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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Scott - 10 h 27 m ago


After reading a lot of complaints here, And the disgusted customers I feel as if this post will end up with the X files .

That being said I own a 2014 ram promaster ecodiesel .Bought it new, after the first 10000 miles I loved it, but then nothing lasts forever . The problems started with no AC ( middle of summer Chicago )wiring problems shorted out the AC condenser 3 weeks to get parts .. the dealer replaced the wire harness and the condenser . The next 5000 miles went ok unit another short in the alternator wiring fried the alternator and wiring harness. Lucky I made it to the dealer in time for it to quit .

Then the cheap plastic parts that were literally falling off and breaking with the breeze blowing by .Very cheaply built vehicle.

Now the fun of having a extended " bumper to bumper factory warranty " Up to 150000 miles ( the van only now as I write this post has 54000 miles on it, some how the very part that acts as park on this particular van is not covered They expect me to pay 700 dollars, not happening. Now they will fix the radio,

Which is also broke. The van was in the shop again today for the engine light coming on this morning, the exhaust sensors are faulty, and here's the Shocker the warranty DOESNT COVER THAT EITHER ......CUSTOMER SERVICE IS USELESS .

Now all the numerous repairs on headlights at 55.00 a set they can't seen to find any issues with the wiring, But some how I have replaced the headlights 4 times in 54000 miles .

Then there's the door lock wiring issues harness on the passenger side back door has been replaced door locks still have issues .

The clunky transmission in manual mode still shifts in automatic mode . I paid a lot for a van I am ashamed to drive.

I have never been so dissatisfied with a vehicle the way I am with this one .Based on all the the posts I'm not alone . I will get justice from this deal weather it's through an attorney,Nbcinvestigates or lemon law .

As a corporation the size of FCA. You guys should be embarrased at the customer service and quality of the vehicles you sell . I will never recommend a FCA brand vehicle to any one .

I hope you, FCA realize what an embarrassment you are to the auto buying community.

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Steve stander out of Michigan and jasmine who's under him. - 5 d 18 h ago


My son and I have been dealing with Chrysler Corporation since July 2017. My son bought a brand new Jeep compass Trailhawk edition. $32,200. The dealership that was called Napleton jeep in Florida screwed my son out of $2200. They were supposed to do a lease buyout and my son got into another lease. He ended up having to pay PR $2200 to finish paying off his lease because the dealership never did and to save his credit he paid it. After repeated attempts to contact the dealership 106 phone calls to them with six return phone calls and never getting anywhere he just decided to pay it. Now he's had major problems with this jeep compass and hasn't been able to drive it for three months. What Chrysler Corporation offered my son in order to get a different vehicle was absolutely ridiculous. It's already cost him $8807 for a vehicle that he has not driven in three months and has not had possession of for four months since buying in July. He has been dealing with Jasmine through the bike back specialist part of Chrysler and has been unsuccessful in coming to an agreement. On top of the fact that Jasmine lied to my son it has been one nightmare after another. I don't understand how these big corporations can treat people that worked so hard for their money The way that they do. If I owned any type of business in my customer had to go through all the loops bounds tricks finagles and lying and cheating with this corporation has put my son through I would never be able to sleep at night. It's a shame when big corporations are allowed to abuse use and miss treat their customers. This is by far the worst corporation I have ever had to deal with. Thankfully I own a Kia I've had one issue with Kia and Kia called me every single day to tell me what was going on and to keep me posted and in the end Kia made good for everything. Chrysler jeep will never never never do that. Not one person in corporate knows what they're talking about there's no communication between employees or divisions. And in the end they give you the runaround and they come out on top. That's a damn shame I will bash slander and tell everybody what a lousy product what a lousy company one lousy employees what lousy customer service jeep Chrysler dodge Plymouth whatever else they on has and I will continue to do so in its entirety.

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Anonymous - 11 h ago

You can do what I am doing 1 contact nbc investigates, 2 contact an attorney most that I have talked with will only collect a paycheck if they win. I have had piss poor customer service myself they always say they will call back in the next buisness day, finally a week or two goes by they call But there is never a resolution. I have wasted to much of my time on a junk company and their trash vehicle .... I'll let the attorneys deal with the corporate losers at fac..

Hope that helps some . Good luck

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TKC California - 12 h 20 m ago


Your dealer (Stoneridge Chrysler Jeep and Dodge, Pleasanton, CA) is playing some un-ethiical games over charging you for factory rebate, and cheating me, the customer, out of a rebate check.

On 12/16/2017 I completed the cash purchase of a 2018 Pacifica LX with the above dealer, all papers signed and cash paid (a cash transaction). I took possession of the vehicle on 12/19/2017. Almost a month later, 1/14/2018, I received phone calls, at least twice, from the dealer asking me to go back to sign some more papers, and saying there was a rebate check of $1500 waiting for me - I still have the voice recording.

On 1/19/2018 I went to the dealer. The sales/finance guy JR gave me the sound and dance, then coerced me into signing an "Acknowledgement of Cancelling Previous Contract" without disclosing to me the reason, except saying to me that there would be no-out-o= pocket cost to me repeatedly. Then he went on prodding me to put signatures at various places without any explaining of the numbers on a new sales contract.

When this was all completed, I asked if Chrysler Corp or the dealer was going to give me a $1500 check mentioned earlier. JR at first was very evasive about answering my question. After a while he said that I had already received the rebate which was stated in the new contract.As it turned out Stoneridge manipulated/changed the numbers on the 1/19/2018 contract as compared with the 12/16/2017 contract. On one side of the ledger they increased the sales price and taxes/fees to off-set the increase of factory rebate (from $1000 to $2500) on the other side.

Well, the bottom outcome is that I GOT NOTHING. I was tricked into driving about 50 miles one-way to the dealer, was deceived by JR and Anna (the finance lady running the showroom) to sign a new contract without any explanations so Stoneridge CJD could pocket $1500 rebate. What a scam by a Chrysler dealer!

From TKC of California 1/23/2018

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Scott - 19 h 47 s ago


I have a 2015 echo diesel that has been at the dealership over 50 days now and can get no satisfaction from dodge. At this point I would not recommended anyone or there enemy go through this

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Ron - 1 d ago


Dodge Ram 1500 Sport (GPS issue)

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Ron - 1 d ago


I hope this issue gets some results, because so far NOTHING. I am totally frustrated.

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Don - 1 d ago


Took my 2012 dodge challenger to secret city dodge in oak ridge tn for airbag RECALL. Picked up car got 2 MILES from dealership and airbag light came on . Took it back to DEALER and then told I needed driver and passenger seat wiring harnesses, pressure switch and a thorax. NOTHING WRONG with car before I let them work on it. They want $1400 to fix a problem they caused. Service manager WENDY was very rude to me. I just bought a new truck from this dealership last year. I AM A LOYAL DODGE GUY . My last two vehicles were Dodge rams and I own a jeep wrangler a dodge ram and a dodge challenger . This kind of service makes me not want to do BUISNESS WITH dodge.

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Eugene L Farrand - 1 d 21 h ago


I would like to have new Ram 1500 Laramie with the new Cummins 5.0L V8 in one and one with your Eco 3.0 V6 in one with 3.6 v6 in one their for on with your gas engine..

You can let me know by my Email address (hidden), I have owned Chrysler made vehicle for years as will Ford made vehicles as will I do like both made vehicle.

Oh yes I do want in my vehicles with the radio I do want my CD drive if Ford can put the CD drive in with radio why is it Chrysler is take them out. I do like Stick shift manual transmission.

My phone numbers are (hidden) and 425- 231-9850.


Eugene L Farrand

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Barry - 1 d 31 s ago


I was a proud owner of a new Ram with the Hemi! Lots of fun to drive especially when power was needed. I was so happy I purchased a "Lifetime Warranty" from MOPAR, several thousand dollars, coverage from bumper-to-bumper according to the sales representative. Then I had occasion to use the warranty. Would you believe the electrical/extended electrical did not cover the short in the electrical system. I did not expect the brake light bulb to be covered but the faulty wiring was not even covered. The total charge for replacing the brake light---$209.00. Phone calls regarding the warranty were answered by robots (nicest thing I can call them). The dealer which received money promised twice to provide information for use with the warranty idiots, of course none provided.

P.S. the "lifetime no limit warranty" has a mileage limit! yet another lie from Chrysler people. I am a first time and last time Chrysler customer

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JPC - 1 d 15 h ago


End result of this condensed version of what transpired is we are no longer Chrysler loyalty customers ... did receive a response from Mr. Marchioness office but nothing they could do and Chrysler Allegiance did credit the cargo cover however when i received the end of lease bill the charge for the cover was still on it ... as of today I am waiting for an amended bill so I can shred this entire experience 11/10/17 Chrysler Headquarters Sergio Marchionne CEO and Chairman 1000 Chrysler Drive Auburn Mills, MI. 48326 RE: 2015 JEEP CHEROKEE LATITUDE LEASE. VIN 1C4PJMCB8FW553131 CHRYSLER JEEP CASE #32814522 PLACED ON 11/10/17 DISAPPOINTING NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE!!!! It's with regret that I am a this point but simply put I have leased vehicles for 22 years included in that is 17 years of Chrysler Jeep leases and loyalty but this past experience with the above stated vehicle was nothing but aggravating from post sales service to sales again (which will be explained in the attachments )and finally to the vehicle inspection company SGS that Chrysler sent to assess the vehicle. In all of the years of leasing I have not ever paid any damage or missing items charges and in addition I have never had the exasperating experience with service and the inspection process as I have had on several occasions with the Bill Volz Dealership again upon review of attachments will substantiate this statement. Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority! This is what is found on your website although My experiences with customer care on service center level has resulted in quite the opposite of the company vision that you have stated on the internet. If you would take a moment to review the attachments for a synopsis of the situation that has transpired. In addition to the collective correspondence over the past years todays experience with SGS was again aggravating this gentlemen made his assessment but we are vehemently opposed to his findings; when he asked about a cargo cover which WAS NEVER in the car nor is it listed on the original vehicle tag of equipment (attached) we asked him to note that us the customers state there never was a cargo cover included and he refused said to dispute it with Chrysler he proceeds to place it on the assessment; seriously a charge of $250 for an item that was never in the car I did not go through Volz dealership because simply put in the past 3 years they have been unresponsive to my concerns and inquiries; now I have to wonder if this was yet another amenity that was paid for and not included; when you review my letters to Bill Volz over the past years you will understand my exasperation please take note of the condition that existed with the radio a problem that Volz service "jerked me around" for 14 months and out of frustration took the vehicle to White Plains Jeep for yet another recall and decided to address the radio issue with them and within a week the problem was solved, they replaced the radio! Also SGS technician provided only one copy of the report only to find out he was supposed to give 2 one for our records and one to return with vehicle he was courteous however uncooperative and in our opinion his assessments of door panels are inequitable many of the minor damage is a result of regularly maintaining my vehicle with car washes ... I am requesting a second opinion his assessment of the panels front and back are not accurate .... overall this was the most negative lease experience we have dealt with and very disappointing. SO IF YOUR VISION STATEMENT IS ONE THATS HONEST AND SINCERE THEN I AM ASKING YOU TO STEP IN TO ASSIST WITH THE RETURN OF THIS VEHICLE WITH REASSESSMENT OF EXAGGERATED DAMAGE CHARGES(WHAT HAPPENED TO NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR WE DID AFTER ALL PAY ONTIME EACH MONTH TO LEASE THIS CAR WHAT IS THE CHRYSLERS EXPECTATION TO GET IT BACK IN PERFECT CONDITION) AND CHARGES FOR ITEMS THAT WERE NEVER IN THE VEHICLE, MONEY THAT WE PAID MONTHLY FOR A CLOCK THAT NEVER WORKED PROPERLY AND THAT TOOK 14 MONTHS TO RESOLVE ..TAKING IN TO ACCOUNT THAT I AM A 17 YEAR LOYALTY CUSTOMER WHO IS SERIOUSLY THINKING OF RELINQUISHING MY CHRYSLER JEEP AFFILIATION AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE

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Rip offs - 2 d ago


Hello everyone I purshesd a 2015 jeep Rubicon unlimited from garry barbera in North East philly I had a alignment issue from day one it's been nothing but aproblem also car has issue with it pulling verry hard I truely got a lemon I will never buy another Chrysler again because of this problem they are buddy buddy then u make a deal and they don't remember u 3 days later what a joke has 6 alignments done still not rigth I will continue to tell people to stay away from Chrysler they don't treat you rigth and don't care about ur car I'll be going back to Chevy or ford

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Anonymous - 2 d 22 h ago


The absolute worst company in the world to do business with. I have had my vehicle for THREE months and have had TWO recalls already. The first recall was in the first week of owning the car. On top of the two recalls, my power doors have been messing up and the vehicle stop on me while I was driving which is one of the recalls. On top of the fact that this is the absolute worst vehicle I have ever purchased in my entire life, I recently found out that the dealership completely screwed me over. I am 14 THOUSAND dollars upside down in this vehicle. I have gone to three dealerships, one being the dealership I purchased this POS from trying to get rid of it, and of course no one will help me. I am a mother of two kids. Being upside down 14k and having to pay that much more on a vehicle and in interest is going to kill me. When I purchased the vehicle three months ago, it valued at 28,500 and now only values at 21,000. You can not tell me that your vehicles are that shitty that they depreciate that fast. I have literally thought about voluntarily giving this vehicle back. Chrysler, I just want you to know that my husband works with a HUGE company that does business with Chrysler. Due to your dealership screwing me over, NONE OF THEM will be doing business with ANYONE dealership associated to Chrysler ever again. Not only did you screw me over, but you just screwed your company over as well.

Chrysler, you really need to make this right.

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Deborh Baptist - 2 d ago


Worst customer service in the world! Sell you cars that need constant repairs past original warranty. Call for customer service and you receive the runaround. Call this number and you get sent right back to the morons who can't make any decisions. Being the owner of 2 Chrysler products, Jeep and Dodge Durango, there is no customer loyalty or responsibility for faulty products. We will now buy a TOYOTA! Wants me to pay for a diagnostic problem at their dealership after me telling them what is all wrong with my car. Why should I pay for a diagnostic testing when they are sending me there to tell me what I already know is wrong with the vehicle. I expect no replies or phone calls from this message. BUYERS BUY A TOYOTA. (hidden)

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Dollie Robinson - 3 d ago


I took my Chrysler 300 in to the Okeechobee West Palm Beach, Fl to be service and came out with cut wires on my headlights. When I went in I told the service advisor that I wanted my car check just to make sure everything was running well but not to worry about the headlight that's out because my son mechanic will replace it because he was a lot cheaper than Chrysler in fact he replaced the first one that went out it only cost me $300 something dollars to put a headlight in. I wished I had him replaced both of them but I did not so in time the other one went out.

I told the advisor not to worry about the headlight at any rate as I was sitting in the lounge another service advisor came out a very young kid and went over what I needed including telling that my headlight was out and it would cost $306 to replace it I said WHAT!!!! if that's all then Yes go ahead and replace it. Well, needless to say 20 minutes later the first service advisor came back and said your headlight to replace it will cost $1465, I said WHAT!! the kid told me $306 no, the who thing need to come out and I told him that I had already told you that my son mechanic will put a bulb in there for me.

At any rate, when my car was done with the flush and filter, they told me it was ready something told me to check my headlights before I pull out and what do you know I turn the switch 3 times and each time the headlights did not come on so I went and asked for the service manager and informed him what had happened so they took my car back in and this time when it came out I checked it and the lights came on and then another service advisor said your wires on the headlights are cut, the black and brown wires are cut he took his flashlight to show me and I asked him how in the world they get cut if not for the mechanical who was the only one down and because I said I was taking it to be done my son mechanic they cut the wires to make sure I will come back to Chrysler. My next SUV would have been from Chrysler this car was my second brand new car purchase from Chrysler, never again will I ever buy another car from them. This is the third time they have impaired my car the second time I wrote to them and to this day I never heard a word from Chrysler concerning my complaint. I called their Headquarter on Friday after the crime was committed to report it but I know it will go nowhere with them. I believe in God and you get back what you put out and without a doubt Chrysler or the mechanic will get back what was done.

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Donna M Holdridge - 4 d 9 h ago

I have a 2011 dodge ram 4x4 with the hemi motor and it only had 85000 miles on it .it started making a ticking noise and now i find out its the head and i basically am going to need a new engine. I have read where a lot of people have had the same problem with their dodge vehicles and some with even less miles than mine. Why havent these engines been recalled ? I use to love dodge trucks but now i will never buy another one until these engines are recalled and fixed.

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Anonymous - 7 d 19 h ago

Hello my name is Michael Johannsen I have a 2016 Dodge 5500 truck I need a gas tank you guys don't have any I'm a transporter Auto hauler transporter and this is my livelihood and we can't find a tank anywhere Bill Luke Chrysler Phoenix Arizona has my vehicle my 2016 Dodge 5500 Workhorse truck I need a fuel tank is there any possibility that you could expedite or check for me the availability of the fuel tank the service manager is Matt over at Bill Luke Chrysler Dodge in Phoenix Arizona I need to get back on the road please see what you can do or call me at (hidden) cell phone

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Anonymous - 7 d 19 h ago


I've tried and tried to get in contact with someone regarding a severe issue with the company. I have been ignored & passed around from one person to another with no resolution. I've been an employee at the Chrysler Corp since 96 & was a victim of sexual harassment. I was mistreated due to me addressing the harassment & not one time did the union back me! The culprit had clout in the company due to family involvement with the union. I'm not going to let this be swept under the rug & if I don't get some correspondence soon, I will definitely be addressing it via governor, senator, and or president!!

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Cassie - 9 d ago


I have a 2011 jeep grand Cherokee and I took in it for recalls and to fix my air suspension. They have had it a week and it's still not done. No cars to loan cause they say they are all out. I can't wait to get rid of the jeep. I'm 29 years old and will never I life buy them again

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J Smith - 12 d 18 h ago


I have a 2017 jeep cherokee, all lights started coming on for no reason thought nothing of it. Happened again called dealer couldn't help me. Happened again went to dealer but couldn't give me a loaner because had none and couldnt rent a car because I'm 24 years old! Was told will call when loaner comes in. Never got call. One week later car does not go into gear, Finally I get it to go into gear and go straight to dealer and they hook it up to run test and say that the mother board is not sending signal to the brain or some crap like that????? But no loaner so i drive home, they will call when a loaner comes in..... Loaner comes in but on way to dealer car cuts off cant restart for a few minutes, finally get to dealer Dodge/Chrysler Burlington New Jersey Route 130 to pick up loaner. Will never buy from them again!!!!!! They tell me i need an OIL CHANGE AND WILL BE CHARGED!!!! Besides fixing the other problems. Mind you I just had an oil change from Jiffy Lube! They couldn't even give me a little oil to get me back to Jiffy Lube? STILL TRYING TO GET MONEY! ANY WAY THAT THEY CAN!!!!

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J Smith - 10 d 18 h ago


Car back in shop same problem!!!!! Totally disgusted with 2017 Jeep Cherokee!!!

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Gwendolyn Watson - 11 d ago


I purchased a new Chrysler 200 and have had nothing but issue I have been back to the dealership numerous times only to get the run around. I have a vechicle that just stalls while driving in traffic now it's not starting when I go out in the morning I am afraid to drive this

Car. I have paid every car payment on time but I can't get this resolved with Crown Chrysler I am at the point to stop paying for this lemon of a car. And go purchase a Chevy, honda . I am about to loose my job messing around with this car I am constantly calling work because the car either won't start or has stalled on me. I only have 18,303 miles on this 2016 I am not happy and would never ever recommend chrysler to anyone the sad thing is Chrysler knows the car is a lemon and they are not doing a damn thing to help consumer like myself. I am feed up my It's time for me to get a attorney help. Frustrated in Greensboro, NC

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David - 11 d 17 h ago


Chrysler sent me a statement stating I owed $624.14 for Nov and Dec 2017. Bank of America, my bank stated to me that Chrysler did in fact receive the two payments indicated above, but also showed me the cancelled checks deposited before due date.

Todate, Chrysler has refused to issue me a written apology. I have contacted them on three occasions to no avail.

I hope people will consider there local Credit Unions or Banks before Financial information on a loan before a purchase.

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Vee - 11 d 17 h ago


We purchased a chrysler 200 from Chrysler dealership in naperville, after 6 months of driving the vehicle started shifting transmission and stopping whiles in motion. We have taken the vehicle to Chrysler service center over 10 times for this problem. One Technician told us that the problem is a default for this model and can't be fixed. Anytime they try to fix it, it comes back again.

The transmission shifted one time causing an accident and damaging the vehicle. The vehicle has been to the Chrysler shop for a combined period of over 6months whiles we are paying $580 of car payment every month on a defective vehicle that has been to the shop on countable occasions.

2 months ago, the vehicle shut down in the middle of the road after the transmission shifted again. Vehicle stayed in the shop for several weeks; finally Chrysler corp agreed to change the engine but refused to change the transmission.

After the repairs were done we picked up the vehicle and on our way the transmission started shifting again. Vehicle went back to the shop but Chrysler will not change the transmission because they are not getting any code.

I have burnt out soo much energy, time and money on this vehicle.

I asked Chrysler dealer to trade this and give me another vehicle but the dealer told me they can't find my documents to do a trade in. They vehicle values less than what I owe and still giving me problems every day.

Last week the all the lights on the dash board came on in the middle of the road and stopped the vehicle. They picked it up for repairs and charging me for $350 and another $150 for airbag sensor.

I feel this is a rip off . There are soo many complaints about this year and model of chrysler more than any other one.

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Amy King - 11 d 18 h ago


CHRYSLER SUCKS!!! I have a 2017 Jeep Compass. I was in an accident back in October I didn't even make my first payment on it and there wasn't enough damage to total it. It's now the middle of January and they still don't have a part for it... it's a damn piece of plastic I am waiting for.. I have made 3 payments and can't even drive it.. and no one gives a shit... beyond pissed off..

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