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Ace Hardware

29891 State Highway 59
Loxley, AL
Ron Mc Clinton
(251) 964-8500
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 18 h 47 m ago

Ace is the place with the helpful hardware FOLKS.Give me a break...Political rollovers..Customer loss...And your rep points keep dropping

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Jerry B. - 9 d 11 h ago

I can see why you rating is only one and one half stars. Just as many if the other ratings and stories that I have just read, I too have had the same experience. I saw a patio set on sale on line and when I called a local Acce store they said they were out of them but would order one for me. Days later I receives a message saying that could not fill my order and to call them if I had any questions. When I called I informed them the spelling of my last name was wrong. The lady told me that was not why the could not fill my order. The warehouse was out of them. She said if you order online it will go to different entity and the will let you know if they have it in stock. Right after I hung up with the lady I got and add on my cell phone from Ace. It was for a different set that was on sale the it said we have these others you might like. The set I wanted was one of them. We called and was told they had it in stock. So we ordered it. I have guest coming here this weekend. It been a couple of weeks since my first order. Today we got a notice that they are out of stock. My wife called and the lady told her she was sorry but the company fies tbis all tbe time. I then got a message from that ladysayong she could only see one order and not two and she was sending me a $10 gift certificate. I wrote back and said to give it to someone else because I will not be ordering from a company that doe s this to their customers. One and a half stars!!!

you I bet that makes your CEO very happy !

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sharon - 12 d 12 h ago

i bought a hot water heater 50 gallon from ace hardware run by jim gallway who would not honor the warrenty and would not give me the number to get some one to fix it. my husband just got out of the hospital with his heart damaged and had to argue with jim galloway to get my hot water heater look at i had to call coorprate to get service.

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Reyna - 26 d 15 h ago


I placed an order twice for exact same item, as your company cancelled my previous order in error. I am extremely upset and beyond disappointed and terribly dissatisfied with ACE. My original order was placed on and I was forced to call over a week later to follow up on its status; your representatives had no explanation as to why that original request was cancelled, she was extremely rude and unprofessional. So I called back, another lady helped me to request it again, as it was still in your add for $299. Until this day you are still advertising the exact same patio set but now for $399. I am irate with ACE and would you to make it right. I am determined to write to your top corporate offices and social media for your lack of availability, unable to complete a customer's promise and most awful, your lack of Customer Service Satisfaction.

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Anonymous - 26 d 15 h ago

To add to this. Zero rating was not an option so I was unwilling forced to choose a 1. Definitely not deserved.

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Bob Wood - 45 d 18 h ago


For gifts, I ordered four atomic clocks with indoor outdoor temp by LaCrosse. And apparently due to the way they were loosely packed, two of the clock trims have rub marks on their bezels (surrounds of plastic.). I can't give these as gifts. And your return policy is such a pain I won't attempt it. I suspect that's on purpose. I always looked up to Ace and now, sadly, another icon goes down.

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E.C - 48 d 14 h ago

In reference to the Santa Barbara California store located at 415 E Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Owners name GARY SIMPSON. My daughter (age 32 & 8 months pregnant) went into purchase a humidifier today due to the Thomas fire and the air quality being at dangerous level. A gentleman which was also purchasing a humidifier was kind enough to lift the humidifier into her cart and to walk up front with her being she was obviously very pregnant with a toddler on her hip. GARY SIMPSON "jerked" the humidifier out of her cart and literally yelled at her that it was one per household! I also had a humidifier in my arms and he attempted to pull the box out of my arms three times! At this point he was yelling at me that it was one per household and I couldn't buy one for her! Gary was so busy yelling at a pregnant woman that he wasn't able to see the older woman in front of the line was buying two the gentleman that just walked out had three and the guy standing on the corner had two. Apparently he feels that yelling at a pregnant woman with a toddler makes him a big man and her a easy target! My advice is DO NOT SHOP THERE! People like him do not deserve the business...... and they wonder why people shop on line!

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Mike - 48 d 14 h ago


Ace Hardware advertised a generator as being available. Took my credit card information, I stopped shopping elsewhere. 5 days later they notified me that the product was not available. I looked online after receiving this notification and the website showed it was still available. Requests to get an explanation have been met with 'someone will have to call you back'. What an unprofessional way to do business ! If you take my credit card, show product is available and then tell me it is not available why should I or anyone do business with you?

A response is requested

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Cheroblite - 52 d 13 h ago


I thought "maybe" being in a LIBERAL state ie....California that as a Black male there would be NO (or little overt RACISM) but upon entering the local Ace (just reopened) Hardware Suisun City I went immediately to the rear of the store. 1.) There was a customer service rep (on the phone named "Robert",) 2.)There was another employee who could NOT answer the basic question of another customer (already in the store.) Being a Disabled Veteran I was in no hurry as "Robert" informed me he'd "help as soon as he got off the phone." Upon getting off the phone he walked RIGHT PAST ME, DIRECTLY TO THE OTHER EMPLOYEE TO "EXCHANGE" CUSTOMERS BY TELLING ANOTHER EMPLOYEE NAMED "TIFFANY" TO HELP ME?" 3.) Comes over to assist me and "SHE"/ he is a 6'2" 235lb white male with RED lipstick and his hair combed like a female? In a HARDWARE store the discussion of this person's gender confusion, my political beliefs, morality or immorality of a TRANSGENDERED, untrained white male versus a disable Veteran who happened to be black? No more Ace Hardware membership for me or mine including my church. Disgusting; political correctness is worth more than the dollars of professionalism of the "customer being right!"

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P. Villa - 49 d 17 h ago


@ Cheroblite -

Stop playing the Race card. Furthermore, California is part of Mexico now.

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D in Arizona - 50 d 6 h ago


Paul's Ace Hardware in Scottsdale, AZ This Ancala Via Linda store has gone downhill over the last few months. The look of the store isn't stocked and organized. Staff always talking among themselves. Air filters section was a complete mess. No large bags at register. Clerk was clueless. Don't see how Ace can beat the big box stores without maintaining a significant quality customer experience.

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Gary - 55 d 8 h ago


Hay you left wing scum bags. It's Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays.Never ever will step foot in your anti CHIRSTmas stores again.

Flagged for review.
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B. Bill - 67 d 14 h ago


Let's face it people ACE is a DUD.

Another mason corporation.

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TJ - 67 d 18 h ago

Perhaps someone from corporate needs to spend a week at the store in Vermillion, SD!!

I refuse to ever go in there again. I have had it.

The isles are usually filled with merchandise all over th floor and you can't even walk down them & their employees are the rudest people I have ever delt with! You can go in there once a week and they will act like they have never seen you in their life. You can ask them a question and they stare at you like you just walked out of a mental facility.

They are defiantly price gouging and making a huge profit in their pocket. I can drive 30 miles away and get something for the exact price on the website. Not here because it's going to be about 20% higher in this store. They have been trying to sell thie same pink pig Treager smoker for over 3 years. No one will buy it because of the price tag on it.

All in all, this town needs a hardware store, but Ace is definitely not the place with the helpful hardware face in this town. I will continue to drive 30 miles away where they know me by name, and treat me like a friend,

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Dan Wilson - 73 d 13 h ago


I expect to be able go into any Ace Hardware and converse in English. We ended segregation remember? Gracias otherwise known as sarcasm.

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[email protected] - 73 d 17 h ago


I am writing regarding a disappointing experience I recently had with ACE. Your online return policy says that an Item may be returned to your local store with the receipt within 39 days. It does not tell you that the item being returned must be bought from the store your return it to. This is very misleading. I recently purchased an item in Oklahoma. When I returned to my local area I called customer service to inquired about returning it as it was not what it appeared to be.

I was told that I needed to return the item to the original location that I purchased it from. Makes little or no sense for me to travel over 600 miles to return the item. This will be my last purchase from ACE. The item is brand new, less than two weeks since purchase, have original receipt. Not happy at all.

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Tanya A. - 76 d 16 h ago


I suppose that many customers write when they have had a bad experience at a store. I want to commend your customer service representative at the Crown Ace Clairemont store #15568 in San Diego, CA. His name is Glen P.

I went to Ace because the part I had bought from Home Depot did not fit. Glenn took the time to make sure which should be the correct part by measuring, etc. He is very dedicated to providing perfect customer service and I hope that Ace would appreciate and acknowledge his sincerity in wanting to help customers.

I do not care for the environment at Home Depot so from now on, I will certainly check out Crown Ace first.

Please acknowledge and reward your employee, Glenn P. for his outstanding service. I wish that all stores had people like him.

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Hopeful south sider - 85 d 17 h ago


I am not writing a review. I am submitting a request. Our neighborhood is 5 miles from all big box hardware stores in the vicinity. We would love to see an Ace Hardware near us. There is space in strip malls and a lot with a structure nearby for sale. We live on the south side of Indianapolis near Bluff and Southport Roads. An Ace at that intersection would be a valuable asset, or west of Highway 37 and Southport Road. A highway is being planned in the area stopping the growth of retail merchants, however, the locations I am mentioning would not be in jeopardy. Please give consideration to my request.

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Gretty - 88 d 14 h ago


And you wonder why people are not buying from the store and prefer to shop online. I had an experience in the Essex Vermont store on 10/28/2017 that was the most ignorant, rude store employee ever. And I fault the owner of that franchise for not addressing the issue. My 90 year old Dad had a problem of the same issue on a different day in the Burlington Vermont store. PLEASE EXPLAIN TO YOUR EMPLOYEES THAT BUY ONE GET ONE FREE MIX OR MATCH DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO PICK A DIFFERENT BRAND FOR YOUR FREE ONE. Idiots-I will never shop in an ACE store again-Hello Home Depot and Lowes where they treat you right!!!!!!!!

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Ron - 95 d 14 h ago


Will no longer do business with the ACE store at 6549 N Socrum Loop Rd, Lakeland, FL 33809. Got ripped off for cleaning fee of "their dirty, hairy" Bissell cleaner. It was on me for not checking under the machine first. There was hair stuck in the roller brushes from some type of blonde haired dog or other animal. The fact that there were "NO" hairs in the dumped water cleaned up or that our dog is small and Black & Tan, not pure blonde didn't matter. The fact also that as a disabled vet, I have a severe back problem, as well as both knees and shoulder disabilities only garnered the response from the old man who seemed to take charge, "Not my problem", even when I asked why no one assisted me in loading or unloading the machine, "Not my problem". They just wanted their greed fee. I was told I could never rent another machine from them, ever was already determined. The machine did a very poor job, probably because it was old and run down and full of foreign objects when I rented it. The $24.99 charge ended up costing me $102. A lot easier and cheaper to hire a professional with professional equipment to do it next time. This ACE store, and the other, both named Crowder, lost my 30 years of business at one shot.

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Rita willix - 105 d 12 h ago


We went to ace hardware in Ormond beach florida today on 10/12/17 around130 pm we got the worst service i have ever had first of all my husband is handicapped can't do alot of walking' we say a ace hardware employee walking towards us my husband ask for help he sorry pal i am too busy got one waiting up for me 'why did he not say i will get someone to help you how hard would that have been i told forget it we will take our business elsewhere

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Angry Puerto Rican - 106 d 15 h ago


this is the worst customer service i've ever encountered . I put in an order for a generator on 09/29/17. I waited for 8dys before inquiring when it would be delivered here to San Francisco Ca. I've been given the run around for weeks now. This generator is for my family in Puerto Rico something which they badly need on account that there is no electrical service anywhere. I've tried many times to talk to a manager and each time i was told someone would contact me right away. Well, no one has ever contacted me ever about this item. I was told a number of times "it's on the way", but no one can tell where it is or even if the item exists . The lack of management care is incredible ! No one cares about any of this enough to at least tell me that there is no such item available. This is a massive failure of management on a grand scale. It's no wonder Ace is a lower ranked company. I will Yelp this out and also file a complaint with Better Business ...this is shameful ! My family desperately needs this generator. But Ace can hardly give a hang about this. My order # is (hidden). If there is a manger or CEO who give a crap about this problem, please take care of business ! i'm pretty sure i'll ever hear from anyone any time soon !

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DON B. - 107 d 17 h ago





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Jon - 108 d 9 h ago


Return policy is 'STORE CREDIT ONLY" regardless.

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allan Mussared - 115 d 7 h ago

Dear sir

I have designed a new cutting in edge tool for

DIY and professional painters Please advise your company's contact and email addresses

Best regards

Allan Mussared


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