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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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[email protected] - 1 d ago


Went there last night to watch the Super Bowl and they couldn't even figure out to how to turn on the sound for the game until well into the 2nd quarter! Here it is, the biggest game of the year and the whole purpose we were there was to watch the Super Bowl and they completely botched this up. When customers complained, we were told that they were working with the technicians to figure this out. Cmon....the sound? It can't be that hard that it took them until 7:36 which was more than an hour into the game. In fact at one point they must have tried to reboot the system because all the TV's were out except for 1. Shouldn't this have been checked beforehand? In fact the table in front of us got fed up and left. Horrible job!!

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Brian - 1 d 20 h ago

Chesterfield Michigan location refused to fill my regular order of all drums on 2 orders of wings. Citing some policy of no wings over 30 can be all drums. I have had this order at several wild wings locations including this one and online orders. A female whom claimed to be the manager refused to fill my order.. I am a former regular customer.

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Steve - 2 d ago


Saturday Feb. 3rd we went to our local Buffalo Wild Wings in Wood Village OR Tran# 766770 Auth 748340probably for the last time. When we arrived the place was not busy. We were seated promptly and our order was taken around 6 pm--from there everything went down hill. 20 minutes into dinner we were still waiting for food and had not seen our server. Another server came buy the table to inform us our server went on break and he would be taking care of us. Now we have 30 minutes invested, still no food and have not seen the second server. 45 minutes into this we were ready to leave and the food came--Southwest Chicken Salad and a 4 piece naked tenders Mac and Cheese. The Mac and cheese order came with naked tenders and fries no Mac and Cheese--I informed the person that brought the food The order was wrong we did not want to wait so bring Mac and cheese to go. was another 20 minutes waiting 90 minutes total to get home and look what was sent home with me. Trying to post a picture of the burnt bread sent with M&C probably our last trip to wild wings I will go where my business is appreciated. I will post the picture on your face book page

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Signning off Eating BWW - 2 d ago


Thought you should know your 60073 locale turned off online ordering on yesterday for orders today and it is still off. I placed an order with Chilli's.

Because this is the closest BWW to me and the customer service is awful, I decided I am just not that big enough of a fan to put up with their unprofessional customer service.

If your revenue has decreased from this store, that is probably the reason - others feel the same way.

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago

You take away Tuesdays and I quit being a coustomer.

I frequent your company on a regular basis, it's give and take.

Im serious, won't be back.

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George - 14 d 16 h ago


Dalton, mgr at Zona Rosa BWW in KCMO, is rude to his employees! We had to leave the store because we couldn't stand to listen to it any longer! Spoke to GM Jarrod, but nothing has been done about him. Will boycott this store & tell all my friends to do so also.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago



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Anonymous - 5 d 15 h ago


I tried calling the smyrna location to place a to go order and after 17 min and 53 sec I got hung up on. I then called back to ask for a manager and I got Jay Jay. He said we are busy taking super bowl orders there is nothing I can do.. The service at this location is horrable!!!

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Loyal Customer - 6 d 7 h ago


Hello Buffalo Wild Wings Executive Team, Why is the Song 'DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime' on the Touchtunes Jukebox at the 'Santa Ana, CA' - Location marked as 'Filtered ? This is NOT a song which promotes Negativity. Please respond. Thank You, David Shin

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[email protected] - 6 d 11 h ago


Dublin CA location. Rude service, worst I've seen. Server said chef is backed up and there's nothing he could do. We waited for an hour and decided to leave. This might be the last time I go to a BWW.

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Anonymous - 7 d 13 h ago


Lake worth tx buffalo wild wings store worst ever there gonna kill someone operations general manager amber kellie should not work anywhere she had an attitude called me a liar said they dont make mistakes and dont mix sauces never i orderd asian zing went home took a bite of skin and my mouth was on fire asian zing doesnt make u drink a gallon of milk burn stomach until u throw up and start shaking i took them back up there immediately explained what happened she denied all wrong doing and called me a liar and because i was getting upset the threatened to call cops so she wouldnt have to deal with there mistakes i have bad acid reflux and luckily i didnt eat a whole boneless wing or i would have been in bad shape she should be fired and buffalo wild wings should take full responsibility or one day there gonna serve a kid the wrong wings or an elderly tbe wrong wings with super hot sauce and tbey might not fare so well or maybe even have a heart attack and possibly die from it

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Anonymous - 8 d 10 h ago


My name is Curtis Sherrod. I am at your gateway location in brooklyn ny. The waitress who is serving us has a attitude. When she bought our beverages to the table she reached across my friend to pass me my beverage. She also did the same thing when she handed my other friend their drink. Then she sat down at our table to take our order. Then she was running hands through her hair. The only reason i did not leave i did not want to upset my friends from out of state. I also want to address that we were not greeted qhen we walked in and had to stand infront of the greeters as if we were not standing there. I will also let you know the servants name when ever we see her again. I would like this to be addressed by management please. My contact information is (hidden) or you can call (hidden). I have been to this location a few times and never experienced service like this. I am writing this in real time and her mame is jewels and her attitude was terrible. I would like to get a response from your company please.

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Anonymous - 9 d 7 h ago

The teriyaki wings taste just the ones Walmart deli sold in both Elizabethtown, KY and Radcliff, KY prior to opening in this location. Also I have the same bottle of teriyaki sauce purchased from Walmart shelf in my refrigerator. I'm shocked

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


First i would like to start off by saying that I had a relative that worked at buffalo wild wings in Saugus before and it became very toxic for her to work there and had to leave. I don't think that management cares for what goes on in the kitchen or outside in the back of the restaurant where employees gather to smoke weed. I drove by a few nights ago when i left the mall and there were at least 4 people out there smoking weed outside of a restaurant. From what i have been told from my cousin that worked there, transactions for selling drugs occur also within the premises. Who disrespects a RESTAURANT where people go to eat with their families and your employees gathers outside to smoke weed as if it was recess time. That is insane!! I used to enjoy going there until i know that employee do drugs in this establishment. I am going to print this review and keep it in my vehicle so that the next time I see this going on I will be sure to call the police and show them that i have already reported this to cooperate and then I will also call the Better business bureau and report this to town hall and EPA. This is NOT cool! I used to love going into buffalo wild wings until I found out about this. I am sooooo upset that I may even take a video and expose it to the news! Your management team is so incompetent to allow this to happen!

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I told raven the bartender that i wanted well vodka and grapefruit and vodka tonic and she gave me Call Vodka. She never told me her specials-we found out from tge hostess later that day. I often waited 30 minutes for my drinks. She gave cold G-686203 is your Google verification code. 2x. She argued with me at the end of our time there about all this. The manager was introverted and provided no help OR APOLOGIES. FROM THE LOOKS OF YOUR REVIEWS THIS EMAIL WILL NEVER GET HEARD AND UR BZ WILL KEEP DECLINING. - 22 d 6 h ago


I told raven the bartender that i wanted well vodka and grapefruit and vodka tonic and she gave me Call Vodka. She never told me her specials-we found out from tge hostess later that day. I often waited 30 minutes for my drinks. She gave cold G-686203 is your Google verification code. 2x. She argued with me at the end of our time there about all this. The manager was introverted and provided no help OR APOLOGIES.


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Tomasz - 29 d 17 h ago


Dear Sally Smith,

I have a business offer, how can i contact you directly?Any email?

Thank You

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Anonymous - 22 d 20 h ago

She doesn't work for Buffalos anymore. She was essentially kicked out of the company, I heard.

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Anon. - 23 d ago


Something needs to be done at the location in Olive Branch, Mississippi on craft goodman road. All but a select few of the employees come to work high and smelling like weed and they do not focus on their jobs. They stand around on their phones, cuss, and TWERK in front of customers. And management is very well aware of this. An employee even had weed in his pocket and was walking around the restaurant seating guests and standing at the front door, all while management knew. Employees will go out to the smoking area outside of the patio and smoke weed for 45 minutes while they are on the clock. One of the servers even sells weed to one of the managers and this same employee came up to this location selling edible drugs like brownies, cookies, etc. Managers will sit and drink with guests while they are on the clock. They will make fun of and mock employees when they make valid complaints or requests. They hire and promote people who are extremely unqualified and have no social cues while they hold back and do not recognize employees who follow the rules, come to work SOBER and do their job effectively. I don't know how many times it will take for employees to contact corporate about these problems until they act on or investigate these complaints. If you're interested in going to this Buffalo Wild Wings location, I highly suggest you to chose another.

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James callihan - 23 d 19 h ago


Pikeville KY is one of the worst restaurants I have ever been to.service was bad, a a bunch of high school girls standing in a group gossiping about other girls that worked there and not caring for their job. Messed up on our order and didn't correct it. Called back to complain and ask for the manager and the girl wanted my full name and reason why I wanted the manager. Was really persistent I tell her why I needed to speak to manager. Put me on hold and another young lady answered that I don't think was a manager, but I told her the story and she said the reason we got bad service and the wrong food was because they were not .said because of snow not many customers and that's why we had a bad experience. Funniest reason I ever heard. I travel a lot and been to buffalo wild wings all over the USA and after this and trying to get hold of corporate with no luck I am done . I will not go back to any buffalo wild wings. Good luck to them.

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Mike - 24 d 40 m ago


Well seems their ratings of a one star pretty much matches what they represent. They allow employees to wear cloathing that have the work FUCK on it and the manager played dumb or doesn't care. Sent messages to the review area on their web site and on Facebook who never replied for any kind of apology. My son was with and I thought I'd was a family establishment. Guess not!!!

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Anonymous - 30 d 6 h ago


Cheyenne, WY General Manager is completely disrespectful and doesn't care if you have an issue regarding your order.

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Anonymous - 30 d 12 h ago

Your service sucks you need to works on you service to you. Costomer I would like to here from you or I am going too blog on the. Internet how bad your service is.

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Waiting for wings - 30 d 14 h ago

My husband loves the wings but the service is poor for carry out. I am at store number 3650 and placed a walk-up order. We order 3 items, (15 wings, side salad and street tacos) was told 20-30 minutes wait....its been more than 60 minutes and counting. Didn't offer anything for the extra wait time nor apologize for the extended wait period. Since we been here waiting we have seen numerous carry out orders come back because something wasn't right. We also notice that ppl who were seated AFTER we ordered were getting their appetizers and meals. We now believe that because you have our money we are not a priority and can wait!! Thanks for the wait!

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Robert Wilson - 30 d 16 h ago


The online ordering system is not a successful business operation....there is no final confirmation that you order has been processed so you're left wondering if it was accepted. Well turns out it wasn't and we were forced to wait another 20+ minutes for our order to be entered and made... And upon arrival at the Kalamazoo Michigan location the attendant behind the desk was hiding under the desk like a child....what kind of management do you guys have that allows this pathetic showmanship for your brand.

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kk - 31 d 9 h ago


We arrived at Buffalo Wild wings in Eastvale at 6:30 Pm on 01/05/2018 for dinner. 2 couples were ahead of us to be seated. we saw an empty table and waited behind the dirty table for someone to clean it. 3 servers passed by and made eye contact with us and were kindly asked to clean our table. Each server said they would be right back. no server came back to clean the table. meanwhile, 3 other couples found dirty tables and waited patently behind them for them to be cleaned as well. Each of the couples who arrived after we did, had their tables cleaned before we did. A waitress named, Lauren, came by and we asked her to send someone to clean our table. she said she would send someone. We asked to speak to a manager. approx 7 minutes later the manger "mo"/manuel" came to our table. He listened for a couple minutes. He then said,"Take a shot!" and left. Lauren came back and said she was not the server, but the tall girl with the dark hair in a bun was. lauren then proceeded to say, she would be our server for the night. We ordered finally, ate, then received our check. NO sorry by Lauren or the manager "manuel"/Mo" and no discount received on our check for the poor service. we are disappointed by the service and the manager "manuel"/"mo". will not eat there again!

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