ask others to transport me to the visits nosebleeds after speaking with this agent I now only deal with her attitude with fax message. Have had statements even after settlement offered received certified claims for nonpayment was received so much turmoil Constant emotional stress ii thought my coverage was great, but I did not count on this type of agent to help. I will not recommend this isurance. Name of agent Maria Nazario the last settle ''twas again $1,700, still not accounting for the Jury Trail asked for by the man who was at fault received a subpoena to appear for prosecutor this will still be ion going,again emotional distress which has been ignored by this agent. Perhaps a new agent should take over forbthis

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Lee - 65 d 16 h ago

Mr. Dailey my name is Lee Crawford. My son Casey was in an auto accident November 22 of this year. Your insured hit my son and we are having issues with your company taking 100% responsibility. The claim number of this case is (hidden)-1-1 your insured policy number is (hidden).

I would appreciate your help in getting this problem addressed. My son had the right of way and your insured pull out into on going traffic. The city of Arlington police officer issued a ticket to your insured.

I have to tell you I'm 62 years old and never in my day heard of an insurance company claiming percentage responsibility.

My question to the adjuster was who decides percentages. Talisha Steele replied I do. Not sure where her authority came from.

I hope you take the time to read this email and offer my son Casey your help.

My cell number is (hidden), I look forward to hearing from you

Also at the time of accident, and to date your company has refused a rental car or any assistance. By the way it appears my son's truck is a total loss.

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former agent - 76 d 19 h ago


Live in Northern California..... I was reeled in by Farmers to be an agent. Still in school at the time, not sure the specifications of the insurance agency worked and I was intrigued. Went in for an "interview" Should have been clear when they didn't give me a specific start date. They paid for an $80 class, made me pay state licensing fees because that is required for all agents. Assumed I was going to a standard corporate job, 9-5, W2, they didn't bother making anything transparent or understandable. Found out (not nearly quick enough) that despite my questions about the "job" such as vacation time, pay et cetera they didn't say anything about the fact that I was to be paid on 1099. In fact they didn't even mention the word 1099 until AFTER I had put in 2 months of my life to get certified by the state. After that while I was in "training" they still didn't mention a word about how I was getting paid despite my questions, they would just say things like "you're going to make so much money" and talk about how they started as an agent and how much money they make. AFTER training then they start saying that I'm going to have to work hard, but I will close cases and make a lot of money and within a year, I will be hiring people to do my work for me, I wil be going on vacations twice a year.... then slowly they started revealing 1099s and small business. They got me to sign a contract by telling me all this sweet stuff and that they were going to give me money... GIVE ME MONEY..... Of course I wasn't going to say no after that especially when they say "meet these tiny goals and you won't need to pay any of it back" So I sign the contract still in school, not knowing a damn thing. One month goes by, I haven't signed a single contract depite working my ass off FOR FREE. Two months go by and they are still encouraging me (which they are quite good at), still not closing any policies. At this point (still in school) I had to quit my other job that paid the bills to try to get this going. I had to pay EVERYTHING either out of pocket or off the subsidy money which at this point I'm going to have to pay back. Three months go by and I'm realizing that this isn't as easy as they say it was going to be. I look on forums online and find out that I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS BEEN LIED TOO!!!!! I end my contract owing them 4,500 dollars. Fast forward almost a year later.... I have a collection agency trying to collect the funds, an attorney on hold waiting for me to get a copy of the contract that I no longer have, and JUST catching up on bills from not being able to get a job right away since I was so focused on working for free.

I used to love seeing the farmers commercials because I thought they were soooooo cute.... now when I see them I just get angry for all of the good hard working people that they screwed over by giving them money just to take it back.


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Alicia - 129 d 13 h ago


I must admit that each time I see a commercial for Farmers Insurance, I cringe a bit. Formerly the ads made me smile and think who does their marketing? Yet, now, a spark of anger ignites and I am thrust back into "accident mode." However, this latest conversation with your agent, Beatrice (her only means of identifying herself and I had to be the one to ask) further encroaches upon my peace. I will begin with Gregory Troy Swain, my first agent. Just days after the accident, Mr. Swain called with an offer of $1000 to settle the accident. A few days later, I received a letter echoing the same. All this before diagnosis/treatment. Mr. Swain left the company and I was transferred to Nate Vanderpol. After a few months, I contacted Mr. Vanderpol that I wanted to end this chapter and settle the claim (hoping it may help me to continue the healing process). We went through the usual paperwork. Again, after some time and not hearing from Mr. Vanderpol, I called to learn that he was in Houston taking care of those affected by the hurricane; and that I was again transferred to someone else. Of course, I was not informed who that someone was, only that "someone" would be in touch, who by the way was asking her supervisor for an approval amount upon which to settle. That brings me to Beatrice who called on Wednesday, September 27th. I'm sure she must be a lovely person who chooses to do her job with diligence, excellence, and professionalism. I want to believe that is the case with every person who elects to work with and interact with the public. Unfortunately, that was not my experience. Beatrice began her call with I'd like to close the claim and offered $1700+. I asked her to please stop (I am still recovering from the brain injury/concussion caused by the accident. I needed her to slow down and I asked her, "What is your name? I like to know with whom I'm speaking." After Beatrice went on, I asked her how did she arrive at that figure. She stated that "since this is only a soft tissue injury - a little PTSD & no broken bones or serious" I again stopped her. As I spoke, I could hear the sounds of her keyboard clicking at a fast pace. Is she listening to me? The more Beatrice talked and the sound of the incessant keyboard clicking, the more I felt once again left on the side of the road in a puddle just like Dr. and Mrs. Suzuki did in their haste to leave the scene of the accident. I asked Beatrice if she was aware that Mr. Swain had offered $1000 just a couple of days after the accident; and now after medical records, you're adding an additional $700+? How did you arrive at this? Perhaps Beatrice/Farmers could look at me as a person: I incurred a brain injury - a concussion. I was abandoned - left in a state of shock and dazed. I experience horrific headaches and blurred vision; along with the sensation that the left side of my face was protruding a half inch out from the right side of my face. Doctors and Neurologist can verify. I incurred a spinal injury. My T5 was twisted to the right while my L4 was twisted to the left affecting my ability to sit, stand, and walk. When I was able to walk with help, I was off balance and "listing" to the left. Doctors and Physical Therapists can verify. I incurred a thoracic sprain - a tearing of muscles & ligaments which caused excoriating muscle spasms that I could only refer to as "pain seizures" which also affected my ability to sit, stand, walk or even be touched on that area. Doctors, Physical Therapists, and Therapeutic Massage Therapists can verify. I incurred a shifting - a bruising to my ribs as a result of the thoracic sprain so that breathing was labored. Doctors and Physical Therapists can verify. As a result of these and other traumas related to the accident, I developed PTSD. I couldn't drive, both from the effects of my injured body as well as my injured psyche. Anxiety, anger and panic attacks are the norm. Doctors, Neurologists, and Psychologists can verify. Further, these injuries caused me to lose work and income. I am a tutor. If my brain doesn't work correctly, I can't teach. If I don't teach, I don't earn my income. I am also a computer/website entrepreneur. If my brain can't grasp technology, I cannot accept employment and again, loose income. I was forced to curtail my work. The concussion and post concussive disorder according to my Neurologist, is exacting. The days of terror at finding myself on the road (once I was able to drive again) and being completely lost only to discover minutes later that I was exactly where I meant to be were agonizing periods filled with torment, torture, and terror. I find Beatrice's offer insulting; her attitude dismissive, patronizing, and completely void of human feeling. And yes, it did set off a PTSD episode that took hours to settle down. I don't wish to speak to, or have any further dealings with Beatrice (I was never given a last name). Instead, I want to deal directly with a supervisor - someone who has some authority as well as some human kindness - compassion is a plus. I pray Beatrice never incur the likes of "only soft tissue damage" as I did. And I look forward to hearing from a representative quickly. I want this behind me.

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Jerry Sullivan - 115 d 12 h ago

Alicia, my name is Jerry Sullivan. With your list of medical problems it seems to be in your best interest to retain an attorney that specializes in vehicle accidents. DO NOT settle unless you are completely released by your doctor's. And then only after you have an attorney. The insurance companies will offer the lowest they can just to cover their bottom line. Do some research in your area as to what attorneys are recommend by your friends or neighbors. Good Luck!!

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Anonymous - 120 d 5 m ago


cherri Kuntz is the worst agent i ever had i never asked for her i was with bill ahlers for ever instead of keeping me there they gave me her i so so upset ive been calling her for 4 weeks straight she never once called me back she is the worst agent ever therefor i left farmers and i will will tell everyone not to us farmers the worst experience ever

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Anonymous - 140 d ago

Hello my name is Machelle dam I have a complaint can u call me (hidden)

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Norman Hembree - 147 d 14 h ago


Hi My name is Norman Hembree this is a copy of a e-mail that i sent to my agent, as usual no response. Farmers Ins. needs to reevaluate who they are allowing to represent them. So far on a scale of 1 to 10 my experience is about a 1 minus...

Jason Suemoto, Farmers Ins. Las Vegas NV.

I wanted to let you know that your staff is very rude, I'm talking about Jeremy. I was handed off to him without being told and he was very rude is the only way I know how to put it. He wouldn't allow me to talk and when he was done talking he simply said good by and hung up while i was trying to talk to him. I was being told that i had to return my declarations page from my new insurance carrier in order for the underwriters to date my termination on 8/16/2017, I was trying to tell them that if they needed proof that i had ins. at the time than they should have simply said so instead of trying to tell me they didn't know why the underwriter needed the declaration page. I did what Dawn asked me to do during the cancellation process and someone in your office dropped the ball. I'm not sure if the e-mail accidentally got deleted by Dawn or what. I still don't understand what business is it of the underwriter who I have insurance through at the present time. Honestly I have never had so much trouble trying to get things done as I have had with your agency, just a simple policy change took an act of congress to get it right, these are a few of the reasons why we cancelled.

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Anonymous - 158 d 29 m ago

good job! you didn't mount the ram in your latest commercial

next to the Moose!!! yea Farmers!

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