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Circle K Stores Inc

1130 W Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ
Geoff Haxel
(602) 728-8000
(602) 728-5348
Annual Sales Est
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Terry Otto - 19 h 23 m ago

It sucks to buy gas and products at your stores and then be told there is no bathrooms for customers. I spend a lot of time on the road in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. And I will now start giving my business to other companies that offer relief for their customers. Sincerely ...theresa

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Steve - 25 d ago


There store on Sunbeam Rd in Jacksonville Fl. I've been going there for over a year since my shop is right next door. It so happen today I sent my wife to get a pack of cigarettes. She came back with the incorrect ones. ( 100s instead of regular). So I sent her right back in to exchange for the correct ones. The new store manager was rude and lied stating that it is illegal for him to exchange them. They were not open or tampered with in any way. So I figured I'd go over since I have a good report with them since I go there at least once a day for over a year. He tried to lie to me as well. So, with the poor attitude he greeted me with out me into a defensive mode. I explained that he needs to brush up on the legality of exchanges of products purchased and exchanges. Instead of doing the right thing he chose not to satisfy a long term customer. We ( the intire shop next store and others in this business block) will be taking our business elsewhere as long as your manager continues to conduct business and his demeanor in such a major. We rather drive a mile down the road than to deal with people like that.

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Anonymous - 16 d 10 h ago

Dude they can't exchange cigs. He didn't lie you just haven't worked at a gas station. Once you leave the store with them they can't be returned or exchanged even if it doesn't look like theyve been tampered with. It's the same with food productsand drinks. Unless the food is clearly expired or the drink is expired they can't be returned. He wasn't lying and if you go to any gas station they will tell you the same thing because once you leave the store with the cigs and try to return them even if the store does accept them (which they shouldn't) they wouldn't be available for resell because they have no way of knowing if they were tampered with even if it doesn't look like it and they would be losing money because someone bought you the wrong smokes.

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R. Starr - 16 d ago


Show us a copy of the "law".

Or is this company policy?

Otherwise, shut up.

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Anonymous - 20 h 21 m ago

It is indeed against store policy to exchange any age regulated product if it has left our store. This includes cigarettes, lottery, alcohol, and the vaporizor products we sell. It may not be illegal but we are still not allowed to as per the company contract we sign.

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Travis H - 16 d 26 m ago


Store # 3231: 2100 Portland Ave., Louisville, Ky, 40212. Order # 2083457

Today a promotion started for rewards members that you save $1.00 when you buy 2 packs of Marlboro cigarettes. Printout states starting 01/21/2018, however the discount is not being applied. I purchase the same cigarettes, Marlboro Reds, everyday, at this location, so I know the price, with or without coupons or discounts. When the cashier rang up 2 packs and my rewards card the price was no different. I asked him why the discount wasn't applied. He was oblivious to the promotion, and had no desire to assess the situation, nor offer any service or solution. Then he says, like he just remembered, that you need a Marlboro app coupon. I know what the mobile coupon is, and it has nothing to do with the stores rewards card or promotions. It was easy to see that I would be wasting my time asking another question. I paid and requested receipt. I now need a company rep. to contact me about this issue. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

If the promotion is the same it should be our text rewards club that you need to join. Enter your phone number on the screen above the credit machine and you should see a mark down on your purchase of 1 dollar. We no longer have the dollar off from the rewards card itself.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

Cicle k needs to change the policy on cigarettes and the part where they i.d. every fucking person that buys them.....furthermore jf they arent going to change the policy then they need to not hire such dumb asses who cant use common sense when it comes to using basic skills to tell wether the person is of age..

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Company policy is anyone who appears under 40 years of age. If we don't do so our managers and us get in trouble. We could get fired for not carding a 45 year old if he looks 39.

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KEN - 1 d ago


Circle K Store in Oceanport NJ

The morning salesperson(Mon thru Fri) has a miserable disposition, rude to customers and is never at the counter during the morning rush hour, thus turning a quick coffee and snack pickup to a delay. Back to 7-11 and Wawa. Also your web page does not make the process of filing a complaint easy.

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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago

Went to circle K store in Louisville Ky on 4100 Dixie Hwy. circle K store 76 on receipt feb 2nd 2018 sign on door and in window that buy two cans of Coppehagen smokeless tobacco when I purchased the tobacco I told gentleman he showed me a can wintergreen I replied NO I WANT REGULAR TYPE AND I ASKED TWO CANS JUST LIKE THE SALE PRICE ON SIGN ON DOOR $2:47 is that right he nodded his head yes I stated 2 cans please he turned looking on rack which also stated new low price he had go in storage room the sign on door stated grizzly and COPPEHAGEN WHEN HE CAME BACK FROM STORAGE ROOM HE HAD THE TOBACCO HE SAID IS THIS THE KIND I ASKED YES IS THAT PRICE ONDOOR FOR IT ALSO HE NODDED HIS HEAD YES HE RANG IT UP SAID THE PRICE I AM DEAF IN LEFT EAR I DIDNT HEAR HIM HE GAVE ME CHANGE I WALKED JUST OUTSIDE DOOR REALIZED I counted my change I was not given a receipt I guess so manager or whoever tallies the register can receive THE DIFFERENCE IN PRICE ADVERTISED AND PRICE CHARGED MyTOTAL WAS $ 7:46 I thought that is too much it jhould be around $5 and change

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


The circle k alma school and main st. Totally awesome. Sarah is such a good employee always happy excellent customer service skills. All the employees are excellent. Thank u circle k

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not important - 6 d ago


I had to work on Christmas eve and Christmas day but i had to walk to work both day and the temperature was around -9 and i had gotten sick and the other week i said to my boss that i had felt like i was going to pass out and yesterday i waited for 3 hrs to see a doctor and when i had text her to let her know where i was i get a response from her (that was not her problem) and i have a infection and bronchitis in my lungs. But it is alright for her to take off and pick her boyfriend up a while on the clock and take him to work. But now i am wondering on who is really rude here

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Christina - 4 d ago


WOW! Your boss is a BITCH!! I'm SHOCKED that as a manager she would speak to you like that, knowing full well that if you were to report her she would probably end up losing her job instead of getting a warning or anything like that. I am a trainer, and in charge of people, and run the floor at the bar I have worked at for the past 4 years.I couldn't imagine talking to 1 of my girls like that! You ABSOLUTELY NEED TO REPORT HER!! I would love to hear what happens to her, and how it works out for you!! By the way I hope you get better very soon!! Best of luck!!

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Melinda - 4 d 24 h ago

I wanna know WHO & WHERE would you get your W2 from. I worked for Cracker Barrel then Circle K bought them out. So WHO do I get my Cracker Barrel W2 from. ALL Cracker Barrel stores are now closed. MANY employees need these

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Anonymous - 6 d 21 h ago


It's pretty bad when circle k corporation controls lowering and raising gas prices I just got gas and the reason I pulled in there to get gas it was $2.37 a gallon and from the time I saw the price pulled on went to pay for gas which was a total of 3 mi It's a max and came back out to pump my gas the price went to $2.48 a gallon in a 5 minute max period which is a serious problem with price gouging and want to make sure people are aware of the issues with them doing this to CONSUMERS!!

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Janet - 5 d 17 h ago

Same crap here in Louisiana. Jumped up to 2.39 n everybody else was 2.27. What's that about

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Janet - 5 d 17 h ago

I live in Marrero right by a store they remodeled last year. They just get in traffic light blue cigarette one day n r all gone before the day is up. R they being sold because y'all don't send enough r stolen

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Thanks for the sevice

we have 3 circle k gas station in welland ont canada

1 esso on niagara street and 1 on thorold road and other one on phelem street

Their gas price is 15 cents cheeper than other gas station around

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Anonymous - 7 d 23 h ago

It don't never fail every time I go in my local Circle K and Gretna Louisiana I have problems with the stupid people they cannot ever refill the sound machine for the drinks I always have problems every time I go I walk out empty-handed I cannot stand that store y'all have to hire some other people to work there to actually do that fucking job I get so pissed off thinking about it thank everybody have a great day

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Unknown - 7 d 15 h ago


The circle k in tehachapi ca 93561 is so disgusting, the manager is rude as fuck and they have roaches, i have a couple of friends that use to work there and i have proof. They need to get rid of that manager or shut the place down.

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#Irate Customer - 7 d 16 h ago


It is not difficult to figure out why customers are forced to leave the gas pumps and go stand in line inside the stores when attempting to purchase gasoline using a debit card.

Forcing them to run the sale as a credit transaction increases your bottom line in higher per gallon price plus interest on a credit transaction.

I have observed mothers with infants & small children in vehicles at your pumps not wanting to leave them unattended to go stand in line stores in order to pay cash or use a debit card.

I see many of the same people purchasing at your competitors for this reason. I have asked and they ALL have the same complaint about shoppinh Circle K.

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Vic810 - 9 d 20 h ago


The Circle K in Olive Branch MS at Highway 305 near Goodman Ave has the worst customer service skills that I have ever seen. It should be a company policy that employees should not be making personal phone calls while waiting on customers. On the weekday shift around 3:00 pm there is always an African American lady that is at the counter and she has a bluetooth devise attached to her ear. While she waits on customers, she is talking on the phone all of the time. You can wait in line and hear all of the latest family gossip complete with all of the vulgar language. After you pay for whatever you are there for, there is no thank you or have a nice day or anything, she barely notices that you are there because she is so caught up in here conversation. I would avoid this store at all costs!!!

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Confused - 10 d 17 m ago

Your store in Roanoke Alabama I asked could they get me two cartons of talon cigars. When they arrived they said they had a price change from 1.99 a pack to $2 99 a pack and if I wanted a carton it would be $43.85 that is almost $4.99 a pack if you buy it by the carton dish did not make sense so I called all the surrounding stores they said they were a 1.99 pack 19.78 a carton so I called the original store in Roanoke and ask them what was going on with the price how come you pay double what the other stores are selling them for and and more than double the price for a carton they just hung up on me

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Angel burd - 10 d 7 h ago

Angel Burd.

The problem is regarding your store branch in glasgow an two other customers went in the store to a refill on your 52oz polar pop here's the problem with this your manger says the refill for this size soda is 99 cents an $1'05 after tax ok you tell me why your employees are trying to charge your customers$2'50 for a refill for these sodas Ime an the other customers have been disrespected by your employees enough an we feel that your company seriously needs to correct this problem before it gets outta hand an if I don't hear back from your company regarding this problem then I'm going to assume that your company seriously does not care how your employees are treating your customers this needs to be corrected.

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