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Citizen's Bank

RBS Citizens Financial Group
1 Citizens Plaza
Providence, RI
Ellen Alemany
Chairman, President and CEO
(401) 456-7000
(401) 456-7819
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Nancy - 6 d ago


I am having trouble getting my money out. This is frightening.

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Troy C. - 6 d 18 h ago


Bank is terrible. I have had them overdraft my accounts on nearly 20 occasions for an account that has been closed 2 years. At one point they have tried to charge me for overdrafts that their online bill pay made in error even though that has been closed for 2 years and now today I get a letter for 4 overdraft fees for $150 for overdrafts from their credit line dept. for a credit line that has been closed for 2 years as well. I have talked to them on 5 occasions trying to clear it up but like clock work every few months I get a letter saying something new has happened, they have reopened my account and want to assess me fees. DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE!!

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Lora Z - 10 d 22 h ago


This Bank is the WORST, WORST WORST!!! I get being charged the 7 $ to cash a check because im not a customer, but refusing to give me a Hundred dollar bill after you took my fee, because Im not a customer !..What is the problem here!!!!!!!!

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Ugennie - 10 d ago


These people are repulsive and they're thieves they hold transactions to get overdraft fees

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oner - 10 d 22 s ago


These assholes stole my safe deposit refund. Despite repeated requests, they refuse my refund, which they had promised to do.

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Jason brang - 11 d ago

Long standing customer with citizens bank! Very disapointed to see all the branches in syracuse ny closing this spring. At the grocery stores! The whole reason I was banking with citizens bank is because they were open 7 days a week and open late during the week so I could actually go to the bank after my working hours and not be rushed! Due to the decision of corporate I have decided to close my bank and business accounts with your bank. Because the convience is coming to an end! Guess I just go with my union credit union from now on... bad move on corporate management decisions! Very disappointed!!! Sincerly jason brang. Long standing bank account holder! The relationship is over! Due to corporate decisions!

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Shelby - 11 d 13 h ago


On 12/28/17 I wired $14000 through Citizens Bank to Tanzania. The woman in the wiring office made an error, and as a result the money NEVER reached Tanzania. On 1/10/18 my local bank officer contacted the bank's wiring department to find out the whereabouts of my money. He was told that the money would be returned to my account in two days. By 1/16/18 the money was still not in my account, and my bank representative contacted Citizens wire department again. The employee there stated that the money was sitting in intermediary bank City Bank, and that her email to that bank had gone unanswered. She said she could not say when the money would be returned to my account.

Of equal concern is the fact that the money was transferred in Tanzanian shillings. When I examined the exchange rate on my receipt to the official exchange rate listed on a website for that day, I discovered a serious discrepancy. The exchange rate that Citizens Bank used left the amount to be sent (when converted back to dollars) far short of the $14000. In fact, it was $13,392 - a whopping $608 less than I had wired.

I still have not had my original $14000 restored to my account.

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Sharon Wyman - 12 d ago


I am an elderly, handicapped woman, and, hence, use the ATM machine for convenience. Last Thursday, January 11, 2018, I tried to deposit $20 in my local, West Concord, MA, machine. However, the machine ate my $20 and did not reflect my deposit. The message on the screen was that they couldn't process my transaction (letters in red). I then went into the bank and was told that the teller had put a claim in, and I would have my money in a day or two. The next day, I received a call telling me that his claim was not honored, and that I would have to call a number to put in a claim. I did so (requiring over half an hour). As of today, 1/17/18, no reimbursement. Other automatic funds have been taken out, and now my rent check will bounce. I called the bank, and received no help, but a phone #, which turned out to be the wrong #! Eventually, I was transferred to the claims dept. - another long wait. When I finally got the right claims person, she began to help me, but then put me on "hold" which ultimately ended up in my being hung up on. All of this has required over two hours of my time, and a lot of frustration. I still have no satisfaction. This used to be a very friendly and helpful bank. No longer! Your service is now terrible. Not user friendly. Obviously, you care nothing for the time and needs of your customers. I am very disappointed in lowering of your standards of service.

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Dave B - 16 d 14 h ago


I am not getting any service from either my financial advisor or premier banker.

Apparently my premier banker left the bank 6 weeks ago and no one let me know.

Had very difficult time finding replacement. You had done this before and it is a most Poor practice.

Also I had a query in 4 days ago for my financial advisor. No response so far. Was he replaced too.

I need service!

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Jacquelyn Anderson - 18 d 20 h ago


I just wanted to let you know that my experience at Citizens Bank has been absolutely delightful thanks to a wonderful teller by the name of Barbara Jeffers she's a senior customer service teller and I have to say she's the best one out of the whole Westerly branch and she just makes the experience wonderful I hope that this teller continues as Citizens Bank and is easily moved up because she really deserves that and I just want to say that if it wasn't for this particular tell her I don't even think I would be going to Citizens Bank sincerely Jacqueline Anderson

Flagged for review.
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LeeAnn - 42 d 39 s ago


Citizen's Bank should be ashamed of themselves- thieves. I took an elderly friend (85) to cash her tenants rent check from Citizens Bank, small branch in a grocery store on Saturday as her bank was closed and she needed money to pick up a few Christmas presents, wanted to avoid using credit card. I went to pick up a few groceries and she was still @ teller window..She was being told to cash the check there would be a $7.00 charge !! really people- the check is from CITIZENS BANK.Told if she wanted to do banking with Citizens she should open an account and that all banks charge to cash checks. NO NO they do NOT charge people to cash checks that are written from that bank. You telling me that people who cash a payroll check are charged by the bank it was written from to get THEIR money. You have a computer system that shows whats available in the account- there is either enough money to cash it or NOT.. no need to be money grubbing pigs and steal. IF I had an account with Citizens I would of closed it knowing how they treat people.

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Paul G. - 42 d 34 s ago


Great I see you have the issues with this Bank

We also had that issue along with other issues.

Our Rating: (12 Highest) .5 Points

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ThatsBusiness - 20 d 20 h ago

Every bank I've ever entered to cash a check, written on the bank I'm in, I'm charged roughly $7 unless I currently have an account with them.. that's, Webster, Peoples, BoA, Wells Fargo, etc

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harley - 21 d 25 m ago


this has to be the worst bank in all of mass, you can never get an answer from ANYONE, and when you do they have no idea how to fix a dam thing, i deposit a check for 81,300,, at drive up, it shows me the check and i say ok, then it shows me it as a deposit of 686.00, and i say give it back and it dosent, now where the hell did it read 686 from 81,300, ? so now the morons at bank tell me it would take two weeks to fix, wtf, the bank the check was drawn on was 1 mile up the road from citizen, so now these morons cant figure out a simple task of taking the fiscal check and deposit it in my account correctly, i said give me back the dam check and i 'll do it myself, i said simple open the dan deposit box and give it back to me, she says i cant do that i said how the hell do you not have a key to the atm, so now they have me all screwed up and a school child could figure out how to fix it in an hour, but these nitwits, can't figure it out for weeks,, soon as i fix this MYSELF, i will remove every dime to an new bank, iam done with these morons

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Tom - 26 d 19 h ago


Every time I make a passbook transaction $5,000 disappears from my book. It takes two weeks to fix. They don't know why/how it happens, how to fix it. They say it doesn't matter what my passbook says, their computer has the correct balance. I have lost all trust and confidence in the employees, their IT system and the Bank!

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Not a happy Military person - 26 d 20 h ago


I was denied a VA loan because I was not employed long enough WOW 10 years in the military is not long enough BUT then I went to a mortgage company and within 17 days I am in my new house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Carolyn - 31 d 18 h ago



Worst customer service ever. I have been over a month trying to resolve a problem. I spoke to the ban manager and he was so rude. I couldn't believe Citizens would have him in that capacity. I ended up resolving my own more to go and I can remove my accounts to another institution.

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Cheryl Holme - 32 d 38 m ago

I have a friend of mine whose son was hired as a temp. Then asked to extend. (Obviously he did a good job). He has a degree in computer science. When he left he asked for a reference and never got one. Why does this matter to me? Well he has autism. High performing, bright but just not socially "accepted ". My son also has this, and it infuriates me that he is not being helped by your company. She, his mom Shannon, has FB blasted, written and called. Noone has gotten in touch with her. Society is cruel enough, jobs are difficult enough to come by in this state. To not get a little backing from a company you worked hard for, especially when you are disabled, is atrocious. Shame on Citizens Bank. Shame on his manager. Shanon L Whitt Horridge deserves the respect to be heard. Her son deserves the respect of a simple recommendation, which can drastically improve his carreer. People with autism cant interview well. But to recieve a letter stating that he is more than an interview, and very capable of performing duties is like gold. I hope you demand his manager do the right thing.

Cheryl Holme

401 451 6921


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unhappy customer - 34 d 3 h ago


Have you noticed all the complaints about this bank and not one person from Citizens has responded to any of the complaints !!!! This is how much they care about there customers!!!!!!!!

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Mary - 38 d ago

I attended a concert (Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA) on Saturday, 12/16/17 at 7:00 pm and parked at Citizen's bank (69th Street). The bank was closed so I parked there along with every one else attending the concert as it's only a block away. When I returned my car was towed!! Yes, Citizen's had a sign that read your car would be towed if you are not conducting bank business, however the bank was CLOSED! I had to take Uber to retrieve my car from Lew Blum Towing Co. (who, by the way couldn't accept my debit car as their machine wasn't working) and drive to a bank for cash. A total of 9 miles cost me $75 in addition to a $240 tow fee. How does this look in the community that your bank will not even let neighbors park their car in your lot while shoveling themselves out from their parking space? This is not a way to promote business.

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William Miller - 38 d 12 h ago


today, on 12/21/17 I william Miller did my usual on-line banking with my atm citizens user ID and password successfully as usual. Later the same evening I attempted to pay another bill on line. After attempting to use the same user ID and password three different times. I got a online response that the user ID and/or password was incorrect and that my access to my account was blocked.Even after I was told by two different customer service personnel that I would have to create a new password, I am ready to switch to another bank rather than complicate my record-keeping for my account info due to rules and/or failures in your online systems rules /protocol. I have banked with Citizens Bank for many years with sizable sums of funds.Can you remedy this situation before I am forced to switch banks. Home phone# (hidden)

Wiliam H Miller sr. PS: I have recently had other problems with this bank about a second submission from a 3rd party vendor for a 400 dollar charge that I did not approve, which may have been part of a scam

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Navy - 41 d 51 s ago


Worse customer service ever. Every time there's a transaction I didn't approve. They refuse to give me a refund and cost me so much overdraft fees. I had pay out of my pocket. They will take your money but won't refund you for transaction you didn't make. Never had this problem with any other bank. I would never recommend citizens bank to anyone. Never been so unhappy with the service I got. Didn't resolve my problems only cause me more. I will be closing my account with them.

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Anonymous - 43 d ago


I think that we should all go to the Media and let the public know how everyone is being treated!!!!!!

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Gail Tufo - 43 d ago


I agree they need to update their database

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Sheila - 48 d 4 h ago


It all started with my son deployed overseas finding the dream house so me being his POA called the real estate agent to put a deposit on the house went to Citizens and applied for a VA loan for my son gave them a check for an appraisal for $450.00 which they should give back to us for all we went through!!!!!!. This poor kid was chewed up and spit out by the underwriter Jennifer Wilson, every day it was something different!!!!! her assistant Olivia was just as bad for 3 months all we did was email, fax and scan the same documents to them god only knows where they went to. The loan officer Mike Hunkins was no help and no one else wanted to help us except for a woman we spoke to down in the Rhode Island mortgage office she was very concerned as to why it was taking so long she did look at the loan and said it should have closed in October. Mind you we had 3 closing dates that were cancelled the night before at 5:30pm!!!!!When my son finally came home the end of October still no answer now we are over 2 months and still needing more check off lists of the same shit we already sent to them, I think they were just stalling until my POA expired Nov. 30th. GUESS WHAT got a new POA!!! In the mean time we are now into November and no answer, at this point my son was offered a job with the DOD starting in Jan. He accepted the offer passed the physical and background check BUT because there was a 3 week gap in jobs Citizens dropped him like a hot potato.If the loan closed in October like it was suppose to my son would have been in his house and this would have never happened. We were so frustrated we went to a mortgage company and within 2 weeks we have a closing date and he will be moving in before xmas in the snow!!! PLEASE go to a mortgage company for your mortgage because they care. Also one of the mortgage officers Gregory went into an office and told them that the "(our last name) did you here there loan went belly up" Really do you think that was funny GREG!!!!!! I don't. Now the VA is going to do an investigation because this is not the first time this has happened with a VETERAN!!!!!The only person that had any concern is Bev in the Dover NH branch. Citizens you are now going to loose a customer that has banked with you for over 50 years and both my boys that have had accounts since they were born!!!!!!I did get numerous calls from a Christine just looking for information I doubt anything will get done because I am so done with the lies and lies from there mortgage dept!! And my son had enough money to pay a years worth of mortgage payments but they don't give a shit!!!! There true colors have come out. I use to give my trust in this bank no more it is time to change institutions!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 44 d ago


I just wanted to give everyone an update my son went with Regency Mortgage within 2 weeks got a mortgage without any problems NOW does that tell all of us something!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CITIZENS ONE MORTGAGE COMPANY you suck!!!!!!!!!

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