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Shwrry - 8 m 12 s ago

My name is sherry Lewis I worked 4 dennys in oneida from 2013 till 2016 I had a falling out with one of your managers Allison I so want my job back I love dennys I have many loyal customers plz give me a second chance

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David Hollis - 5 h ago


Why don't you guys have WiFi everybody else does I would go there a whole lot more if they have wifi even Subway has it and you guys don't have WiFi that's weird keep up with the times

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Shon N - 1 d 18 h ago


The Denny's on 32nd Street and Bell Rd in Phoenix Az. I have been there several times and all I can say is they need a whole new staff! The manager Sylvia acts like she never knows what's going on and while your sitting there eating you hear all the employees gossiping about the next employee and pointing blame on each other. I saw one take it to the manager and she didn't act concerned one bit! Just sad! All the employees act like they don't even want to be there. A lot of negative vibes. Definately not what I want to be hearing or seeing while eating. Corporate needs to send someone in there to eat and just watch and listen.

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Anonymous - 6 d 6 h ago

For the 3rd time this week the overnight cook smelled heavily of alcahol,he was yelling to another employee that he and i quote "i hate your stupid fucking face" i have never seen such disregard for the customers by using said language its unacceptable and i will not be returning to the dennys in venice fl until said employee does not work there

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No Name - 2 d 18 m ago


Par for the course at Denny's.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Well I can say that the Dennys I go too isn't fair because they let a girl's husband go back but wouldn't let her go he rides alone in the car with the manager which to me is not right.that girl deserves to have her job back but my best friend is better than that some thing fishy is going on at that restaurant in MS.someone needs to look into that

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Anonymous - 2 d 11 h ago


Dennys in Henderson, tx always has bad service. We have been here over a hour and are still waiting for food. We have watched food go back to the kitchen from other tables. There is only like five tables and like 7 servers. This is ridiculous. Y'all need better management. This store is poorly ran.

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Joseph - 3 d 9 h ago


I just had one of the worst experiences at one of your Denny locations I think I may have ever had. The Denny's was located with the Flying J#602 at 224 Daniel Payne Drive Birmingham Alabama. When I first walked in I had a waitress asked me if I was previously in there and I told her no and then she walked away not even bothered to seat me. Next thing I know there's hollering in arguing coming from out of the kitchen between two waitresses when the manager left the register to go investigate, the manager then started to yell in holler even louder than the two waitresses and then verbally attacked one of the waitresses telling her to clock the hell out and get out of his kitchen. He treated her very disrespectfully and humiliated her in front of the entire staff and customers. And then after the girl left the manager and the rest of the staff started to laugh about the situation like they had chased the girl off. Finally after I got seated and ordered the my waitress came to me in the middle of my meal and asked me to check out because she had to clock out and go home, she wanted me to give her my credit card so she could to go ring me out. Which sounded kind of fishy to me that's how people's identities get stolen and card numbers as well. I kindly told her I would go pay my bill as soon as I was finished eating and she Shrugged her head and stormed off. Which to my disgust I decided I had seen enough lack of experience for one night and decided to get up go pay my bill not finishing my dinner. And when I mentioned this to the manager at the register about my entire experience there and asked if there was a way he thought he could handle the situation A little better with his employee. He said that he was the manager and he will run it anyway he saw fit because he was the manager. I have never seen that much lack of training among a group of individuals in one restaurant that supposed to serve the public in all of my life. And because of my experience not only will I not come to this Denny's location again I will not come to the Flying J as well, unfortunately there's a thing called guilt by association and I'd hate to come here and be tempted to get something to eat. As a truck driver I will just change my route to avoid this location. Please understand that the rating I'm giving is for this location and this location only not an overall company rating.

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hilda - 6 d ago


manager at store 8797 name jerry is a outstanding gentleman, goes out of his way to treat customer welcome,puts up his shelves to help his employees been three numerous times good place to eat!

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Anonamous - 6 d 8 h ago


I recently went to eat at the dennys in venice florida.first when i pulled up the overnight cook was drinking beer at his truck.then when i got inside he came in shortly and sat at a table talking to a customer.I believe his name was dennis.the talking to a customer not an issue the drinking on the job is a big issue

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Anonymous - 15 d 19 h ago

Well, this morning, the Manager of Denneys, on Mt Hwy in Graham WA, told not come back on Sunday because I ask of too many things. My Father likes his Sausage gravy on Toast instead of biscuits and I like really crispy hasbrown, that no one on Sundays can seen to make. It's not that we are new their, we have gone to this Denneys for years and I have ordered the same thing. So it is better to tell the customer to not come in anymore instead of taking care of the problem.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

you were the problem so we took care of it

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Anonymous - 6 d 9 h ago

What a terrible thing to say! You don't deserve to be in business!

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IDK - 6 d 9 h ago


My friend and I went to Denny's on 16th ave NW in Calgary, AB on Jan. 30, 2018. The food was great as always, but after we left my friend said the waitress dictated how much the tip should be. Didn't even give her an opportunity to enter it in herself. $5.97 for 2 people! We are both on fixed incomes and on top of that, my friend had just had shots in her eyes so couldn't see properly. The waitress took advantage in every way. HER NAME WAS FENG!

Plus you never want to go in the ladies washroom. Stinks to high heaven!

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Clara - 6 d 19 h ago


Dennys Restaurant#6372 Review:

The current day manager of this store could care less for his customers! The store is kept so cold that you need a winter coat just to be warm! Your food is cold within 5 minutes after you receive it. We ate at 12:06:17 PM today, 1/30/2018. It will be the last time we eat there at 4120 N 51st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85031! We asked for the temperature to be turned up and the waitress complied. However within 10 minutes it was back freezing and the draft could be felt! I guess Dennys' customers need to be used to "Alaska weather and cold food" in order to eat there! I'm sure the electric company is happy for that store. It's utility bill must be big! We have been going to that store for years. This new management is the first to freeze their customers out. Apparently, they are so well off that they do not need our business!

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Jim - 7 d 12 h ago


Y'all dont even give your employees complimentary meals ?? A sandwich?? All the food u waste and throw away ... this is disgusting... u have diabetic employees who are ready to pass out on the job but can't eat, yet managers walk around like they're at home cooking whatever they like stuffing they're mouths dodging kitchen cameras Today I saw a first day waitress eating out of a Garbage can, A GARBAGE CAN !!! So your rule is that employees can only get 50% off a meal while being on shift ?? And they can't leave with their food or it's "STEALING" ?? It's rules like that that prove u don't care about the families of your employees, as a Dishwasher I only make $8.50, u think near the last week of the month things don't get tuff for your employees ?? There's literally young waitresses n servers who are carrying on sexual relations with Male management so they can take a meal home to their babies on a blind eye .... you are heartless savages.

Yours truly,

Jim .

San Antonio tx

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Jim - 7 d 13 h ago


Where do I start ??

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Unpaid worker - 8 d 14 h ago


My daughter worked at the Denny's on Mercury blvd in hampton and was never paid and no one is returning her calls about her pay!! How unprofessional and this will be reported to the better business bureau tomorrow!!! Stealing is not a good look for Denny's!!

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Kenny - 9 d 18 h ago


Went to dennys last nite in carlsbad nm set there for over 1 hour asked the waitress how much longer she told me they have not even started on my order yet. She said it would still be a while so i left and wont ever go back pretty bad way to run a business.

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Mickey - 10 d 13 h ago

The store in Birmingham Alabama gave me a banana split that was in 3 differently packed containers and the banana was just put on the bottom of the box ! What kind of BS is this

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Anonymous - 10 d 20 h ago

Service and experience @ at this Dennys on W 150th in Cleveland ohio, is Horrible!

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Good Truck Driver - 11 d ago


I am a truck driver that visited the Denny's in West Memphis Arkansas.... store # 9233. I sat down after 10 minutes because there was no waitress to be found. The cook had to take my order. 10 minutes after that my waitress finally shows up. Her name is Alexus and she was in no hurry to do her job. she walked extremely slow and I had to beg her for a refill for my coffee. The cook prepared an excellent meal. My waitress was the only one there. I have been a loyal customer to Denny's but will seek other options if this continues. I hope someone who gives a darn reads this soon. I don't normally take the time to complain about my experiences. Thank you for your time.

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Anonymous - 14 d 13 h ago

I got overcharged and nobody replied my mails or messages

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Anonymous - 15 d 17 h ago


Store 9301 in Lithonia, Ga has the worst customer service. I order a burger and never got my side, I did not get any refills for my beverage, I sat there thirsty, the manager was very disrespectful and made our waitress run the register and did not replace her with anyone. This store and manger is horrible

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Micheal Johnson - 15 d 17 h ago

Today I was at the Denny's in Joliet, Illinois the manger was very rude . We were standing in line waiting to be seated . We sat in a closed dining room and we got yelled at by the manger whom found out later she is the GM . The woman made us feel like children. Then as we are walking out we here her talking about an employee who is a server that she didn't have silverware on a table. It's a Sunday servers are busy there was a male manger and a hostess sitting customers it's not the responsibility of the server to come up to front to give a table silverware. The hostess should have that done for them otherwise why are they even there? Needless to say I heard her taking very poorly of the server . Which we saw she was doing her job and others jobs. The GM is very ignorant and needs to make an example not make others jobs harder for them . I'm a regular and this woman is not nice to any of her employees she is very rude to customers as well. If your having home issues then leave them at the door. She has no personality at all. She looks angry all the time. Her employees do not seem happy at all. They seem flustered . I heard her talking about is for sitting in the other room . She called us lazy ass people and she said the server was a dumb bitch. That woman needs to be terminated.

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