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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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happy feet 1233 - 5 d ago


i worked at the one in baytown tx i would do anything for them when they asked me to and with out being told to come in on my off days many of times with no thank you or anything of its kind. they would not even let me leave when my grand mother passed away when i was at work crying, i was told i cant go home if no one can cover for me mind you it was 10:00 already like they really needed me for that last hour after that i didn't want to have anything to do with this company . the care they have for people working there is poor and i would not tell anyone to work for them not even if it was the last place on earth to work at. how would you want some one to work for you if you dont care about them. and i dont like when someone play with my money. take my hours then i cant pay my bill but they get the same pay every week so they dont be worried if they get paid or not. so with that being said i dont like this place

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That's Right - 4 d ago


I agree f*** Cheddars 4 years of my life I'll never get back. Worked my butt off for a promotion!! No recognition only broken promises a trash can getting thrown at me by my General manager who said I was a ticking time bomb lmao pot calling the kettle black!! Then for the grande finally I told them I was on light duty for a heart condition that was discovered and the same General manager quote on quote said ate u kidding me ur killing me!!! I'm like wow that same night I wasn't feeling good I couldn't breath I left work in an ambulance the Saturday before I was having chest pains and I forgot to separate an item from a bill because he was too busy to take it off and I accidently gave it to the guest he then yelled at me on the c.a. line that I was a shitty server that gave shitty service n he didn't care about anything that when I come to work I needed to work. Now I've been a server for 17 years n I know I'm not a shitty server. One of the guests at a table then came to the boh door and said hey she's an amazing server who.gave us an amazing experience. By the way the table I gave the wrong receipt to left me 35. 00 he then called me into the office and told me he was putting me into a 1 table section indefinitely and said if I wanted to put food on the table for my kids I would have to find a different job k I put my two weeks in that night. And the next day I arrived for my C.A. shift I was a server and expo. He called me in the office and told me that my two weeks notice was a joke n told me I wouldn't be needed for the test of the two weeks. !!!! So like I said in the start f*** cheddars

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Taylor - 4 d 8 h ago

I was in your restaurant and McDonald Georgia the service was terrible the food was terrible they brought us out croissants that was half done and expected us to eat it this was the worst experience I ever had at a restaurant. Need to upgrade your Cooks managers and staff. There's service and the food was terrible

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Renay - 5 d ago


Monroe La Cheddar's customer is horrible and has always been horrible since opening. Its like Walmarr 100 workers but no one willing to serve the customers

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Karen Rush - 5 d ago


We ( of my family members) had a Horrible experience at Cheddars last Sat. We arrived at 4pm and left at 6pm without getting our main course food! Waited over 1 hour after placing our order and food was never delivered.

We spoke to 2 managers and one was very rude and unprofessional and the other was very nice and polite and offered to get us gift certificates for our inconvenience. I've never left a restaurant but we had no choice but to leave. Nobody should wait over an hour for food!!!

Won't patronize Cheddars again!!!

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Ty - 5 d ago


I would love to speak with a corporate office member about my experience today. I come to the cheddars in cookeville tn a lot when I come into town. Never once has my Id been taken to the manger because it's from out of state and never have I been refused being served a beverage with my valid license. I was told it was to damage when that's not true. If my license is valid to drive and a officer has never said anything then it's valid to buy drinks. The manager never came to the table to explain why until we asked to speak to one. She sent her server to say otherwise. She stated that that's their policy which I've never had a problem before now. I don't appreciate it at all. In turn i cancel my food because who wants to eat in a place where they refuse to serve you a beverage bc of the corners being damaged. The license is completely intact.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

Are you planning on a Cheddars location in Santa Fe Nm.? I've missed your restraunts, used to eat at your first restraunt across from 6 Flags, Santa Fe definitely needs you, thx

William jones


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Anonymous - 5 d 7 h ago


Humble, Texas Cheddars I have worked there for about 10 months until i called it quits. The GM of that location is not what y'all say he is. Two out of the 5 that are managers pay attention to the issues within the restaurant. I had a server spend unnecessary rumors that was uncalled for and all they had to say to him was it true or not. Then the second and third time he continue to do the same thing brought it up to the mangaers and notbing was done. They treat the servers like slave and pay more attention to their cooks and kitchen crew. When its not our faults the food comes out wrong. And who cooks it they do. We just serve and do what we need to do to make our money. They favor tge kitchen then the servers Whos been there for years. We conplain about the cooks back talking and treating us like we do everything wrong. Half of the servers come in smelling like weed but they rather fire the ones who need the jobs. Read the reviews and y'all understand what most of us servers are saying.

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Marcus Wigglesworth - 6 d ago


I would like to start off by saying tha It enjoy dinning at your restaurant. My appetite is pleased every time I've patronized the Brandywine Md location. Because of the location of this restaurant spesificly, I would like to submit a strong request... CHANGE THE MUSIC THAT IS BEING PLAYED....

This store is located in Prince George's County. A predominantly Black community. I can't provide the demographic breakdown of your clientele, however it's obvious that not only is the vast majority of those patronizing the Brandywine Md Cheddars is Black but so are your employees. We don't want to hear Rascal Flats as we dine.. Ledisi, Maxwell, Kem, Jill Scott, and Common are artist that would be more consistent with your customer base in Prince George's County Md. As I type this email I'm sitting in your restaurant becoming more and more annoyed with what's being played. I'm leaving now.... Pleas consider allowing your manager to play music rhat would cater to those who are patronizing your business


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Christopher Gibson - 6 d ago


I'm tryen to to reach someone in HR or payroll..can someone please direct me in the right direction..I'm also getten disconnected numbers back and fourth.

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Chase - 6 d ago


trust me me too!!!!!

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chase - 6 d ago

try this number (hidden)

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Long story short.. went to Cheddars on David Highway in Pensacola, Florida - 6 d ago


Mitzi santos

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Karen Rush Louisville Ky - 7 d 8 h ago


We went to Cheddars on the Outer Loop Louisville Ky to celebrate 2 birthdays and what a disappointment!!! Got there at 4pm on a Sat. Afternoon to make sure we got a table and ordered drinks and 2 appetizers. At 4 30 ordered our main course. After 30 min. We asked the waiter about our food because we noticed people seated after us were getting their food. Waiter said it would be right out! Waited another 15 min. And asked again. He said he would go check on it! He never came back so after another 15 min. I went to find a manager. She was very unprofessional and said she would check on it in a minute! Well long story short----we never got our food and we left!!!


On top of everything else my sister-in-law's wallet was stolen while she was in the restaurant!!! HORRIBLE DINING EXPERIENCE!!!

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Shirley Wallace - 8 d 18 h ago


What is the possibility of getting a restaurant in Ardmore, Oklahoma? Everything in the Norman, Oklahoma restaurant was perfect.

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Anonymous - 9 d 20 h ago


Very nasty, slow, got order wrong, wet floors, poor service

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Jem - 10 d ago


HUMAN RESOURCES - A fellow employee threatened me twice. She said "she would meet me outside to kick my ass". I informed management both times to no avail - Chris, Sean, Leah, Lindsey, have done nothing to protect me. Please let me know if you can help

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Anonymous - 11 d 18 h ago


ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!I called in a take-out order. We ordered the Key West grilled chicken and shrimp with Mac n cheese and mashed potatoes and gravy, baked potato soup, chips and queso and a kids meal chicken an fries. First of all I had to wait 10 minutes just to get in the door because it was so busy then I was directed to the bar to fight through another crowd of people and tell them I was there for my pick up order. The lady that cashed me out literally took 5 minutes just to count my change, the. I get out to the car after fighting another crowd and check all my food and the Mac and cheese and baked potato soup was busted open all over the bottom of the bag, the chicken an shrimp I got literally had 3 pieces of shrimp and a small piece of chicken and maybe a quarter of the box with rice. VERY SMALL portion of each. Then the mashed potatoes came in a bigger container with a tiny little 2 Oz of gravy. How is that enough gravy for all that mashed potatoes ? So then I called the manager and he said if I wanted to come back in then I could get the Mac an cheese. I said no I don't feel like fighting through 3 whole crowds of people again and he said oh, well I'm sorry thanks for letting me know. Terrible service. Could've atleast offered to meet me at the door or run it out to me. Or offered a refund or to write my name down for my next expirience but there won't be another expirience for.

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Brook - 13 d 5 m ago


Went to cheddars & my cookie monster looked a hot mess. It looked like they rushed to make it. My cookie wasn't hot, the ice cream was melted, I didn't have whip cream or cherry on top. It was awful and a mess. The waiters even said they didn't know why it looked like that. I've had it before & it was always good and presentable. This time it was not !!!

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Anonymous - 14 d 23 s ago

Worked there they gave me a disconnected number and never paid me

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Kevin - 14 d ago


Went to Cheddars in Bristol Tennessee called hour ahead of time to make sure they could accommodate 8 person party. Got to restaurant and had to wait 45 minutes to be seated. This is VERY unacceptable.

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Jodie Jones - 16 d 1 s ago


We went to the Cheddars in Gainesville, GA for a huge family birthday dinner. The service was terrible. We waited almost an hour for our food and no one came back to the table to inform us. We had to ask for more coffee, water, etc. My 3 year old grandson was getting very tired and we still had birthday presents to share and cake to serve. When we finally got our food, the portions were like for kids....the food was COLD, the french fries, sweet potato, the hamburgers, all of it....COLD!!!

Our food had obviously been sitting somewhere for who knows how long!!! the manager was not friendly - they did take care of our bill but no apologies were offered. Cheddars used to be great - plenty of serving and the food was great - not now. I ordered the dinner salmon and asked the waiter if that was the dinner portion because it sure didn't look like it. we won't ever be going back.....oh and my grandsons ordered an $8 hamburger and nothing came with it - no fries, nothing. Good thing I guess because they would not have been able to eat them.....who likes cold fries??? It was an awful experience and almost ruined our family birthday celebration!! Will not ever go back to Cheddars anywhere!!!!

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Anonymous - 23 d 17 h ago


We have been dinning at cheddars for over 15 years always awesome until this new company took over and now everything is change the service and the food sucks you can't get anything used to we used to get the triple treat with nachos chicken tenders and skins and now they're absolutely won't let you have that is just awful

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Last Strand - 16 d 19 h ago


I have said the same thing. Dardens is going to run Cheddars into the ground! We live in Kingsport, Tenn. and have been regular Cheddars customers for more than 15 years (can't remember what year they came here). We've had the same problem with the triple treat sampler. Most of the long-term employees we were used to seeing are gone. Our last couple of visits our order came out wrong and the waiter acted like it wasn't his problem. We loved cheddars just the way they were. If it ain't broke, don't fix it (as they say here in Tennessee!)!

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Chris - 18 d ago


When a "manager" of yours, denies employment because you're "over qualified" for a server position, because you've also had management experience. You should completely rethink your management hires; because, obviously, he's not too comfortable in his ability to keep his job.

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