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J Young - 1 d 18 h ago


When Price Club, San Diego opened its doors years ago I was one of the first members and have enjoyed my membership with Costco. I was so upset this morning with Costco I even yelled at the young woman on the phone. Yesterday I made a trip to Costco on Morena Blvd to purchase a new TV. The Samsung 55 inch was on sale for $499. This morning I contacted Costco Installation to come out and replace my previous 55 inch TV. The cost was a little high $199.99, but I have always felt Costco was very fair and did a good job. I received a call about 2 hours later and the young lady proceeds to tell me, there is additional $150 to remove and replace the TV and because it is over a fireplace, there is another additional $99. So now I am paying almost the exact price I paid for the TV. The way I feel right now is, you reduce the price of the TV, but you make it up with installation. I am so disappointed in Costco and their installation policy!!

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Carolyn B - 22 m 15 s ago


I have an issue with Costco and the TV we bought with the warranty. We have had issues with the Samsung TV, and the warranty that Costco sold to us is giving us the run around to prove the issue. We will never buy another TV from Costco or the warranty. We had a TV that was a year newer but did not buy the warranty and it did the same thing that this TV is doing, but we threw it away because we did not have a warranty and could not get anyone to repair it. It was only 3 years old. I think paying $2700 for a tv that only lasts less than 5 years is a waste of money. I am very upset with Costco and their TV warranty company.

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B. M. Gutierrez - 4 d 19 h ago


I am a regular shopper at Costco and I have recently learned that Costco financially supports a United Way Chaper, which directly funds Planned Parenthood and Costco matches gifts to Susan G. Komen which also funds Planned Parenthood. I am asking that Costco please reconsider their support to any company that supports abortion in any way. I appreciate and enjoy my shopping experience at Costco, but do not want to support a company that supports another company performing terrible practices such as abortion.

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MissDar - 4 d 17 h ago

Keep your opinions to yourself. Planned Parenthood does many good things for women of low income who cannot afford good heath care. You really need to quit drinking that GOP koolaid and do some research. There are so many low income, underprivileged women who would not get health care without these two GREAT companies. But people like you are a BIG problem in our society. Keep it to yourself. No one, and I mean no one needs judgmental jerks that want to take away the few good companies that actually help others..

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El Diablo - 4 d 41 s ago


To Miss Dar-ky,

Practice what you preach doofus-goofus.

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Cambush - 1 d 12 h ago

MissDar, you couldn't have said it better!!!

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Anonymous - 1 h ago


Thank you! Well said!

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago


B.M. Gutierrez,

Are you serious? It is NOT your right to dictate ANYTHING Costco does, much less what a woman can do with her body. How dare you! Go back to your cult leader and stay the hell off of here!

BM are the perfect initials for you!

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P. Snake - 4 d ago


To Ass-mouth,

How much do "women" pay for their bodies??

How much did YOU pay for your body??

Practice what you preach......Ass-mouth.

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stw - 3 d 32 m ago


I second that emotion!!! Planned Parenthood does little else other than killing live fetuses! As a Christian, who has planned our children, I find it reprehensible that the company I love for providing all my organic produce can't find it in their moral code to protect a living being. To MissDar below, she has little knowledge of all they claim they do vs what they really do. 95-98% of their services are killing living beings. Very few other services are actually done.

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Cambush - 1 d 11 h ago


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Skub - 2 d 18 h ago

You are an absolute idiot!

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Cambush - 1 d 11 h ago

Hey BM!!! You are nothing but a religious fanatic ( christian) who insist on forcing your distorted pathetic views on others!!! It is NONE of your business,NONE of the government's business what a woman and her Dr.decide is best for her!!! The 2 organizations you are slandering offer care and services to any woman who comes to them for their health concerns!!! You just take care of yourself and let other women determine what is BEST for them!!!!

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Phil. E. Buster - 1 d 32 s ago



Rather than pushing your ideals on others, kindly stop shopping there.


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Lisa - 1 h 37 m ago


I was at the Costco in Temecula California today I was really hungry so I went to the food court on y way out. I bought a brisquit sandwich, when I got home and started eating it, I discovered it was a grease sandwich, it was so greasy thatis the only thing I tasted, I went through three napkins in just a couple of bites and wound up throwing it away. Never get this sandwich!!

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Steve - 15 h 46 m ago

Just went into my North Town Costco in Spokane Washington I was going to order one of those dollar 59 mochas now they're 299 you're really gouging people on fixed incomes what do the CEOs need more money aren't they making enough I think that's ridiculous especially the volume of business you doing those stores

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Barbara - 1 d 15 h ago


I was shocked and dismayed that COSTCO is selling a product called: HEMP Hearts. Irregardless as to what type of hemp or what ingredients are actually in HEMP Hearts, is it not of any concern of a company which sells to families with children that offering something that has a much more dangerous version can beguile young people into thinking that if COSTCO is selling HEMP then smoking or eating the Marijuana version of HEMP is OK too. The brains of young people who smoke marijuana are physically changed and damaged especially if they have been using this .....DRUG before the age of 18.

What is the matter with you folks at COSTCO? Aren't there enough products to sell? We don't want our children sprinkling HEMP Hearts on their Cheerios or anything else.

I am sharing this with as many people as possible...verbally, emails, facebook, etc.

Flagged for review.
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Stan. - 1 d ago


Wow, you are possibly brain damaged yourself.

Down with nylon!

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HempMan - 17 h ago


go forth and multiply. thanks!

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Amaris - 19 h 33 m ago


Hello, it Will be great being that 61 Sam clubs have closed, it will be a great idea if Cosco's can take their locations. I live in Tampa Florida and the Cosco near me is extremely far, we would love one somewhere in South Tampa, Like Gandy Blvd or waters avenue. My experience at Cosco was great but the reason why I am giving it a 3 rating is because there's not enough Cosco's and I have to go pretty far to shop at Cosco.

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RN - 2 d 20 h ago


ANTISEPTIC HAND WIPES FOR THE SHOPPING CART HAND BARS!!! I have requested them for over a year, multiple times, especially during the winter cold and flu season. No response, no stoppinG the spread of germs. Everyone else has them, including BJs. Why wouldn't Costco be interested in keeping their shoppers healthy instead of spreading germs from the hands of those coughing into them? As a Registered Nurse, I'll make my final request before calling the Corporate office. Anyone else agree about stopping the spread of germs? (With regard to this specific request, I have to rate the poor. Otherwise I am happy with Costco but still have to buy my gas at BJs since we don't have a gas service in Montgomeryville PA.)

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Larushka - 1 d 8 h ago

RN. Me too. I am appalled and keep complaining. We have the worst flu season ever in San Diego and they just will not listen. I have complained regularly for the past year. They just don't care.

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Ed Collins - 2 d 14 h ago


When costco opened there gas pumps in danvers ma. We were told costco would be adleast 5 cents cheaper within a 5 mile radius. That didn,t last long it seems as though costco is matching prices not beating them PLEASE EXPLAIN .If you go 1 mile up the street and give CUMBERLAND FARMS your checkling account number and let them wit draw gas from that you,,ll save 10 cents per gallon. Tjhats a lot of monew at the end of one year. SO WHY DONT COSTCO DO THE SAME.I know you get pretty close to 3 truck loads per day. It seems costco is changing to greed. You have to increase membership fees this year for what I go there any given day now an hour after u open an

N d have a hard time getting a parking space. This may catch up with u like it dI'd SAMS CLUB and have store closings when AMAZON cones around so stop taking advantage of good customers

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A. Rizzo - 2 d ago


Costco has over 70 million members in US alone. At 65.00$ X 70 million= ???

Do the math.

They should be giving free gas to all members and they would still be make a huge profit.

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Timothy L. church - 2 d 11 h ago


Today, I went to Costco in chico ca, as I always do! I spend approx. 20 k to 30 k annually I have a service animal 8 lbs dog, named daughtry,(aka dot) who is trained to key in on ptsd situations. I have severe ptsd my service animal helps me identify situations which could be stressful, that my induce a painic attack, anxiety ect. In public, or private places. He also is trained to reduce stress by getting my attention diverted to him. I was shopping as usual most employees know me and Dot and seen me over the last 10 yrs or so. I always have my service animal. I was stopped in the store by an employee and asked a series of questions about the legitimacy of my service animal. I was then told my animal has urinated in the store someone had notified them, and identified my animal and I. UNTRUE. I was interrogated by this person. I was asked over 7 questions about my service animal. The law only allows 2. Is that a service animal? what service does it provide?THAT IS IT! As per D.O.J. I was thrown into a panic situation never in my life has this happened. My animal was in my sight and in my control totally the entire time. He is trained to go when I tell him. He relived himself out side the facility on a bush as Costco doesn't have a place for service animals to do their business. Needless to say they didn't have any camera footage, nor could they produce the so called witness. Employees are required to have proper training on dealing with service animals and owners as per the head manager on 1/21/18 at 5:00 pm. This was uncalled for it was so bad I forgot some of my stuff at the store and sat in my car for 1/2hr in tears and shaking. The manager I spoke with was very understanding, recommended I return tomarow when the general manager is in. This is far from over, I believe our local news and newspaper will hear about this.

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