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BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Jim O'Donnell
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-4000
(201) 307-0880
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Doni Canady - 4 d ago


Dear Mr. O'Donnell, I am in need of assistance and am not getting the help I need through your service line. I purchased my new 2017 BMW on 28 DEC 2017. I made one payment on the car and decided to pay it off in full. BMW financial called to question the title because it is a new issued title, with no prior ownership. However, the dealer sent them the info as 'Certified Pre Owned'. If that is true, I never received any information about it. BMW Financial is holding the title to make the corrections but the dealership wont call me back. It can't be a pre-owned car if the title has no prior owner. Also, I went in to purchase a new 2017. The salesmen gave me a deeper discount because the car had 4,000 miles due to being used as a demo. So, How can I get help? There is still time to make the correction on the title and also on my warranty.

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Ashu - 5 d 16 h ago


Dear Jim O'Donnell, I am very disappointed with the service I received from McKenna BMW and from the BMW Customer Service. Customer Service: 1. I am not satisfactory of the resolution that was presented to me on my 2012 BMW 535i. Water pump malfunction. (December 18, 2017 at 10:18 AM PST) 2. Ross Gulvalsen from Customer Service would not e-mail me his response when I mentioned several time that the best way to get hold of me was via e-mail. What type of service is BMW providing? 3. Ross Gulvalsen was not able to send me an e-mail stating that this was rejected. 4. Ross Gulvalsen was not able to give the name of the field person that rejected my water pump resolution. 5. Ross Gulvalsen also stated there is no one that I can escalate this. Does this mean he own the BMW? A. There is no way that a water pump can malfunction in 5 years with 61,000 miles. This has been an issue in the past on the 2011 535i series. I also maintained all the services that was required by purchasing additional years for the service. B. There is problem with safety when your car stops in the middle when you are going 65 MPH and luckily I was not rear-ended. C. Has a survey gone out to all the BMW 2012 535i to determine if there is an issue? Not very one will go to the dealer to fix it if it is out of the warranty. They would go somewhere else because it is defiantly 30% cheaper than the dealer. I own Lexus and Mercedes Benz and this is the worst customer service I had the way Ross Gulvalsem was responding to my questions. Technically he was stating the statement from the paper and was not answering any of my question. If this is the type of service, you are giving, I need to make sure that the BMW CEO needs to know and need some kind of respond from them so that I can make sure that the public knows about it. It is very disappointing that BMW customer service is not even up to par with any other luxury car dealership. It does not seem to match with your advertising. (RELIABILITY of the car when you spend that much money) McKenna Dealership Service I am very disappointed with the service I received from McKenna BMW. 1. I was told by my friends not to go to McKenna dealership because of the bad experiences they had. I still went to your dealership despite what they told me. I regret that I ever went to have my car serviced at McKenna dealership. 2. I asked Daniel (Service Advisor) and Armando (Service Manager) to call the BMW corporate and ask them if they can replace it without any charges. I purchased additional service and maintained the car according to BMW's recommendations. I know enough to know that a water pump does not go out within 5 years unless it is defective or has a problem with it. I also owned a Lexus and a Mercedes Benz and have had no issue with the water pumps for the last 10 years. 3. I told Daniel that there was a recall on the 2011 BMW and that maybe I got a bad water pump. (I did not get any support from your service manager in trying to get BMW to resolve this recall on my car). Instead, from my understanding, Armando refused this recommendation to the BMW corporate. 4. When I went to get a rental, I was told they do not have a BMW. I was given a Maxima. This is the 1st time this has happened to me regardless on which car I have serviced (BMW, Lexus or Mercedes Benz). I am usually given a loaner car that was either better or equal to what my car that is being serviced. (Note: I did see an BMW at McKenna) 5. When they asked to check for dents or scratches, it was so dark that I had to trust what they were telling me. 6. I asked the service manager if he could give me a discount and Daniel told me that they would give me 10% off. 7. When I asked Daniel to match the quote that I got from another BMW dealership, Daniel asked me give him the information so they can match it. After I sent him the information thru email, he still did not match it and charged me more. I told Daniel and Armando that they did not include the promised 10% discount that I would get. a. Daniel and Armando did not match the quote that I gave them. If I had a choice on which dealer to go to, why would I go to the dealer that does not match the best price? b. Daniel and Armando did not give me the 10% discount they promised me. 8. When I asked Daniel if I could have the rental car until the decision is made by BMW regarding coverage, it was refused. Rental car would not be covered he claimed. 9. I was promised that the car should be done by December 14, 2017. When I called to follow up, they told me that it won't be done until December 15, 2017. When I called on December 18, 2017, to let them know that I would pick up my car at 11:00 AM. I was informed it won't be done until the evening. 10. When I took the car in, there was no check engine light but after the service was done, there was a check engine light and they told me it was the oxygen sensor. It seems like your dealership broke it and fixed it temporarily so the light would not appear. How can an oxygen sensor go bad in 5 years? 11. Armando (Service manager) never responded to my e-mails nor even gave me call back to give me updates. Is this the type of service BMW is giving? 12. I e-mailed Daniel if I he could send me your e-mail address. I still have not received a response from him. I had to search for it on the website. McKenna dealership has taken advantage of the situation because I did not have a choice once I brought it to your dealership. With my Lexus and Mercedes dealership, they usually would help me resolve the issue by looking at recalls and try to assist me with probable cause of a possible defect. McKenna dealership did not even spend time to look into it. It is very disappointing that BMW customer service is not even up to par with any other luxury car dealership. It does not seem to match with your advertising.

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Al20 - 6 d ago

It's been almost 6 years or more we took our 2004 530i to Fairfax VA dealership because we were having problems with the heating in the front car seats. Well one the advisers told us that we needed to adjust settings. There was a burning sensation . About 3 weeks ago. The passenger seat got almost fire. Smoke came out of the seat. We turned the heat off inmediatly. Now the dealer wants to charge us $2400 to repair just the problem but not the seat (there's a hole in it).

I called BMW USA. They are helping with 50% only because of the mileage and the year of the car. They should charge the Fairfax Dealership for negligence

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DG - 7 d 19 s ago


Open Road BMW has got to be the worst BMW dealer. I am on my 2nd BMW and ONLY because my first one was a lemon and had to be replaced.. They put me in a 5 year lease with a 4 year warranty.. This 2nd car has now been in service over 12 times.. including once where my dashboard was smoking! My car is now back in service since Thursday night... I call and no one even calls back to tell you whats going on.. I was told that there are 100 cars there in service and if the mechanics call everyone back then how would they have time to fix cars! As of Saturday my car was not even looked at.. and as of today I just keep calling and no one returns my messages.. If there was a way out of this last year I would leave that piece of junk there....

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MGR - 6 d 19 h ago

Buy a Jag. Better, more reliable and less expensive. Prettier too. Me, never going back.

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Anonymous - 6 d 17 h ago

Ha! Ha! The only way I could afford a Jag or BMW is if I win the lottery. Thanks for the laugh. Sure needed it.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago

Gentlemen, like a lot of people, I spent years dreaming of owning a BMW. In 2013, I purchased my dream, a 2008 650i with only 37, 000 miles. About a month ago, with only 77,000 miles, the transmission is completely SHOT ! I saved hard earned money over 3 years just to give myself a chance to own one. I didn't have enough money for an extended warranty but I told myself, this is BMW, with such low mileage, no need to worry. I know you gentlemen are in the business of making money an hear a million sob stories a year, what I need to know, Is this indicative of How you do business? I've been told, it will take over $7,000.00 to repair the car, quite frankly, I Don't Have It ! At this point, I can only hope for some sort of recall for that particular transmission or let the car go at a great financial lost. If this message should find it's way to someone at BMW that gives a Damn, your response, whatever it maybe, will be welcome. (hidden). Thank you

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B. Williams - 14 d 5 m ago

I have had 2 recalls on my car since I had it and the worse part is this last recall it states my car could catch a fire so I was scared and wanted them to see if they could fix it sooner. They then tell me the parts arent in and it probably would take a while for the parts to come in however I could pay for a diagnostic test and they can tell me what's wrong. I clearly wanted to flipped because I told them what's wrong and they wanted to still do a diagnosis of my car. So I asked if it states the recall is what's wrong will I get my money back and they told me no. So I leave with the stupid car and the car smells as if it's burning so instead of me wasting my time again I call the corporate office and let them know what happened prior to me calling them and then the local BMW wanted to issue me a renter car that is very small. I will continue to reach out until I receive the proper customer service I deserve

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El Paso Customer - 15 d 13 h ago

Hi, I have a BMW X6 M, 4 years old, and has a lot of recalls, change two injectors, air bag, and right know, the other day my suv, has a make a lot of smog from the motor, and the service department say, he need to change the coolant and oil hoses because are in bad condition and the are going to cost $ 5,000.00 aprox.

Where I can call and try to have certain manufacturer guarantee because this a new vehicle.

I never buy this brand again, at least the company repair the hose problem.

I have a 2003 BMW car and never has this problems.

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BIRD72 - 24 d 17 h ago


The problem with BMW North America is that they have to answer to the "Father land" back in Germany. Germany, where once a decision has been made there is no room for flexibility or compromise. The real reason for their refusal to help the American consumer is because they can't get over the fact that they lost World War II and that it was the Americans that kicked their ass!! Their inflexibility to resolve even the slightest of problems is their way of trying still win the war. BUTTHEADS!!!

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B. Villa - 21 d 7 h ago


Put this dullard (bird72) cuckoo bird back in his cage.

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Bird72 - 17 d ago


Hello B. Villa. If you knew what I have been enduring with management from the lowest level all the way to the top including corporate in Germany over the slightest problem without any resolve to the situation, you would realize that your uneducated comment was totally asinine. They may not still be fighting the war but by the way they have been treating me they certainly act like it.

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JAY wade - 18 d 13 h ago


Gentleman to whom it may concern ; I'm extremely upset that you didn't attend the Boston Auto Show i'm a German auto buyer since 1978 i was looking to compare German makes i GUESS the N.E. doesn't. Count I'm. A very serious auto enthusiast i visited your BMW Museum in Germany.I watched your carwhehenennace at Watkins Glen (M1)paid extra to have seats above the pits to actually see your mechanics change type 1 circuit to circuit 2 when they were having problems very exciting to seefirst hand ; I have never typed you before ;Please could you respond : By the way my closest car friend loves your AWD autos my son had 3 series AWD and so on PLEASE GENTLEMAN DON'T. DO THIS NEXT. YEAR P L E A S E SincerlyJPW

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Felrobert Casipe - 18 d 19 h ago


First diesel car I've ever own a 2014 535D Xdrive Msport and at 49K emission failed EGR cooler and NOX sensor. I also own 2014 Chevy Volt with now 174K with no issues. American cars getting better? This was my 5th BMW and the last 4 was incredible no issues at all being a gas car, so is there a extended warranty on these parts knowing these Engineers know that EGR Valve and cooler will always fail after 40K due to Diesel nature putting out more carbon deposits?

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Tracy - 19 d 2 h ago

How is your service center allowed to render and charge 2500.00 for a service that renders the car inoperable and suggest to put said vehicle on a tow truck and fix elsewhere. It just happened to me

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Alcon04 - 21 d 4 h ago


It's been quiet some time 5 years or maybe more I took my 04 530i to BMW Fairfax VA. The reason was the passenger seat was getting too hot. Almost like a burning sensation. The "service specialist" or my agent looked at me like well you need to adjust the settings. Since most of the time only one person drives the car and with no passenger. We didn't complain anymore. Now years later. We are commuting with this car. That burning sensation got worst! The passenger seat is burnt. The was smoke too. So I turned it off quickly. Now is winter. And I cannot use the heated seat on that side. Hopefully there's a recall. And if there's not. BMW should make the dealership in Fairfax to pay for the repair

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Karen Heppler - 21 d 15 h ago


2011 335 broke down on highway on 12.25.17 (60k miles) Given scope of repairs and looming fire hazard, decide to buy a new 330 - my 4th three series. Two weeks later I am stranded an hour and a half from home when new car dies. This is outrageous. The dealer was aware of the battery discharge issue and assured me the new car was fine. Thinking not. FAIL. I love driving these cars, but I am done.

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Anonymous - 26 d 16 h ago

Stephen Tolias

Imagine BMW recommending parking cars outdoors due to the risk of fires under the hood until repairs are made. I was notified about the recalls last November. Still waiting to hear about the repairs. I guess now it is "BMW THE ULTIMATE PARKED MACHINE" rather than "BMW THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE". This is crazy and unconscionable.

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irene Gallegos - 25 d 16 h ago


Oh it happened to my parked CAR back in 2015 and guess what if it does catch on FIRE they do nothing and will refuse to admit that its their fault. They claim to have an engineer look at it but "in order for them to determine the root cause they need to dismantle the car" Wow so that means of course they take no responsibility and say well insurance is paying you. Yes premiums I pay every month and if you don't have GAP insurance your screwed.

SO YES BMW is the ultimate driving NIghtmare.

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Irene Gallegos - 25 d 16 h ago


I was the owner of a 2008 328i that I purchased certified "Welcome to BMW Certified. A Certified Pre-Owned BMW comes with more than just the thrill of owning The Ultimate Driving Machine. It comes with the peace of mind of having a comprehensive unlimited mileage warranty for one year, and the confidence of knowing that you didn't sacrifice performance for price." BMW website

Back in August 2015,the parked BMW that had not been driven in over 3 hours caught on FIRE! Fire department was called, and of course the fire started underneath the glove box or in the area. Our first instinct was to break the window and put the hose to it. Of course now there is water damage on top of a burnt vehicle. My insurance company was great but having no gap insurance didn't help me. Oh and my rates went up due to the claim.

BMW I worked with your customer relations rep back in 2015 and got nowhere, not quite sure how you expect customers to trust your brand after a terrifying experience so offering an allowance on another BMW or Mini is insulting. I fought long and hard reliving this nightmare for months no car, a balance of over $8000 and basically got me no where with BMW NA.

Fast forward to November 2017 "important safety recall notice" Yes you probably should've taken me off the list of BMW owners because as I read the letter it all made sense. BMW shame on you but thanks for the black and white recall letter and since I've been patient enough with you and this was brought to life again I will be sure and seek legal counsel. Plan to share another FB post as well.

You should stand by your Values of "safety is your priority" I am not quite sure how people work for you. You must be a micro managing culture that pays well and have no compassion for the safety of your customers. All you customer relation reps how do you live withy yourself knowing a company is at fault and refuses to help and or compensate customers. People don't bother emailing, calling BMW NA because they give you some BS they'll get back to you, they refuse to let you speak to a manager and proceed to say " Have a nice DAY" I would've never been in this mess if your vehicles didn't CATCH ON FIRE!

Thanks you BMW you have a NICE DAY!

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Bob Cumbers - 62 d 10 h ago


I am looking for a new mid-sized luxury sedan but have noticed that BMW does not have any white people in their commercials so I guess BMW does not want whites buying their cars any more. I will be visiting MB and Audio dealerships soon.

Flagged for review.
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Tired of ignorance - 31 d 15 h ago

LMAO!!! This isn't " Twitter" take that shit back to " Trump Land". We are owners with real problems here. It's Audi and Mercedes Benz. Your broke ass can't even spell those car manufacturers names.

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Bob hater - 25 d 19 h ago

WOW I hope your care giver didn't forget your medication and they place the helmet back on your empty head

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Brooklyn - 26 d 7 s ago


This is the 3rd time that i had to drop my 2013 750i to service in bayside for them to work on the same situation. Bayside has tried to fixed my DRIVETRAIN in the past. It's 5:15 am on 1/11/2018 and im on my way to work and the drivetrain malfunction pops up on the navi, as im trying to reach the next exit to get off the LIE expressway the car is loosing power and its slowing down. I had to drive 25 mph to bayside service center and sit in the car and wait for them to open at 7:30 am.. My 750 is clearly not the " BMW ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE. Its time to switch to another company..

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